1. Jean Jacket

    Hey- We Are King (Classic)

  2. Versace Joffrey

    If i was a King/Emperor, this would be my theme song

    You’ve just been crowned God King, got your cape on walking down the aisle to greet your people at the bottom of your palace All you hear is especially the pause breakdown @ 1:00 While flexing your power to your newfound empire :wow::wow:
  3. Ruck

    Jamie Foxx describes how big Michael Jackson was in 80s

    One of the best stories about The King and his greatness. :mj: Had grown ass men :dead: If i had choice to choose 10 million dollars or go see mike at his peak. Im going to see mike hands down :wow:
  4. Insa Tum-Tum

    Official Michael Blackson Podcast: Modasucka!

    latest....some black fishing skeezer last week....Too short THe week before....crazy cac chick with tiddy meats and a few beautiful brehettes
  5. Insa Tum-Tum

    democrat shill debates black conservative youth

  6. JadeB

    Chadwick Boseman gave Sienna Miller a portion of his salary after she was denied a raise

    King shyt:wow:
  7. King Static X

    Viktor Orban is now the King of Hungary

    Hungary needs to be kicked out of the EU. Orban is now essentially "King" of Hungary. It's sad that 30 years of democracy has already failed in Hungary :francis:. You know that Trump would be glad if this was him. Thank goodness that Democrats have control of the House! :whew:
  8. Tunez

    Amazon Leases New Manhattan Office Space, Less Than a Year After HQ2 Pullout

    Amazon. com Inc. and Facebook Inc. are loading up on new office space in New York City, helping fuel an expansion of tech companies that is remaking a swath of Manhattan less than a year after Amazon dropped plans to build its second headquarters in the city. The giant online retailer said it...
  9. Rhapture

    Michael Jackson Biopic in the works from Bohemian Rhapsody director

    John Barrett/Shutterstock MICHAEL JACKSON BIOPIC IN WORKS WITH HELP FROM ‘BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY’ DIRECTOR SOURCESTAFF NOVEMBER 23, 2019 Words by: Dylan Kemp It looks like the late King Of Pop will finally get the biopic he deserves. This past Friday, according to a Deadline report, Bohemian...
  10. J.E.T.S

    Chris Brown has been topping the charts for nearly 14 years.

    :whew: That boy good. How many entertainers done came and went? He the goat. True king of R&B. :blessed:
  11. BlackDynamite310

    Katsuyori Shibata. The last true king of Strong Style

  12. M

    Anyone here have been that nikka before? The most popular guy in any type of setting?

    Iam talking high school, college, job etc I been there before so tell me how did you feel? How was people treating you? Iam tired of this depressed losers making threads I know we got some winners here cause if not I got get tf outta here:francis:
  13. Rhapture

    The Colis favorite Rhinestone Cowboy appears to still be recieving alot of love

  14. Kidd Dibiase

    Michael Jai White crowned as a King in Ghana

  15. Tug life

    New T.V. show "surviving R.Kelly" is this the nail in the coffin?

    <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">jesus Christ it&#39;s over for r.kelly <a href="on Twitter"></a></p>&mdash; Young Black Jesus (@zekNcashe) <a href="">December 22, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src=""...
  16. R

    Spoken Reasons talks who the king of R&B and R&B in general

  17. Sauce Dab

    Kobe said stop with the comparisons and just enjoy the greatness

  18. Illeye buckmatic

    The Myknee Hurting Invitational: Celtics vs Cavs for the ECF Crown

    Both the cavs and celtics made it this far without the young point gawd You may not need him to win the east but the winner will miss him in the finals:wow: The young C's are ready to show its time for a changing of the guard like lebrons clippers:lolbron: But LeBronto wants to power the Cavtors...
  19. Anerdyblackguy

    To all the Jay Z fans on the coli, let’s acknowledge how good Jay Z is doing right now.

    With all the news about Kanye, Nas and Bill Cosby. Let’s acknowledge how Hov the god won out. - Bill Cosby called out rappers and their negative lyrics,now Jay Z is seen as having the ideal black family with Beyonce replacing the Huxtables. -Kanye called out Jay z and his family, now Jay Z...
  20. Donald Trumps Twitter

    Lets watch this video of Kobe's top 20 plays on LeBron (LeBron stans welcome)

    now, i challenge the lebron stans to watch this video and post one breakdown (time stamp too) and give us an excuse reason as to why LeBron could stop kobe next time he tried the same move. For the people that just want to hurry up and get to the good shyt and skip the replays: at 0:08...