1. Tunechi

    [Pics + Vid] Lil Wayne Attends Lakers vs. Mavs NBA Game, Shows Love To LeBron James' Mother Gloria

    On January 12th, Lil Wayne attended a Los Angeles Lakers game with his and Lauren London‘s son Kameron Carter. Weezy and Kam were spotted court-side at the Lakers’ NBA game against Dallas Mavericks at the Crypto.Com Arena in L.A., California. While at the game, Tunechi also saw LeBron James‘...
  2. FAH1223

    Myles Turner openly implies on Woj Pod that the Lakers should trade their 2027 & 2029 1st rounders for him

  3. DrexlersFade

    Live look in at the Lakers practice

    Lakers fans haven't suffered enough it must continue "Gil Scott Heron" @Gil Scott-Heroin
  4. 2Quik4UHoes

    Old Kings, Brittle Bigs, and Stupid Sabos: The 2022-23 GOAT franchise Boss Angeles Lakers season thread

    Another birthday, another journey into impending Laker doom I’m keeping the same tone as the off-season thread. No grandeur until these jerks prove themselves. Guess all we have to look forward to is Bron passing Kareem. Ion even know half this roster and the rest of em prolly scammin for a...
  5. FAH1223

    Showtime Lakers Have a Reunion

  6. 2Quik4UHoes

    Y’all bum ass mafukkas don’t deserve a title: 2022 GOAT franchise Boss Angeles Lakers off-season thread

    I ain’t even doin a big ass Intro story, fukk is we gon do brehs?
  7. FAH1223

    Shaq: I was going to put my hands on Mitch Kupchak upon hearing of trade rumors in 2004

  8. FAH1223

    Lakers expected to pursue Quin Snyder and Doc Rivers

  9. FAH1223

    Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on LeBron passing him for All-Time Scoring: "It's about time"

  10. FAH1223

    The King's ex-soldiers return to a shattered kingdom: Official Bullets @ Lakers GT (NBA TV)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 29-35 and we just witnessed bad end of game coaching and execution vs. the Clippers! The Bullets had a 5 point lead with less than 2 minutes to go and proceeded to not score thereafter! Meanwhile, Ty Lue drew up incredible plays and his players spaced the floor for...
  11. FAH1223

    SOHH.. the Lakers are going to use the stretch provision on Westbrook come Summer 2022?

    Also the Klutch vs. CAA WAR is very real from all sides.. :lupe:
  12. FAH1223

    Jerry West talks about the Lakers disrespecting him

  13. FAH1223

    Would John Wall help the Lakers?

    Official poll
  14. FAH1223

    NBA Champion Head Coach Frank Vogel on verge of being fired by Lakers

    He may not be the best coach but the roster construction isn't his fault.
  15. 2Quik4UHoes

    I Ain’t Got Time For This Sh*t: Lakers vs Nets

    Just win a fukkin game….
  16. Flight

    Lakers HBO Max show

    They just dropped the trailer for this. Show looks intriguing.
  17. ReturnOfJudah

    The official Lakers lowlights thread

  18. JesusFOREVER

    So Bron looking like his Miami days in year 19 off an ankle fracture

    :patrice:, how soon till he joins Lance Armstrong and Barry Bonds?