1. DrexlersFade

    A Karen double feature"Karen Weaponizes Fake Tears When Calling Cops On Black Man"Anti-Karen BLASTS Karen Who Made Young Girls Cry"

    bytch sitting up here saying she need a name and a date a birth fukk wrong with these White hoes :stopitslime:
  2. DrexlersFade

    Lose your job over going to McDonald's crehettes:mjlol: Pawg Karen now considers herself a victim!!!!

    So this bytch didn't know all those outcomes were possibilities :mjlol:
  3. Big Daddy Dame

    All this smoke for Spirit, meanwhile at American Airlines…..

    Miami :francis:
  4. R

    Karen loses it… Israelites got her heated

  5. TreySav

    Wtf is wrong with white bytches?

    :dahell: The way white women put on an award winning performance to get other people abused needs to be its own field of study
  6. Coco Loco

    White Women, No Matter What, They're Always the Victim 😒

    This mangy bytch needs to be arrested
  7. ThrobbingHood

    Terrell Owens gets Karen’d in his gated community. “YOU’RE A BLACK MAN APPROACHING A WHITE WOMAN!”

    Full video. Props to @Greed Terrell Owens got into such a heated argument with a woman in his neighborhood on Wednesday night, cops had to get involved ... and when they arrived, the woman quarreling with the football legend screamed at T.O., "You're a Black man approaching a white woman!"...
  8. King Static X

    Breh's baby mama ruins his date and turns into a Black Karen

    She said "help, there's a big Black man". She could have had him killed or sent to prison :gucci: She's a straight up Black Karen :martin: Some brehs need to choose better in the type of women they impregnate :scust:
  9. Treeshaz

    Racist pawg a real PAWG calls cops on bw and lies and say she tried to shoot her edit: lock thread

    And I might to buck up for it to :ohhh: :wow:that azz sumting else tho
  10. DatLBCGuy562

    I Was Accosted By A Karen On The Way To Work This Morning...(Long Read)

    Soooo. I need some advice. I was leaving for work this morning and was getting in my car. While putting the keys in my pocket, I accidentally hit the panic alarm on my car. That shyt was LOUD. So, I'm fumbling around, trying to hurry up and turn that shyt off. It was going off maybe about 10...
  11. ThrobbingHood

    Karens are upset that “King Richard” focuses on a black man.

  12. R

    Karen video of the year

    Sheesh: Woman Gets Punched In The Face After Hitting A Man With Her iPad!
  13. Mufasa Ahadi

    So… about the movie KAREN

    Jasmine Burke looks :whew:
  14. I

    Karen Who Called the Police on Black Birdwatcher Says “She Had No Other Choice.”

    Direct all vitriol to Christian “gotta take the high road ass nikka” Cooper. :scust:
  15. Kerkum

    Wal Mart “Karen” harasses black man for allegedly “stealing” her son’s phone

    And the bytch had the nerve to keep talking crazy and not apologize once proven wrong. That brutha had A LOT of patience:hhh:
  16. Rhapture

    Klepto Karen caught stealing from mailboxes

  17. BlackJesus

    Breh scolds nosy San Francisco Cac and he starts crying

    Dude went in :whoo: This gotta be the new template for dealing with these jackasses (Told y’all about San Francisco :mjpls:)
  18. K

    MAGA Karen ask BLM supporter "How Many Black Guys Have You F*cked"?

    I truly don't understand why wyte peepo have so much hate in their heart for us. This Anti-Blackism these people believe in needs to be diagnosed as a mental illness.
  19. K

    Another Maskless Karen Humbled. Claims Cop Smashed Her Private?

    Maskless woman arrested in Galveston day after mandate lifted By Shelley Childers Friday, March 12, 2021 10:15PM GALVESTON, Texas (KTRK) -- Just a day after Texas rolled back COVID-19 restrictions, including those mandating face coverings in public, a woman's arrest has emerged stemming from...
  20. DatLBCGuy562

    Courtside Karen Capping & Turning On The Waterworks, Trying To Get Lebron James Canceled

    The way these bytches lie so easily and effortlessly is honestly scary and demonic. Talking about Lebron James called her a hundred bytches and told her to shut the fukk up :comeon: Thank God for technological advances. RIP to the brehs who fell victims to these demons lies before the social...