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  1. FAH1223

    Shams: Wizards and Kristaps Porzingis in serious contract extension talks

  2. FAH1223

    "Grab The Strap Cause When The Bullets Start Zingin', Kristaps Will Pop, Pop, Pop!": Official Wizards 2022-2023 Season Thread

    Kudos to @Knicksman20 for the title A new season. Wes is on year 2 as HC. He has a couple of his Nuggets guys in the building. Porzingis is healthy as of this writing. As is Beal. The starting SF spot is wide open. Who takes it? Deni, Rui, Corey? I've got this team winning 38 games...
  3. FAH1223

    "We Need Big Guards & Wings Who Defend Like Dogs" - Official Washington Wizards 2022 Offseason Thread

    That quote is from Bradley Beal's appearance on NBC Sports Washington last month when the Bullets lost to the Rockets by 18 after holding a 23 point lead. With the season over, I can point to the following Ls which were terrible and a sign of Wes Unseld Jr's head coaching inexperience and Tommy...
  4. DPresidential

    Coli Poll: Julius Randle[68m/3yr] or Kristaps Porzingis[158m/5yrs] (2021 Update in OP)

    The date is NOW August 8, Julius Randle - 4 years / 117mill Kristaps Porzingis - 5 years / 158mill Full Disclosure : Julius contract ends 2026 season Kristaps contract ends 2023 season The date is February 16, 2021. You are a GM for the Coli Certs Basketball Organization. The only...
  5. ISO

    Do y'all think Lauri Markannen has higher offensive potential than KP?

    I don't think Markannen will ever catch up to Porzingis defensively but offensively I think its debatable. KP himself feels like Lauri is further along than him at the same age. I'm impressed by his fluidity and athleticism, he handles the ball nicely in the open floor, and he doesn't rely on...
  6. Justise M

    If Porzingis gets these Knicks to the playoffs...He's the MVP right

    -He's getting 29 ppg with 7rpg -Shooting nearly 50% from field -Jarret Jack is his staring PG (his other starting PG sessions already got benched) this Knicks team has no business being in the playoffs but if Porzingis somehow gets them there. The man needs strong consideration for the award...
  7. Professor Emeritus

    Yo, what is going on in this Porzingis commercial

    I'm not Latvian so maybe I don't understand what's going on here. I'm not sure I want to know. :hubie:
  8. The Amerikkkan Idol

    If You Were The Cavs, Would You Trade Love & Kyrie 4 Melo & Porzingis Str8 Up?

    Melo = still one of the elites scorers in the league, but past his prime Porzingis = 21 years old, 7'3", shoots 3's, can become a Hall of Fame level talent Kyrie = elite scorer, awful defender, great handles, selfish player Love = elite rebounder & scorer, mediocre defender Both sets of...
  9. SheWantTheD

    Knicks Loss To 76ers :wtf:

    what the fukk was that?! How you gonna be up by 15 points and blow that shyt by half time? Shooting short as fukk, turnover city, terrible defence, terrible offense. :francis: Why isn't Rose attacking the basket aggressively more? He was 6 of 7 to start.