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  1. FAH1223

    The 2023-24 Milwaukee Bucks have a huge defensive problem

    As good as Lopez still is as a rim protector and Giannis as an elite weak side stopper, this lack of perimeter defense is alarming. I’m watching Deni Avdija and Corey Kispert get easy drives for points. This should not be happening. I don’t see how Milwaukee can defeat Boston in a 7 game...
  2. FAH1223

    Another Rendition Becoming Tradition | Official HEAT (#8) vs. Bucks (#1) 1st Round Series Thread

    Another year, Another matchup between Milwaukee and Miami. These teams will face each other for the 3rd time over the last 4 postseasons. This dates back to the NBA Bubble in Orlando in 2020 where Miami defeated the Bucks in the East Semifinals on their way to the NBA Finals. In 2021, the...
  3. FAH1223

    Deer on the Road, Bullies Heading Home w/no Headlights: Official Bulls (#6) vs. Bucks (#3) 1st Round

    -------------------------VS------------------------- Projected Lineups :
  4. FAH1223

    Tyreke Evans signs with Wisconsin Herd (Milwaukee Bucks’ G-League Affiliate)

    @MushroomX @L $ C @FloorGeneral @Lootpack @Only On Camera @ThiefyPoo
  5. FAH1223

    New book: “Giannis: The Improbable Rise Of An NBA MVP” out August 10

  6. FAH1223

    The Milwaukee Bucks are the dumbest team in the postseason

    Terrible shots Willfully running away from works Not looking at matchups Budenholzer gotta go
  7. B

    Rumor: Eric Bledsoe to hit trading block PER:Shams

    Knew it was coming even tho he had back to back seasons as being recognized as possibly the best defensive PG in the league his short comings in the last 3 years playoff time did him in. Back to back all defensive teams(1st team 2019,2nd team 2020) and averaging: 15.4 PPG ,5.5 APG 4.6 RPG over...
  8. B

    What’s next for Milwaukee Bucks?

    Word is Giannis is gonna stay loyal and sign a long term extension there,we know he has a whole year left so it may happen or may not,but right now good news for Milwaukee as if he leaves that’ll set their franchise back years again. As dominant as Giannis is he needs to develop a post games and...
  9. B

    Milwaukee Bucks 20-3,14 game winning streak

    Two of those wins they beat the Clippers ass. Giannis is the MVP so far and I think this team plays the Lakers in the Finals. :yeshrug: Bledsoe first allstar appearance :wow:
  10. B

    Eric Bledsoe’s crazy November

    18 PTS / 6 AST / 6 REB / 53% FG 14 PTS / 5 AST / 8 REB / 42% FG 22 PTS / 6 AST / 9 REB / 57% FG 20 PTS / 2 AST / 6 REB / 57% FG 22 PTS / 5 AST / 8 REB / 40% FG 25 PTS / 9 AST / 3 REB / 60% FG 31 PTS / 8 AST / 4 REB / 86% FG While still being the best defensive PG in the league Bucks...
  11. B

    Bucks vs Raptors Game Thread 8pm TNT

    Milwaukee has the chance to go up 3-1 in the season series and shut up any naysayers they have left
  12. William F. Russell

    To Greek Freak in Beantown All We Do Er'day is BUCK EM DOWN!: #2 Celtics vs. #7 Bucks Playoff Thread

    We got the #2 Boston Celtics (55-27) matched up against the #7 Milwaukee Bucks (44-38) in this first round Eastern Conference playoffs matchup. Boston and Milwaukee have played each other 4 times this season, splitting the season series 2-2. However, 3 of those matchups came in October, with...
  13. ORDER_66

    The cops tazing basketball players now WTF?!?! Milwaukee :mindblown::wtf: fukk that damned sheriff clarke...:pacspit:
  14. Kairi Irving

    Giannis Antetokounmpo in 2018 Is going To Be Special

    I can't wait for next season, if he gets a good 3 point shot. its over. Durant and LeBron if they did the fusion dance :wow: potential 2018 MVP?
  15. Tunez


    Sports Illustrated put the Greek Freak on a regional cover for its Jan. 9 issue that features a story by Lee Jenkins called “Giannis Antetokounmpo: The Most Intriguing Point Guard In NBA History.” It’s another story that documents Antetokounmpo’s journey from the streets of Greece to being on...
  16. Tunez

    Rumor: Bucks Want To Trade Greg Monroe