1. 2Quik4UHoes

    CK4: The Team that made Pat & The Team that the Don made: The Miami Heat vs Your Boss Angeles Lakers

    20 years ago, GOAT franchise began the first true sports dynasty of the 21st century after starting the first basketball dynasty ever nearly 50 years prior. 10 years ago, GOAT franchise celebrated its 16th title. It's 5th in 10 years. It's 10th in 30 years. Through the hells of tank war with...
  2. 2Quik4UHoes

    CK3: Livin da Nug life, we break em down & smoke em: Denver Nuggets vs Your Boss Angeles Lakers

    We can’t begin this thang without first foremost and always giving thanks and praises to the GOAT franchise in all professional sports your Boss Angeles Lakers, the gold standard in sports and entertainment today! Ten years ago we were here, after all the hell since we're here again, Bron said...
  3. DrexlersFade

    LWO are ya'll afraid of the Clippers?

    Be honest bytch ass nikkas :stopitslime:
  4. Big Jo

    Random NBA Observations 2019 - 2020

    Let's go brehs NBA streams NBA - Ripple
  5. Ganso Bomb

    Giannis: This will be the hardest championship you could ever win

    Austin Rivers feels the same way Can't say I disagree. Thoughts?
  6. B1G_controversy

    Kobe's 10 Greatest Playoff Games

    Lakers vs Kings 2001 WCSF G6 Lakers vs Spurs 2001 WCF G1 Lakers vs Suns 2010 WCF G6 Lakers vs Nuggets 2009 WCF G3 Lakers vs Pacers 2000 Finals G4 Lakers vs Blazers 2000 WCF G7 Lakers vs Suns 2006 WCQF G6 Lakers vs Spurs 2004 WCSF G4 Lakers vs Nuggets 2008 WCQF G2...
  7. Trav

    Which 'Big 3' You Betting All The Chips on to win the Chip?

    & 12 Seed bracket No conferences :mjgrin:
  8. B1G_controversy

    Kobe Really Used to Embarrass Scot

    :russ: :mjlol: :mjgrin:
  9. ReturnOfJudah

    NBA old heads talking cash money shyt

  10. Dray5K

    Dream Match-up: 2008-2009 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. 2008-2009 LA Lakers. Who Wins?

    I've heard a lot of people say that the series would be closer than most people would expect. Without any ado: GudGif by Dray5K posted Feb 10, 2017 at 11:50 AM Begin
  11. 2Quik4UHoes

    To Lake or Clip in LA: LA Clippers vs Your GOAT franchise Boss Angeles Lakers

    The GOAT franchise in all professional sports your Boss Angeles Lakers aka Lakeset GOATgang aka GOAT Row Records aka GOAT Limit Soliders aka GOAT-a-Lot Crime Family in association with the GOAT stanchise and gold standard for all stanbases in all sports your Lakers World Order proudly present...
  12. MostReal

    Will AD get his first MVP Lakers?

    Anthony Davis currently leads the Lakers in PPG, steals, blocks, rebounds FG%, FT%, TS% He putting LA on his back and leading them to the playoffs as the #1 seed. :wow:
  13. Easy-E

    #1 Stunna Zion Back For Ms Gladys: NOP V SAS Thread | Meal Time Wed 1/22 at 9:30 EST

    :lolbron: :ohhh:
  14. Easy-E

    I hate LA/Sports Media; Pelicans fans are racist smh

    You bytches can never have enough. You got the dude and are 10-2 and finally gonna go to the playoffs Same thing with Zion; he doesn't get drafted by LA or NY now he's 'a fat overrated draft bust' (Shannon Sharpe) Gotdamn i hate yall
  15. FAH1223

    The Fresh Klaw of LA

    House of Highlights on Instagram: “HoH Original w/ @officialminks, @dakidgowie, @iammoriahj. Executive produced by @cjhoh and @themerkins!”
  16. 2Quik4UHoes

    2 of Amerika’s Most Wanted: The Official GOAT franchise Boss Angeles Lakers 2019-2020 season thread

    On the last episode of The Greatest Show on Earth..... The GOAT franchise Boss Angeles Lakers, lost in the wilderness of tank wars, were resting the hopes of the franchise on the shoulders of young players, misfits, a megalomaniacal cokehead, and his puppet GM and cronies whom also doubled as...
  17. Flex Luger

    NBA Christmas Day Games Set

  18. UpAndComing

    Reporter asks Anthony Davis if he would be a Laker for life... his reponse

    4:50 :mjlol:
  19. Ruck

    Lets post a song about both the Raptors and Lakers reaction to Kawhi Leonards decision

    Raptors :mjcry: LWO :pacspit: My reaction :dwillhuh: