1. Sad Colts Fan

    Sad Colts Fan

  2. Surrender Cobra

    Surrender Cobra

  3. DrexlersFade

    So there have been 18 games decided by 3 points or less through the first 3 weeks.

    That’s a record so far first 3 weeks NFL is the GOAT period this season has been amazing:blessed: Meanwhile you had a NBA finals where every game was decided by 10 points or more :scust:
  4. Divorced Tom

    Divorced Tom

  5. FAH1223

    NFL owners are changing attitudes towards Dan Snyder; They may oust him and force him to sell Washington Commanders

  6. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne Appears On "NFL Slimetime"

    Lil Wayne takes a break from working in the studio on his upcoming Tha Carter VI album to make a virtual appearance on season 2 of Nickelodeon’s “NFL Slimetime” and participate in the “celebrity pick party” segment. In the clip, Weezy picks his winners of three games (Green Bay Packers vs...
  7. FAH1223

    AMERICA'S WEEK 1 GAME OF THE WEEK: Official Packers @ Vikings Thread

    Division Rivals meet for Week 1. GB has won the the NFC North for the last four seasons. The Vikings have been in the postseason and then out, and then in, and then out. Both teams have split the last 4 meetings. GB is without Allen Lazard at WR, star offensive linemen David Bakhtiari and...
  8. Ambulance


  9. Alix217

    Carl Nassib, NFL’s first openly gay active player, set to rejoin Fuccaneerss Buccaneers Coach Todd Bowles appeared to confirm multiple reports that Tampa Bay was signing Carl Nassib, a free agent defensive end who is the NFL’s first openly gay...
  10. Apprentice

    NFL Needs a 82 game season

    One of the funniest twitter threads in a min :dead:
  11. FAH1223

    With fans back in the stands in 2021, the Green Bay Packers posted a record $579M in annual revenue; $77M in profits

    Since the Packers are the only team that's books are public, thought you all would be interested.
  12. Playaz Eyez

    Teddy Bridgewater is tired of perpetrators

  13. ReturnOfJudah

    NFL bad teammate moments

  14. FAH1223

    Washington Commanders allegedly used a scheme holding back ticket revenues from the NFL

  15. B

    DK Metcalf diet is trash once again proving working out hard and having good genes is key to be fit

    DK Metcalf said it from his own mouth he eats only one meal a day and the rest is 3-4 bags of candy and a big coffee! Though DK isn’t shredded he’s pretty lean to be around 6’4 235 pounds KG Was Disgusted By DK Metcalf’s Diet That Includes ’3-4 Bags Of Candy’
  16. FAH1223

    Joe Buck leaves FOX Sports after 27 years for ESPN Monday Night Football

  17. FAH1223

    Steelers hire Brian Flores as Senior Defensive Assistant

  18. KidJSoul

    Real talk, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were terrible in the Super Bowl 56

    No emotion, no stage setting The crowd audio was muted It didn't feel like a super bowl. They seemed disinterested. Gimme Romo and Nantz over those two bums. Heck even Mike Tirico (:mjpls:)
  19. 93 til

    Is it just me or has the Pro Bowl fallen off since they left Hawaii?

    What incentive is there for the players? :patrice: What can be done to fix it? :patrice:
  20. kdslittlebro

    49ers About to Pack Out the Rams Stadium

    All this looks like is a challenge :mjlol: