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  1. FAH1223

    TNT and ESPN doing cross-cover broadcast and studio shows for the NBA In-Season Tournament Final

  2. FAH1223

    Warner Brothers Discovery will livestream MLB on TBS, NBA & NHL on TNT, US Soccer, and March Madness on (HBO) MAX

  3. FAH1223

    Charles Barkley: The 60 Minutes Interview

  4. FAH1223

    Shaq has been dodging lawyers representing FTX investors for months

  5. FAH1223

    Tough Love: Shaq + Kareem | NBA on TNT

  6. FAH1223

    Warner Bros Discovery CEO: “We Don’t HAVE to have the NBA (on TNT)”

    The NBA has been on TNT since 1989. FYI.
  7. FAH1223

    Happy 20th Anniversary to the 2002 Western Conference Finals (Kings vs. LA Lakers)

    Complete games on NBC/TNT below for the children who were infants or didn't exist in 2002.
  8. FAH1223

    Kevin Durant responds to Charles Barkley's TNT comments on ring chasing

  9. Anerdyblackguy

    No Lebron James No problem? NBA playoff ratings sees its highest viewership in a decade

    :lupe: Crazy part is the amount of people who have traditional tv dropped by 23 percent over the decade and yet the NBA increased its ratings. :lupe: And the crazier part is the NBA fan base are the most cord-cutting friendly yet putting these numbers
  10. FAH1223

    Shaq: I was going to put my hands on Mitch Kupchak upon hearing of trade rumors in 2004

  11. FAH1223

    The NBA's 75th Anniversary - The Ultimate Draft on TNT

    :wow: Great program. When Barkley said “Stockton only going to play half the games” :dead:
  12. FAH1223

    No Harden, No Beal, But Lots of Deals! Official ALL STAR DRAFT & Nets @ Bullets Thread (TNT)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 24-29 and coming off another dominating L to the best of the Eastern Conference in the Miami HEAT! This is the first game post-deadline. Brad Beal is out for the season. We have no idea how the lineups will shake out tonight. The Nets are STRUGGLING and fallen to...
  13. FAH1223

    A Massacre in Milwaukee: Bullets @ Bucks 7:30 PM (TNT)

    YOUR Washington Bullets are 23-26 AND have LOST FIVE STRAIGHT. :clap: The TANK IS REVVED UP and the losing won't stop. They're now OUT OF THE PLAY-IN TOURNAMENT. :yes: An NBA Trade Deadline of SELL, SELL, SELL is coming! They travel to Milwaukee next to take on the NBA Champions. No...
  14. FAH1223

    Ro Parrish (NBA TV) UnAppreciation Thread

    This nikka rapping too much :snoop: Just do the highlights :damn:
  15. FAH1223

    Stan Van Gundy returns as TNT considers next big move

  16. FAH1223

    The Inside Story on TNT (30th Anniversary of Inside the NBA)

  17. FAH1223

    Bullets vs. Deer! Whom to fear?: Wizards @ Bucks 8 PM (TNT Players Only)

    YOUR Washington Bullets ARE 35-25 ! After an impressive home rebound W vs. the red hot 76ers, the Bullets travel to Milwaukee for another nationally televised game. This time it's against the Bucks who took an L on Sunday to Anthony Davis and the Pelicans. The Bucks and Bullets played twice...
  18. R.O. Double

    Come Look At Shaq Snatch Barkley's Soul Out On TV!

    Damn Shaq, why you going so hard. :damn: At the 0:50 second mark.
  19. Doobie Doo

    Charles Barkley & Inside The NBA Crew shyt on ESPN

    Charles Barkley & Inside The NBA Crew Mock & Laugh at ESPN (Video) by: Black Adam Schefter On Friday, November 4, 2016 Tags: Charles Barkley Espn Inside The NBA Just after Ernie Johnson went over the Warriors-Thunder highlights, he stated that Russell Westbrook and Kevin Durant never...