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  1. New York Death Star

    New York Death Star

  2. QuarterCenturyLegend

    CC Sabathia Checking Into Rehab For Alcohol Abuse

    :wow: Hope he gets the help he needs.
  3. ba'al

    New York artists and rappers are nothing but haters when it comes to the south.

    Yeah I said it,got damn it. I swear man, a lot of cats from New York suffer from hip-hop elitist syndrome. If the beat doesn't have a dusty ass vinyl jazz sample with some heavy boom bap drums and some pseudo poet rapper talking over the beat a lot of New york cats ain't trying to hear it. They...
  4. Pinyapplesuckas

    Styles P - A Wise Guy And A Wise Guy (2015) Stream + Discussion Thread

    SP The Ghost is back. This new one is out now!! Support D-Block. 01. Other 02. My Party (feat. Jadakiss) 03. Fly (feat. Sofi Green and Tyler Woods) 04. Telly Port (feat. Snype Life) 05. I'm a Beast (feat. Sheek Louch) 06. Get Your Weight Up (feat. Whispers) 07. Convo with Shawty (Interlude)...
  5. GollyImGully

    Cops pulled me over and opened my car door :wow:

    shyt just happened to me about an hour ago and now i'm just sitting here like :dwillhuh: I'm driving through southside (queens) on baisley after dropping this chick off at her crib (crazy thing is I was pointing out to here all the DT's driving while we were in her hood) I'm at the light and...
  6. aboss4real24

    Durant- "I was loyal, if it come down to that. My deals up in 2016, Ive been here 9 yrs"

    Now that Carmelo Anthony is finally ready to shut himself down for the season, the Knicks’ attention can fully turn to remaking their roster. Though there are plenty of moves to be made in the short term, there’s one huge, fortune-reversing signing out there for the summer of 2016 — and not...
  7. onelastdeath

    Phil's Drunk Messin' With The Association Save Again: Knicks 2015-2016 Tryout / Off Season Thread

    Welcome Brehs. It our time :blessed: Preseason Record: 3-4 Official Roster Head Knicka: Phil Jackson ☯ Head Coach: Derek Fisher € At The 1: Jose Calderon ♘ / Pablo Prigioni ♗/ Shane Larkin ♙ At The 2: Shump ♖ / Swish ♖ / Hardaway Jr ♗ At The 3: Melo ♔/ Travis Outlaw ♗ / Early ♙ At...
  8. CakeEater

    Ex-CIA Pilot John Lear Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers

    Ex-CIA Pilot John Lear Gives Sworn Testimony That No Planes Hit The Twin Towers | Paranormal :ohhh:
  9. EducatedBrothaFromTheBank

    WOW....NY Takes Another L

  10. tremonthustler1

    Championship in Our Gift Bag: The Official 2014 New York Yankees Season Thread

    It's about that time again (Thread title subject to change) Money was spent. Fat was cut. #2's final season :to: Too many Yankee fans and haters to name. 2014. We shall see what happens.
  11. N

    Bill De Blasio's Vision, Will New York Democrats Address Inequality

    BILL DE BLASIO’S VISION POSTED BY GEORGE PACKER When it came to the most important speech of his campaign for mayor of New York, Bill de Blasio’s timing couldn’t have been worse. On May 30th, at the New School, the candidate sketched a powerful picture of the issue that he wanted to put at...