kawhi leonard

  1. ISO

    Kawhi Leonard “Culture Jam Vol. 1” (official thread)

    Kawhi randomly executive producing a project :dead:
  2. Trav

    So why is Embid getting attention as a lead candidate for MVP while pulling a Kawhi?

  3. FAH1223

    The Fresh Klaw of LA

    House of Highlights on Instagram: “HoH Original w/ @officialminks, @dakidgowie, @iammoriahj. Executive produced by @cjhoh and @themerkins!”
  4. Kawhi thumbs down

    Kawhi thumbs down

  5. Ruck

    Lets post a song about both the Raptors and Lakers reaction to Kawhi Leonards decision

    Raptors :mjcry: LWO :pacspit: My reaction :dwillhuh:
  6. Kawhi Leonard dance #2

    Kawhi Leonard dance #2

  7. Kawhi Leonard dance

    Kawhi Leonard dance

  8. JesusFOREVER

    “Creative” Raptors fan builds shrine of Nick Nurse

  9. Kawhi Leonard Say my name

    Kawhi Leonard Say my name

  10. Kawhi Rick James

    Kawhi Rick James

  11. Morethan1

    I'll name this offseason thread later: The NBA 2019 Offseason/Free Agency Thread

    If yall have thread titles let me know. But I might just keep it general. @Lord Scarf @CHICAGO @Houston911 sticky please 1. Kevin Durant Player Option / Small Forward / 6-9 / Team: Golden State Warriors 26.0 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 5.9 apg One of the three best players in the NBA. Rumors are swirling...
  12. Kawhi Leonard

    Kawhi Leonard

  13. The M.I.C.

    Report: Kawhi Doesn't Want To Play With LeBron In L.A.

    Yahoo is now part of Oath
  14. B

    Bucks vs Raptors Game Thread 8pm TNT

    Milwaukee has the chance to go up 3-1 in the season series and shut up any naysayers they have left
  15. Kawhi Leonard lol

    Kawhi Leonard lol

  16. VBM

    Wake Up & Smell DeRozes: the 2018 San Antonio Spurs Offseason Thread

    Earliest playoff exit (by day) since their 20+ season playoff streak began. :manuehh: is on retirement watch after a solid year Parker is a free agent who hinted he's open to looking elsewhere if the money ain't right. But he's also willing to stay and be Murray's backup. Green, Gay and...
  17. FAH1223

    Danny Green: "Kawhi wants to stay in San Antonio" (5/25)

  18. ISO

    Kawhi+PG-13 best move is to join Clippers :jbhmm:

    Kawhi might get $219M from the Spurs in a potential contract extension but the quality of life and opportunity for endorsements is much higher in Los Angeles. Jordan brand and other shoe companies are low balling Kawhi because they don't see him as marketable. This is a big reason why people...