1. LJLYDK!

    Mac Miller & Madlib - MacLib

    Two songs from this were just group bought Mac Miller Lightening Dog Mac Miller - English Breakfast The other three have been private bought & vaulted. Also this from the project leaked...
  2. Aquarius Snake

    Black Star: No Fear of Time /// NEW ALBUM 5.3.22

    No thread on this yet? Apparently produced entirely by Madlib. Dropping May 3, 2022
  3. Dontay Flaco

    Declaime x Madlib - In The Beginning Vol. 1

    Unearthed music from the CDP era, 93-96. @2 Cold Taurus @Love Bizarre @onlylno @nahnah @Walt @iBrowse @TheLostOnes @til november @Mowgli @PlayerNinety_Nine @Esco @Judo @Renegade47 @Lord Mecca @Danie84 @stealthbomber @Monoblock @IronFist @Chip Skylark @Morose Polymath @Guvnor @SoulController...
  4. TheDarceKnight

    Madlib is back on his Traplib steez with Big Kahuna OG

    I’m putting a trap joint he did with Freddie Gibbs down below too
  5. Dontay Flaco

    King Napz Presents: Madlib & Jay-Z - The Black Album (BLEND TAPE)

    I uploaded on youtube, but they blocked it smh. :mjcry: My second blend tape is finally here! Sit back listen and enjoy! :blessed: @stomachlines @til november @Rawtid @onlylno @2 Cold Taurus @tuckdog @Freddie.Cane @The M.I.C. @The G.O.D II @-Quikness- @Lootpack @TheLostOnes @Yahweh Ben...
  6. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Madlib and Kaytranada Documentary (Part 1 and 2 out)

    EDIT PART 2 : Driven by Sound: Part II | Featuring Madlib & Kaytranada Part 1 on Pitchfork Announcing Driven by Sound Documentary With Madlib and Kaytranada Pitchfork is pleased to announce Driven by Sound, a new two-part documentary series featuring Madlib and KAYTRANADA, created in...
  7. TheDarceKnight

    New freestyles today from Freddie Gibbs over new Madlib beats from today

  8. Milk

    Madlib & Four Tet - Sound Ancestors (Discussion Thread)

    Rappcats: Madlib - Sound Ancestors
  9. Dontay Flaco

    Madlib - Road of the Lonely Ones [New Music!]

    New single from Madlib's upcoming album dropping Jan, 2021!
  10. Milk

    Loyle Carner - Yesterday (Prod. Madlib)

  11. TheDarceKnight

    Loyle Carner - Yesterday (prod. Madlib)

  12. SnowflakesByTheOZ

    Madlib And Karriem Riggins (as Jahari Massamba Unit) Announce “Pardon My French” Album, Out 11/27

    Drums: Karriem Riggins. Instruments: Madlib. Jahari Massamba Unit – Karriem Riggins & Madlib - Pardon My French @producingfire @TEKBEATZ @CuzinQ @O Fenômeno @bigrodthe1 @bigdaddy88 @head shots101 @DJ Mart-Kos @Wepa Man @LauderdaleBoss
  13. Dontay Flaco

    Declaime X Madlib - Illminded (unearthed album from 1995)

    Entirely produced by Madlib!!!! I can't fukking believe they released it!!! I've been looking for this shyt for a minute!! :wow::mjcry: @2 Cold Taurus @stomachlines @onlylno @nahnah @Walt @iBrowse @TheLostOnes @til november @Mowgli @PlayerNinety_Nine @Esco @Judo @Renegade47 @Lord Mecca...
  14. NVious

    Talib Kweli says the Black Star album has been done, but is being held back

    He mentions something in the comments about Madlib’s lawyer/manager. Wonder if Egon (Madlib’s manager) is holding this back.
  15. NVious

    Pusha T talks about working with Madlib

    "That's a Bucket List Thing for Me": Pusha T on Forthcoming Madlib Album If this really does happen, we’re in for something special. :blessed:
  16. Dontay Flaco

    Quasimoto - The Unseen 20 Year Anniversary

    20 years ago on this day Madlib gave his alter-ego Quasimoto's debut album! This thread is to appreciate the underground classic that is The Unseen! :blessed:
  17. Jean Jacket

    Madlib - Fallin Instrumental - (Left Coast Represent)

  18. Nero Christ

    What Madlib did on Fancy Clown...:banderas:

    I mean brehs :gladbron::why::whoo::wow::wow: shyt was too crazy first off, the sample man takes the first 22 seconds and flipped it crazy :whew: speeds it up just a bit then chopping the vocals and blending them perfectly to not distract from the beat :ohlawd: then the muthafukkin...
  19. TheDarceKnight

    Did anyone think 20 years after Madlib produced The Unseen and Alchemist produced Keep it Thoro...

    That two relatively new cats at the start of the 2000's in Madlib and Alchemist would not only be still around, but be legends that would be as relevant as ever to to hip-hop heads and to the game itself? Madlib and Alchemist dropped two of the best produced albums of 2019 in Bandana and Yacht...
  20. N*E*R*D

    Freddie Gibbs - Bandana still the best album since it dropped

    It’s not even close nothing is touching it right now. Perfect for the gym and riding music as well. Multiple favorite songs that I can just play over and over again. Flow is such an underrated attribute for an emcee and Freddie nails it perfectly. He sounds melodic and graceful at times over...