michael jordan

  1. valet

    MJ love the kids?! Jordan and Tyler Reddikk's son...

    :sas2: :mjpls::mjpls:
  2. FAH1223

    Bulls fans boo Jerry Krause & make his widow cry at Ring of Honor ceremony

  3. Snake316

    At this point, its getting hard to deny LeBron is the best to ever pickup a Basketball

  4. Kornball The Conqueror

    If Jokic walks through Lebron, AD, Steph, KD, Paul, Giannis, Dame

    If Jokic walks through Lebron, Steph, KD, Paul, Giannis, Dame in one playoff and wins the champ. Would that be the goat playoff run?
  5. DrexlersFade

    Micheal Jackson was so famous look what Michael Jordan said about him in this video trolling MJ threads ends right now :stopitslime:

    1:09 mark These MJ troll threads need to stop even Prince Chapless ass was jealous of Mike Jack :stopitslime:
  6. Don Homer

    Michael Jordan Texted Stephen A Smith to Say Magic Johnson is Better than Steph Curry

    :snoop: Old nikkas calling in to media members behind the scenes to gatekeep. :scust: bytch shyt
  7. Greenhornet

    Thought this insight between Zeke and MJ was interesting

    "This goes WAY deeper. When MJ came to Chicago it had been IT's town since the late 70s. He grew up there. There's an entire sub-culture of ballers of which IT was undisputed king. There were off season games at a couple different gyms where all the best college and pro players would come...
  8. DrexlersFade

    MJ Birthday Special - The Ultimate Michael Jordan Highlights (1992-93 Edition)

    This is one fukking season you kids better stop playing with The GOAT name :stopitslime:
  9. DrexlersFade

    Michael "The GOAT Jordan makes a record setting 10 million dollar donation to "Make A Wish Foundation" on his 60th Birthday :mjcry:

    https://www.cnn.com/2023/02/16/sport/michael-jordan-60th-birthday-donation-spt-intl/index.html By Wayne Sterling Updated 4:13 AM EST, Thu February 16, 2023 Michael Jordan turns 60 on February 17. (CNN)Basketball Hall of Famer Michael Jordan is making a record-breaking $10 million donation to...
  10. imgur.com


    Imgur: The magic of the Internet
  11. DrexlersFade

    Why was Kareem never the goat having made only 1 three pointer but 180O more buckets than Bron?

    Plus 3400 more than MJ :manny: :ufdup:I don't want to hear the excuse that it was a big man league, because the same attributes could be applied to Mike and LeBron as the game became Guard and Small Forward dominant.
  12. FAH1223

    Documentary on Michael Jordan’s years as Washington Wizards executive and second comeback in the works

    :mjlol: Michael Leahy's book had Wilbon furious. Where Kwame at? :mjgrin:
  13. J

    Classic MJ ad

    Gotta love it lol
  14. Ahadi

    “MIKE, can we get a pic?” AGAIN *No Ni….”

    :mjlol: :mjpls:
  15. Ahadi

    Michael Jordan Shut Down Idris Elba's Request To Play Him Biopic; Once again, “No N….”

    Elba told the NBA icon that he wants that starring role and later explained why it was important to him. Could we receive a Michael Jordan-approved biopic one day? Most likely...and when it goes down, Idris Elba wants that starring role as the basketball legend. Biopics were already all the...
  16. Morethan1

    Charlotte Hornets coach fired

  17. valet

    Al Harrington talks about MJ calling him a h*e

    This is from podcast by a Detroit comedian, J. Will (if you haven't seen "The Mule" on Prime, watch it. He's funny on there) Full episode
  18. kinkihairchik

    Michael Jordan feeling up Mary j

  19. TheEmpress


    BRUSE WANE LIVE EP 52: HAPPY NEW YEAR 2022, OMICRON RUNNING WILD. KAPERNICK, GUY THAT KILLED JORDANS DAD, GHISLAINE MAXWELL VERDICT, WHO KILLED IG MODEL TIGER BOOTY Bruse Wane Live Episode 52 [TOPICS] Happy New Year 2022, Omicron running wild. Kapernick blows deal ? Did they just let the guy...
  20. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne Names His NBA Mt. Rushmore While Rocking Mitchell & Ness NBA Remix Jersey

    While rocking his new limited NBA Remix edition jersey in collaboration with Bleacher Report and Mitchell & Ness, Lil Wayne participated in a quick one question and answer. Tunechi was asked who would be on his NBA Mount Rushmore to which he named the following: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant...