1. CantStop

    The official 2014-2015 Los Angeles Lakers season thread

    No need for clever titles. We here for business this season. :demonic: Predicted depth chart: Nash(until he gets injured)/Lin/Clarkson Kobe/Swaggy P Wes/Xavier(his ass stay hurt)/Wayne Ellington(bet he makes the team) Boozer(until Roydle takes his spot)/Randle/Kelly Hill/Davis/Sacre I like...
  2. Trece

    The gawd already commanding players to the gym. :youngsabo: “Kobe puts more pressure on me,” said Young, who has frequently played in Drew League games this summer. “Ever since he gave me that phone call, I’ve been in...
  3. Silkk

    Dantoni Reportedly Coming Back.....

  4. T

    Since LWO now reps the Pacers

    ....don't they take a loss today :lupe:. Somebody let me know the rules to bandwagoning please.
  5. Big Boss

    Kobe Bryant Was Not Impressed by the Miami Heat’s Trayvon Martin Protest

    In the March 31 edition of the New Yorker there’s a great profile of Kobe Bryant by Ben McGrath. In it, Bryant talks about aging out of his Hall of Fame career with the Los Angeles Lakers, and how he thinks his fame is “pretty fukking cool” for a kid who grew up in Italy and moved to suburban...
  6. dtownreppin214

    No thread on Swaggy P fighting the entire Suns roster dolo? UPDATE: Kendall Marshall apologizes

    Coward ass teammates abandoned him. :smh: Update:

    11/25 Kobe SIGNS 2yr Extension!
  8. JordanWearinThe45

    So the Lakers have yet to open negotiations on a new deal w/ Kobe Bryant?

    Think they gonna try and move bean?:patrice: Come to the bulls :ahh:
  9. Newzz

    #LWO Brehs.....We Gotta Do Something About Mike D'Antoni:snoop:

    Jordan Hill's summer assignment: Become a stretch 4 August, 12, 2013 Aug 12 3:20 PM PT By Dave McMenamin Archive Recommend16 Tweet15 Comments3 Email Print Jordan Hill missed nearly two-thirds of the Los Angeles Lakers' 2012-13 season, 53 games to be exact, mostly because of...