new orleans

  1. Rhule the World

    Visiting New Orleans for the first time

    Gonna be there from December 8-10. I land Friday night, I have Saturday free all day, then Sunday I'm going to the Saints game & leave right after, so my only free day is Saturday. What are some food spots y'all recommend? What's some stuff to do? I'm thinking about a swamp tour or a ghost tour...
  2. Tunechi

    Jon Batiste - Uneasy (Featuring Lil Wayne) (VIDEO)

    After first hearing about this collaboration in June, Jon Batiste has released “Uneasy” featuring Lil Wayne. The single appears as track #11 on Batiste‘s brand new album, World Music Radio, available on streaming services today. “I been about a bag, cause all I wanted was to Be A G” You can...
  3. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne Explains His Favorite New Orleans Sayings

    Lil Wayne revealed to Billboard what his three favorite New Orleans phrases are last week (August 8th) while in attendance at their R&B Hip-Hop Power Players & Live event. Before being inducted into Billboard’s Hip-Hop Hall Of Fame, Weezy explained backstage why “Ya Heard Me”, “Wodie” and...
  4. Tunechi

    On Set Of Jon Batiste and Lil Wayne’s “Uneasy” Music Video

    Earlier this month, Jon Batiste and Lil Wayne filmed a music video for their upcoming “Uneasy” single in Los Angeles, California. The collaboration, which you can hear a short preview of below, is set to be released later this week on August 18th when Jon drops his World Music Radio album...
  5. Low End Derrick

    Freddie Sends Shots @ Curren$y for "F*cking With all of His Enemies"

    Y'all understand why Fred's tight, or is he just being overly emotional?
  6. Tunechi

    Big Freedia reveals Lil Wayne feature on "Central City" album

    Big Freedia has announced a brand new album titled Central City, which will be released on Friday, June 23rd. On the project, the Queen of New Orleans bounce music will have a collaboration with both Lil Wayne and Boyfriend called “El Niño“. Are you looking forward to hearing a song from Big...
  7. 10:31

    The Anthony Davis Double Standard

    FYI! Y’all have to be consistent regarding AD. I’m observing a lot of inconsistencies regarding AD and his impact. According to some of you, he’s done, best days behind him. According to others, he’s still AD. Stop picking and choosing which side is convenient when the narrative aligns (or...
  8. Playaz Eyez

    New Orleans doing it’s best to spread more than just covid this time…

    The one dude getting in line waiting to get his meat sucked :huhldup:
  9. DrBanneker

    Rate this HBCU Day 13: Xavier University of Louisiana

    Yesterday we looked at one of the two Missouri HBCU's, Harris-Stowe University, which gained an average score of 7.6. Now we go down to Nawlins' where we have one of the most unique HBCUs in the country. The only Catholic HBCU, founded by St. Katherine Drexel, nun and daughter of a wealthy...
  10. B1G_controversy

    Coli Incel Clubbin' in the NO

    Watch trending videos for you | TikTok :mjlol:
  11. S

    Eli Apple.... Boi if you don't get!!!!!!

    Chase must've fukked his bytch or something :umad:
  12. Jean Jacket

    We need to have a serious talk about Lucky Daye...

    I'm going to call it now. Breh has next. Passed the goosebump test...the whip test...the bush and listen again test. Roll Some Mo was 3 years ago... :wow: Same energy this year... Keep tabs on Breh...Breh ripped the Soul Train awards making magic. New Orleans always keeps...
  13. Playaz Eyez

    MAC: Everyday In Prison Is Life Or Death, Shell Shocked, No Limit, etc [B High TV]

  14. B

    What’s going on in New Orleans???

    Zion wants out and obviously isn’t commited to them as we can see. Lonzo left after last season and is balling in Chicago Steven Adams left after last season and is balling in Memphis Eric Bledsoe left after last season and is balling in LA Starting to believe it’s the organization...
  15. I

    Question for Native New Orleanians: What is the Second Line?

    And what is Bunch?
  16. FAH1223

    Stan Van Gundy OUT as Pelicans HC after one season!

  17. Tunechi

    DJ Raj Smoove Discusses First Meeting Lil Wayne, Recording "10,000 Bars" + More

    DJ Raj Smoove sits down with Nolazine TV from his personal studio in New Orleans for a one on one interview. Throughout their convo, Raj revealed how he first met Lil Wayne from being on tour with Cash Money Records, how the “Greatest DJ in the world” tag came about, and much more. The NOLA DJ...
  18. Sex Luthor

    Teen celebrating graduation says she was booted by New Orleans restaurant over outfit

    Highlights: Black family went to a restaurant after a 17 yr old girls graduation. The owners wife told her she was dressed inappropriately while she was in the bathroom after they had been there over 2 hours and spent over 2k. Owner wife called cops on them. Later made a statement saying they...
  19. Tunechi

    P. Town Moe Recalls Lil Wayne First Rapping His "BM J.R." Verse For Him & 5th Ward Weebie

    P. Town Moe recently sat down with Check Em Out TV for a one on one interview, which you can check out below. Around the 12:00 mark of their conversation, Moe named his top 5 artists of all time from New Orleans and Lil Wayne was included in this list. The NOLA rapper then discussed his and...
  20. Tunechi

    Juvenile says he was brought to tears when he first heard Lil Wayne's "I Miss My Dawgs"

    Juvenile recently stopped by The Hunnids Podcast to chop it up with Jay Hamp and B. Sawyer, which you can watch in full below. During their conversation at the 10:45 mark, Juvie spoke on witnessing Lil Wayne‘s talent and recalled how he always knew Wayne would be the future of rap. The New...