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  1. Jordan sombrero grin

    Jordan sombrero grin

  2. MJ smile

    MJ smile

  3. Jordan


  4. MJlol Street Profits

    MJlol Street Profits

  5. DillaTUDE

    Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant - Every 1 v. 1 play on each other (1996-2003)

  6. MJ Glare

    MJ Glare

  7. Prison Break mjpls

    Prison Break mjpls

  8. Tapp

    This solidifies that LeBron will never pass Mike!

    :manny: he's still the best player in the league rn but he's out of time. If the warriors stay together for the next 3 seasons like they are poised too it's gonna be the Gold State show till 2020 LeBron simply doesn't have enough, Breh is out of time, out of opportunities, and out of potential...
  9. ISO

    Bu bu LeBron couldn't play in the OLD SCHOOL... :stopitslime:

    Bu bu but LeBron played in a soft era Dog, nikkas kill me with that B.S., it's like they forget LeBron was drafted in 2003. Back in those days cacs used to look at the NBA as a "thug league" on some :mjpls: due to the physicality on the court, the hip-hop fashion that took over the dress code...
  10. Pdiddy

    Draymond Green-#2 Power Forward- Per Bleacher Report

    KD-#1 Green #2 Black Griff #3 Paul Milsap #4 Kevin Love #5 NBA Position Power Rankings, End of Regular Season Edition: Power Forwards What do you think?
  11. close the door on mjgrin

    close the door on mjgrin

  12. QuarterCenturyLegend

    LeBron James Opens Up on Comparison to Kobe Bryant

    In the backyard, watching his kids play one on one, LeBron says, "That's like Kobe against me. I always won." As the game progressed, a stern LeBron stood up after a blocked shot and channeled his home team's broadcaster Austin Carr. "GET THAT WEAK STUFF OUTTA HERE!" Unbeknownst to him, I had...
  13. QuarterCenturyLegend

    I'm 300! Tell Your Best Bowling Story

    I'm a Midwest nikka, so I grew up in the bowling alley. My first 300 was when I was ten :wow: I ran up & down the bowling alley happy as shyt :takedat: My dad was bowling league that Thursday morning & he was like WTF:picard:. Then I get a little older & go to Nationals. Back to Back! :win...
  14. Jordan laugh

    Jordan laugh

  15. MJ Dat ass

    MJ Dat ass

  16. Donald Trumps Twitter

    Why LeBron James will NEVER be better than Jordan

    NBA FINALS STATS: MJ: 90-91: 31.2ppg 6.6rpg 11.4apg 3.6TOpg .558/FG% .500/3p% .848/FT% 91-92: 35.8ppg 4.8rpg 6.5apg 2.0TOpg .526/FG% .429/3p% .891/FT% 92-93: 41.0ppg 8.5rpg 6.3apg 2.7TOpg .508/FG% .400/3p% .694/FT% 95-96: 27.3ppg 5.3rpg 4.2 apg 3.0TOpg .415/FG% .316/3p% .836/FT% 96-97...
  17. T.H.E. Goat

    So My Homie Copped Some Yeezy's Last Night...

    Gave up 6 pairs of Jordan's for a pair of Beluga 350's Some Metallic 5's, a pair or Toro 4's, some Lab 5's, a pair of all white NMD Adidas, a white and gold pair of 4's, and a pair of black and gray 9's. Are Yeezys really that special or are they just overhyped?