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  1. The Falcon

    The Falcon

  2. Days of Future Piff

    Marvel characters with the most comic appearances

    First half of the video is DC, the second half is all Marvel. Cliffnotes: Spider-man - 15,323 Wolverine- 14,975 Captain America- 10,505 Cyclops- 10,398 Iron Man- 10,072 Storm- 9381 Beast- 9070 Thor-7597 Iceman- 7555 The Thing (Fantastic Four)- 7338 Jean Grey/Phoenix- 7275 Colossus- 7130...
  3. Dillah810

    Revisiting the Sam Rami Spider-Man Films After All These Years

    I realized that I haven't watched any of the Sami Rami Spider-Mans since Amazing Spider 2 dropped in 2014, which surprised me due to how much I loved the Sam Rami Spidey joints. 7 years is a long gap to rewatch something that I used to love. I stated to wonder if my love of those films were...
  4. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Dogset beat Thanos ass

    Lockjaw is probably the most underrated hero in the marvel universe. He can teleport anywhere in the universe. Even places he's never been Can trade blows with heavy hitters like Hulk, Thing and Thor Has proven to be very smart and a capable leader And the nikka defeated Thanos by...
  5. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Marvel and Disney should create a Duckverse

    And Howard the Duck should be the star What if it turned out Howard knocked up Donald Ducks sister and he really the father of Hewy, Dewy and Louy He trying to get custody of the kids but Uncle Scrooge like "nah nikka you better take your ass back to the Avengers or the Guardians":camby...
  6. Black Haven

    Saitama vs Thor who wins?

    The most powerful Asgardian Thor: VS The man that trained to get strong (one punch man)Saitama:
  7. Black Haven

    Comic book battles:Raven(DC)vs Jean Grey with Phoenix (Marvel)

    Omega level mutant Jean Grey: Vs The half demon daughter of Trigon Raven:
  8. Westbama Heartthrob

    Is it safe to say the GOAT superhero is......

    Classic comics:wow: Classic movies:wow: Classic video games:wow: Classic cartoons:wow: The memes:wow: The baddest bytches:wow: The hardest theme songs :wow: Shyt is undeniable:wow:
  9. Norrin Radd

    Russo Bros Producing Marvel vs DC Documentary

    ‘Slugfest’: Russo Brothers Delve Into Marvel Vs. DC Rivalry For Quibi Doc Series – Deadline
  10. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Who is the face of Marvel at the moment?

    Iron Man/Tony Stark Spider Man/ Peter Parker Spidey has always been the mascot for marvel and his only real competition for that spot was Wolverine and Hulk maybe. With the popularity of the MCU/Avengers movie, would you guys say Iron Man is a legitimate contender. He is the breakout star of...
  11. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, and the X-Men are similar for a good reason

    Umbrella Academy, Doom Patrol, and the X-Men are similar for a good reason Gerard Way, mutants, and Grant Morrison By Susana Polo on February 18, 2019 4:35 pm Christos Kalohoridis/Netflix Last weekend, Netflix released The Umbrella Academy, a show based on a comic book about a team of...
  12. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Jack Kirbys Grandson shares the comic legend's very first sketch of Black Panther

    Jack King Kirby :wow:
  13. NoHateLeftBehind

    aye brehs, what's the difference between Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch's magic??

    first off, I'm not a comic book head so please don't come at me :stopitslime: if this is a stupid question :whoa: magic figures prominently is key points, especially the last third of the film and it just got me curious :jbhmm: how come Dr. Strange had to go to that place in the Himalayas to...
  14. O.T.I.S.

    Marvel preparing to push Black Panther for Best Picture Oscar Nomination

    Black Panther: This Is Marvel's Strategy for a Best Picture Oscar Nomination - IGN
  15. Breh Obama

    Marvel MCU Phase 4: Official Thread

    So far we have a few movies already confirmed after Avengers 4 Spider-Man 2: Far From Home Black Panther 2 Dr. Strange 2 The Eternals Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 With Disney offering more money for Fox now we may even end up seeing X Men or Fantastic Four movies in Phase 4 We won't...
  16. Lýba'rhaésheýun


    Now Look... I admit I stopped Reading Marvel Comics mostly cause I think they started going downhill collectively the moment the X men Left Utopia... so someone gotta explain this non sense to me. :gucci: Amadeus As Hulk, This???? Rick Jones??? Fam Whats Wrong with Marvel Comics? :why:
  17. Breh Obama

    WWE Superstars as comic book characters

    For obvious reasons Braun is The Hulk Cena is Batman.... A fearless leader who is often met with opposition Roman Reigns is Tony Stark/ Iron Man: An arrogant narcissist that thinks he can lead but folds under pressure Big Show is Juggernaut for obvious reasons AJ Styles...
  18. Unknown Poster

    X-Men and the Mutant Metaphor: Race and Gender in the Comic Books

    For those who want to read part of the book feel free to click this link...
  19. Pervy Pete

    Pervy Pete