1. FAH1223

    No LOVE for Rodgers? Official Green Bay Packers 2021 Season Thread

    @FloorGeneral @ThaRebel @Tical @Upshall @Darealtwo1 @Don De Dieu @CJ14 @bsmooth @Stelio Kontos @Monster @SHAQAVELLI @ThiefyPoo @Only On Camera @MushroomX @Scaaar @Abuchunky @John Mexico @tru_m.a.c
  2. FAH1223

    Packers financials released: $150M loss in local revenue; $121M gain in investments

    The Packers are only NFL team that has to open its books. $300M revenue nationally as part of the league revenue sharing before anything else.
  3. ReturnOfJudah

    This moment in forgotten black sports history

  4. Trav

    Dey Gon Need Don Julio Or Brown Liquor 2 Deal Wit Dis | 2021 Tennessee Titans Thread

    It's a new day, gang :mjlit: @murksiderock @bxrfan @RiffRaff @rbksNgirbauds @thaKEAF @trife06 @The Villain @Keengcong @LinusCaldwell @Leavingtheecstasy
  5. JP_614

    With fans being back in arenas what’s some of the greatest chants of all time

    With fans being back in arenas whats some of the greatest chants of all time I gotta roll with DETRIOOOTT BASKETBALLLLLL shyt use to get the crowd going off turnovers from other teams and the player intros.
  6. KingZaire_

    Why is NBA Media so much worse than other Major Sports

    What is it with NBA media is it because it’s a star driven league? Is it for the clicks? Why do old players and analysts talk down on the new players? What’s going on?:mindblown:
  7. Fade Runner 2049

    Pittsburgh Steelers draft 255lb punter, a breh

    He be boomin that shyt :pachaha:
  8. TallMan_J

    Detroit Lions fans, get in here!

    We’re celebrating in this bytch. :blessed: Penei Sewell :banderas: Best draft pick since Megatron, and one could argue that it’s even better than that. He’ll protect Goff’s bum ass and it potentially boosts the run game, among other various things. Dude is a monster and a total freak of...
  9. Listen

    Former NFL LB Geno Hayes, 33, reportedly 'fighting for life' in hospice care: Edit Passes away at 33

    Yahoo is now a part of Verizon Media Update:
  10. Anerdyblackguy

    The NFL really is a trifling league. Sheldon R. was scheduled to get 13 mill but is only getting...

    1 million dollars after getting released :gucci: I know this is normal in the NFL but got damn that’s fukked up.
  11. KidJSoul

    Aaron Rodgers is engaged y'all

    And apparently is may be to Shailene Woodley. This was her back in the mid 2010s, she starred in movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent: .... .... But this is her now :francis::huhldup: Face lift + cat eye surgery.
  12. Stunned Strahan Animated

    Stunned Strahan Animated

  13. FAH1223

    NFL Salary Cap Might Not Crash After All

    NFL Salary Cap Might Not Crash After All With 14 teams, including the Green Bay Packers, over the COVID-impacted salary cap, there is a belief that a “capocalypse” can be avoided. By BILL HUBER GREEN BAY, Wis. – Maybe there won’t be a “capocalypse” after all. With COVID leaving most stadiums...
  14. TallMan_J

    Detroit Lions may take Justin Fields in NFL Draft.

    New coach, GM, and a new QB. Us Lions brehs may actually have something to look forward to. shyt, I like Spencer Rattler too. :blessed: Detroit Lions take Ohio State QB Justin Fields in Mel Kiper Jr.'s first NFL mock draft
  15. FAH1223

    Mike Pettine is the worst defensive coordinator in the NFL

    In advance of the NFC Championship game, let the record be clear. His failures in January must be magnified for all to see.
  16. OG Talk

    Was Anyone Else Obsessed With Sports Equipment When You Were Younger?

    I’m talking real young. Like 4,5,6... When I was like 5 living in College Park I would beg my dad to take me to the High School football field to try to kick a field goal. In my mind it felt like an NFL stadium. The way the chalk was on the baseball fields was always fascinating to me. The...
  17. FAH1223

    Former Packers GM Ted Thompson passes away at 68

  18. Trav

    ATL-L; Y'all Not Rollin' Wit This Arthur & Arthur Power Move?

  19. RennisDeynolds

    What Would be the best narrative for this Super Bowl?

    Which causes the most fukkery
  20. JesusFOREVER

    There’s no way the saints hitting that -10

    Hell will freeze over before Vegas loses that ez money :russ:, Bears boutta smack these dudes this shyt is gonna be HILARIOUS Saints have no clue whats about to happen steelers taking an L too :lolbron: