new era

  1. Cboz78

    NXT 2.0 on USA: 9/14/21 - A New Era Begins. Live and In Living Color!

    A new era begins for NXT! Sponsored by Rainbow Brite. Exclusive look at the new intro! Homey don't play that! Credit @Jello Biafra A new NXT Champion will be crowned! Let's hope it's not Kyle.Even Regal's office got a revamp. Dexter Lumis and Indi Hartwell get married! Honeymoon tape to...
  2. Mike the Executioner

    The more things change, the more they stay the same.

    I remember many months ago when Charlotte beat Asuka for the SmackDown Women's Championship. That one moment just left me like :scust:, in a way that made me realize it was time to stop watching. At some point in May, I decided to join NWG and not look back. Until recently. Bayley's promo the...
  3. Mr. Jack Napier

    Coogi suing the NBA, Nets, Nike, New Era & Russell Brands

    Better grab all the city edition gear while you can :francis:
  4. DrexlersFade

    Tupac or the Migos????

    You nikkas listen to trash:stopitslime:
  5. B

    WWE can name it the "New Era" all they want but the fact still remains that...

    The sh!t is still PG & they have a cartoon that's more adult themed than the actual show. The kids that they originally geared it to have just about outgrown this PG mess & in order to keep them interested they're gonna have to mature the show, otherwise it's gonna be 1994-96 all over again in...