1. JP_614

    Does Banchero have enough Magic to Stop the Spida Cavs VS Magic playoff thread

    Let’s get it fellas first round of the playoffs is here stay healthy fellas. Game one today at 1PM EST.
  2. Alexander Wiggin

    Which Nas & Hit Boy track has the best beat switch

    I would say WTF SMH Japanese soul bar The cure Dedicated In that order Michael & Qunicy and reminisce are sick too and I was pleased by theses
  3. wire28

    The American Society of Magical Negroes- Coming soon to a theater near you

    How we feeling about this one :jbhmm: Do we love the message? Is this love story enthralling?? Are we going to be flooding the theaters to support??? Coming soon to a theater near you.
  4. Alexander Wiggin

    King's disease series vs Magic series playlist

    What's your best playlist for both series The rule, you got to choose 6 tracks for each album (no loosies or features tracks on hit boy or other albums) This is my magic vs king's disease playlist. 18 track each (6 best tracks by album) Kings disease playlist Blue benz Ultra black Car 85...
  5. Black Panther

    All Rise For the ADOS Tribe War Chant

    :troll: My girl told me this is the African-American war chant, and I almost died laughing. :mjlol:
  6. Uitomy

    Was Courtside at Magic vs Hornets Last Night AMA

    Saw LaMelo and miles bridges ball out, told some rich guy next to me bridges would have 30 and he had 31. shyt is beautiful, if you can afford it def see a Courtside game one day, it's amazing. Also God damn I understand what warm up mean cause it was cold as hell there.
  7. R

    Remember when do it big was the shyt?

    ^^^ original
  8. FAH1223

    Orlando Magic hire Mavs assistant Jamahl Mosley to 4 year contract

  9. FAH1223

    Spurs' Becky Hammon interviewing for Blazers and Magic openings

  10. Rhapscallion Démone

    I think Catset tryna put a Root on me

    Long story short, last week I reached out to the universe to send me a familiar But I didn't really want one because I JUST KNEW that my baby Foxie was my familiar and I really wanted the universe to confirm it. But then today as I was warming up the car, I see something out the corner of my...
  11. The True HD

    No Bucks Given, So Can Magic Happen in the Bubble? - ORL vs MIL Round 1 Series

    Y'all disrespectful. :russ: #1 Milwaukee Bucks vs #8 Orlando Magic No home noise to sway the Vibes. :jbhmm: Milwaukee trying to win a title without any Champions on their squad. Here's to good basketball.
  12. Neuromancer

    Do you believe in curses?

    Not the words but, hexes and the like? :jbhmm:
  13. Mjlol Orlando

    Mjlol Orlando

  14. Mjgrin Magics In Gif

    Mjgrin Magics In Gif

  15. Orlando Mjgrin

    Orlando Mjgrin

  16. Orlando Martin

    Orlando Martin

  17. Orlando Sas Unimpressed

    Orlando Sas Unimpressed

  18. Balla

    Anyone use magic shave?

    idk if I’m using this the wrong way, but I leave that shyt on for like 6 minutes and use a wash rag to take it off. Only a few hairs came off. I got the cream, not the powder. Should I use like a butter knife instead of wash rag, or leave the stuff on longer than the recommended 7 minutes?
  19. str8up

    Magic Johnson Dream Team Highlights

  20. R

    This may be the corniest rap song I ever heard...

    Tell me I'm lying....:francis: This dropped nearly a decade ago. From the beat, to the chorus that ripped off the original song used, to the video... Everything about it was corny. Before B.O. B's debut dropped, I was hyped and thought he would delivery a great album but instead it was wack...