1. FAH1223

    The Wizards have lost 10 in a row! UPDATE: Streak broken @ PHX on 12/20/22

    10 straight losses. Wes Unseld Jr. is the worst black man head coaching a team in the NBA (prove me wrong). Here’s the schedule next couple weeks. @ PHX @ UTH @ SAC PHI PHX @ ORL @ MIL @ MIL @ OKC
  2. President Sakora

    truth about the street life - from a funeral director...yeah shyt is real.

  3. DrexlersFade

    ‘Coward’: MAGA internet turns on Trump

    ‘Coward’: MAGA internet turns on Trump The president acknowledged his defeat and urged for political reconciliation. His online faithful didn’t take it well. “People were willing to die for this man and he just threw them all under the bus.:mjlol: That’s the only thing that’s shameful about...
  4. Crude Abolitionist

    CAC Parents Hiring Fortnite Coaches to Improve Play, Help Children Level Up

    Parents Hiring Fortnite Coaches to Improve Play, Help Children Level Up Parents Hiring Fortnite Coaches to Improve Play, Help Children Level Up This is... They have no clue how much they are telling on themselves in this article. If they can't win then they feel worthless. This is a...
  5. Crude Abolitionist

    Thousands of Pedo defenders sign petition for Disney to rehire James Gunn for GOTG Vol. 3

    http://ew.com/ These liberals are exposing the fukk outta themselves. Everyone that signed this list needs to be put on a watch list and I'm sure they are to be honest. Amerikkka is fukking showing us everyday what its really about. No way to ignore it.:francis:
  6. Crude Abolitionist

    EA on the backlash against women in Battlefield V: ‘Accept it or don’t buy the game’

    They don't give a fukk about these alt right gamergate incel white losers :mjlol: And the funny part is they bytch all the time and still end up buying the shyt :russ: EA like we know how weak they are we going to do what we want :yeshrug: EA on the backlash against women in Battlefield V...
  7. Neuromancer

    Black male Nerds why not just not be a nerd?

    Why not just stop liking nerdy shyt and be a normal black person?:ohhh: Why not stop liking anime and quantum physics? :hhh: Put down the comic books and video games. :francis: Be fukking normal:ufdup: or else you'll be complaining about p*ssy forever.:umad: Signed -Your friendly...
  8. KidJSoul

    I think the internet is making men become losers...

    Whether it's shyt like Reddit and *****, or even super liberal spaces, I feel like there's too much of a "warping" effect going on. I was clicking on Reddit the other day, and there were threads asking "do girls like grinding?" or "is getting a boner while grinding creepy" and even "girls who...
  9. Regular_P

    Atrocity Exhibition - The Official 2017 Detroit Lions Thread

    Free agent signings are already happening and the draft is coming up soon as well. Rick Wagner getting signed means Reiff has to be gone. Another dud from the Millenhew era. They still need a lot of defensive help though at every level. I'm assuming that's gonna be the main focus of the draft...
  10. Ronnie Lott

    Coli Cowboy fan in full meltdown mode @dtownreppin214

    Bonus footage @XxBboyxX :francis:
  11. HearNoEvil

    The Workplace Can Be Divided Into The Sociopaths, The Clueless, and The Losers

    The Gervais Principle, Or The Office According to “The Office” Where you at in the food chain the Coli?
  12. dirty_yo

    theory: jbo deviants get more p*ssy than tlr losers

    i would posit that not only do they get more p*ssy, they probably respect women alot more too discuss losers