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  1. Antwon Mitchell

    NYS looking to pass a “NO EVICTION EVER” bill laced with rent increase restrictions...

    Albany's 'No Eviction Ever' bill will devastate landlords — and NY's housing stock Albany's "Good Cause Eviction" bill will strictly limit rent increases and evictions on New York City renters. An Airbnb user who never intends to leave. Tenants not paying enough rent to keep up buildings. A...
  2. White City Black

    From 69 to CJ: These Bloods…

    Exhibit A: Exhibit B: Alright look man, and I don’t know if it’s already been covered on here, but why are there the same Bloods boppin, dancin, and cheesin in these videos? Did 69’s dikk hopping ass ride with these guys originally but ditch them for Trey Way? Was this CJ dude already...
  3. JadeB

    Gang stories of New York's Chinatown

  4. JadeB

    New York State are suing college students over tuition debt

    New York Times Why Does New York State Sue Its College Students? Thousands of SUNY students have been taken to court by the attorney general’s office over tuition debt. And through a quirk in the law, the only way they can defend themselves is by appearing before a judge in Albany. By Meredith...
  5. Luken

    You ever pretend to be Jewish or a black Israeli?

    Sometimes i would wear a Kippa and a Jerusalem shirt or Israeli flag shirt with a star of david chain. Id go out and about and tell nikkas i was an Aluminium trader; met one of my good friends doing this fukkery:mjlol::mjlol: Smashed a big nose sarah silverman insurance broker lookalike...
  6. JadeB

    Which New York neighborhood was SAFE during the crack era?

    Found this pretty interesting. Apparently, Awkwafina's neighborhood, Forest Hills was safe during the time and white hipsters were already hanging out in the Lower East Side during the mid 80s
  7. BelieveBeOK

    Imagine waking with this in your bed :damn:
  8. Sauce Dab

    Living that New York lifestyle >>>>> any other city on the planet

    I can cook and shower at the same time and not worry about burning nothing :ahh: Y’all really gotta walk to whole other rooms to cook and shower in?? :mjlol::umad:
  9. pickles

    Woman shot point blank range outside Brooklyn deli

    Damn New York brehettes, it is like that? :picard: Woman Kills Ex-Girlfriend With Point Blank Shot to Head Outside Brooklyn Deli: Sources A woman was killed in a point-blank shooting outside a Brooklyn deli that law enforcement sources said was carried out by an ex-girlfriend. The...
  10. mykey

    When Dancehall met Rap in New York City

    100% Dynamite! NYC – Dancehall Reggae Meets Rap In New York City | Soul Jazz Records From Kool Herc onwards, Jamaicans who grew up in New York City have played pivotal roles in the development of the city’s musical identity. Hip-Hop, born by African-Americans in the Bronx, was always...
  11. R

    Pull a driveby on kids breh.... in a scooter

  12. JadeB

    Harlem's first gay business is struggling

    Fox Harlem's first gay, black owned business struggles to stay afloat By Chris Welch Published 12 hours ago FOX 5 NY NEW YORK - The similarities may not be all that obvious, but Alexi Minko says there’s more in common than you might think when it comes to serving drinks and working as a human...
  13. Playaz Eyez

    Trae Tha Truth & Mysonne

    Surprised this flew under the radar for me being that I'm a pretty big Trae fan. Mysonne is basically a new rapper to me cause I don't think I've heard a verse from him since the early 2000s. @shopthatwrecks @DonKnock @Hiphoplives4eva @Houston911 @mrken12 @JordanWearinThe45 @Billy...
  14. GnauzBookOfRhymes

    Scumbag Cuomo #MeToo

  15. B

    Alpo Martinez allegedly checks Jim Jones for rap lyrics calling him a snitch

    Jim said he was the ghost of Rich Porter and called Alpo a snitch,supposedly Alpo recently caught up to him and told him “I heard you say you the ghost of Rich Porter,well I killed Rich Porter” :picard::merchant: :pachaha:
  16. King Static X

    The Cuomo administration undercounted COVID-19 deaths at nursing homes by up to 50%

    Tish James actually went at Cuomo's head. Cuomo's finished. His dream of being elected to a 4th term next year is gone.
  17. White City Black

    NECRO calls out the “racist” music industry

    shyt, I’m a Breh and I’ve listened to him for a number of years. While I get what he’s trying to say, nonetheless I got a :mjpls:feeling when reading it (as well as some of the comments).
  18. Worthless Loser

    Yang Gang Back? Update: Yang loses NYC Mayoral Race; Adams wins over Garcia!

    Andrew Yang telling New York City leaders he intends to run for mayor: NYT He intends to run for mayor of NYC. Seems like with his national profile and the mayor being hated, he has a shot to win?
  19. audemarzz

    NYC WOMAN SLASHES 10 year old BOY'S FACE after he answers the door-

    The woman who slashed a 10-year-old Manhattan boy in his own apartment was looking for the child’s father, police sources said Sunday. Police have identified the suspect as a 46-year-old woman who had a relationship with the victim’s father, sources say. She remains on the loose after slashing...
  20. Jimmy ValenTime

    Albums The Coli's own Jimmy ValenTime & Urban Miracle - Dangerous To Go Alone

    1 Subway Stories 2 Jada and styles 3 Javits 4 Radio (Astro Turf) 5 Porch Lights W/ Yurby 6 The Interlude 7 Dangerous To Go Alone W/ C Butta 8. She Trippin 3 9. 2 Bangz // Free 99 Album Trailer Dangerous to Go Alone