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  1. Playaz Eyez

    Bronze Nazareth - If You’re Worried, You Should Be (9/30/22)

    @Hiphoplives4eva @mobbinfms @Morose Polymath @The Dust King @Lord Mecca @Nero Christ @Deoji @TrifeGod @Saint of Commerce @old boy @TheDarceKnight @Ironman @IronFist @Billy Ocean @Ty-Fife @Piff Perkins @THE 101 @Zero @Secure Da Bag @NVious @tuckdog @spliz @Dontay Flaco @Deflatedhoopdreams
  2. N*E*R*D

    5 MIC Rap Songs that will never be of the genre

    Ok, My Mind Playing Tricks On Me is classic thru and thru. A tale of basically having to watch your back in retaliation for what you did to someone. Easy topic and concept to follow for even the most casual rap fan. Which is why I think it's a perfect 10/10 record. Scarface is horrifyingly...
  3. W

    Wu-Tang: Top 50 Albums with a core member involved

    Who you got? 1 Raekwon Only Built 4 Cuban Linx 2 Wu-Tang Clan 36 Chambers (Enter The Wutang) 3 Ghostface Killah Supreme Clientele 4 Wu-Tang Clan Wutang Forever 5 Gza Liquod Swords 6 Ghostface Killah Ironman 7 Rza Ghostdog Original Filmscore 8 Gravediggaz The Pick, the Sickle and...
  4. G

    Happy 20th anniversary, How High

  5. Mufasa Ahadi

    VERZUZ - Redman VS Method Man (4/20) || 5PM PT / 8PM ET

  6. TheDarceKnight

    A few new details on this upcoming Method Man album produced by Havoc (it's called Dirty P)

    The main news is that it's a full album (Meth called it an LP and not an EP) and that its called Dirty P as an homage to ODB and Prodigy. If these pieces of info were known then my bad, but I've been trying to get details about this project and both these facts were new to me. And Meth still...
  7. djfilthyrich

    Conway & Method Man X Buckwild (DITC) - Lemon (Filthy Blend)

    Conway ft Method Man - Lemon (Filthy Blend) [prod Buckwild] The original version is hard AF...Not trying to outdo it, I just wanted to give the track a different feel with this opulent beat produced by Buckwild
  8. TheDarceKnight

    Conway and Method Man - Lemon (prod. Daringer & Beat Butcha)

  9. Aje

    A Year From Today Will Be...

  10. erker

    Method Man, Prodigy, KRS - Bulworth (1998): appreciation

    This track was on the Bulworth soundtrack that came out in 1998, that also had Ghetto Supastar with Mya and ODB. This track has always been a favourite of mine. Quite the lineup: Method Man, Prodigy and KRS-One over a beat by DJ Muggs. KRS absolutely kills it :krs: Thought I'd make a thread...
  11. Embrehyo

    Teyana Taylor - Gonna Love Me Remix Wu Tang

  12. djfilthyrich

    Method Man - Tical 25th Anniversary

    Mixtape tribute celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Method Man's 'Tical'. After releasing '36 Chambers', RZA's master plan for the Wu was for each member to put out their own album. This was the first of the Wu solo ventures, and featured Meth at his rawest (you can literally hear him suckin in...
  13. B

    Mixtapes & EPs B.Major megathread

    True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Co. Present B. Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol.2 (A Hip Hop Mix Tape) True Rhythm & Lokal Supply Present: B.Major - Symphony In B.Major Vol. 2 (A Hip Hip MixTape) *track list below If you like what you hear PLEASE take a quick minute and follow B.Major on his...
  14. ProductoIlicito

    Wu-Tang Clan - Guest Appearances (Collection)

    New editions of these mixtapes: New collaborations The "Reunited" bootleg includes collaborations of 3 or more members of the Clan in other albums The GZA bootleg was renamed and a new cover was added. Collaborations on albums by other Wu-Tang members were omitted. The tags were corrected and...
  15. ProductoIlicito

    Wu-Tang Clan - Guest Appearances (Mixtapes)

    I compiled these mixtapes. These mixtapes include collaborations of each Wu-Tang member.
  16. Rhapture


    DAVE EAST SET TO PLAY METHOD MAN IN ‘WU-TANG: AN AMERICAN SAGA’ IME EKPO MARCH 5, 2019 Dave East is racking up his acting credits. According to Deadline, East is set as a series regular for Hulu’s Wu-Tang: An American Saga to portray the character Shotgun. Shotgun is known to be a popular...
  17. cozy carl

    1 gotta go

  18. postnutclarity

    So did anyone else notice this GLARING plot hole in Belly?

    Or is it just me? :patrice: I know this thread probably belongs in the Film Room, but since hip hop is such an integral element in the film, I decided to post this in The Booth. So I'm watching Belly (for the 1000th time), and it just occurred to me that the whole "Knowledge needs bail money"...
  19. G-Eye

    Mixtapes & EPs Wu-Tang Clan - Freestyle, Unreleased & Live Collection