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  1. SirReginald

    Meek Mill Drags Nicki Minaj: "When You Finally See Them Without Everything On Nikkas Be Sick"

    He's responding to this post: nickiminajOh so u !!!!!z gon sit up here & act like #Wifey aint BEEN tell y'all 1. Don't lose the baddest girl in the world. #EricBenet 2. Stop throwing money ya ass ain't rlly got. 3. Stop posting them tired stacks on the gram oh but when Jay say it it's...
  2. John Hull

    Nicki Minaj - No Frauds (Occult Illuminati Meaning)

    Don't get scurred now, I'm just the messenger. :whoa: I don't fucc with most conspiracy sites but Vigilant Citizen is pretty thorough (for the most part) The Dark Occult Meaning of Nicki Minaj's "No Frauds" - The Vigilant Citizen...
  3. M

    VIDEO: Nicki Minaj - No Frauds Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne

    Nicki Minaj - No Frauds Ft. Drake & Lil Wayne Video
  4. ReasonableMatic

    Birdman shows off his plaque for 1 Billion records sold

    "We spunt it all on tahlits pleighboi" :birdman:
  5. ReasonableMatic

    "ShETHER is the best female diss record I've EVER heard" - Lord Jamar

    Fukk politics, this is Hip Hop:salute:
  6. I

    Remy gonna respond...???

    Is it just me or is it clear (1) that Remy lost by not responding, (2) the higher-ups put a muzzle in her like they did Meek, or (3) she is about to drop some fire even though nobody has been whining about how long it's taking....???
  7. ReasonableMatic

    I told Meek "I wouldn't trust Nicki" instead of beefin w/ ya dawg,just give him some distance - Ross

    Handled it like a G :salute: Ross x Raphael Saadiq on a track together :wow:
  8. B

    Females Upset Call Up #Dailyhiphoplive W. M.Reck & JT On Nicki Minaj 'No Frauds Vs Remy Ma 'Shether'

    On This Show (Remy Ma Vs Nicki Minaj) We Had The Fans Call In And Weigh In At 17:49 Min. Mark A lot Of Females Called In) , Assesment By M.Reck And Jordan Tower (
  9. S

    SHETHER banned from Radio and iTunes. Nicki BLACKBALLING in full effect

    Remy Ma’s “shETHER” Banned From Radio, Internet and Live Shows Remy Ma's "shETHER" is Now Banned From Radio, Live Shows and Internet (AllHipHop News) Reps for rap legend Nas are denying he had anything to do with Remy Ma’s “shETHER” being pulled from the radio and the Internet. Remy dropped...
  10. Rawster

    Safaree Admits To Helping Pen 100% Of Nicki Minaj Lyrics (Wendy Williams Show)

    I guess Remy wasn't lying about him penning her bars. Safaree wasn't bitter talking about Nicki but very respectful. He rarely worded his responses and never disrespected Nicki. He called it a collaborative effort :lolbron: Wendy and Safaree both also said that Nicki had higher ups call and...
  11. lowkey0z

    Foxy Brown Releases Snippet of Her Remy Ma Diss, "Break's Over"

  12. Don'tCallMeLuckyB

    I guess Remy was telling the Truth about Nicki ass LOL

    Future like :ohhh: :cottonlol:
  13. ReasonableMatic

    "I ain't pickin sides in Remy vs Nicki beef" - Fat Joe (update: I'm ridin with my Sister)

    *Translation* Fat Joe: Nicki got BODIED!! :ahh: Update: "I'm ridin with my Sister" - Fat Joe [/MEDIA]
  14. ReasonableMatic

    Stop claimin King or Queen of Rap if u ain't writin or ready for war. You nikkas is Pop! - Funk Flex

  15. Drew Wonder

    So if Nicki mentions Remy Ma's miscarriage...

    Does it work in her favor or does it backfire like Jay's "condoms on the babyseat" line?:jbhmm: There aren't many other angles Nicki can take to really hurt Remy but I could only imagine the type of backlash a line like that would get in today's era
  16. B

    Lil Kim On 'Shether' Addresses Remy Ma Vs Nicki Minaj Beef: Me And Remy Might Collab

  17. ReasonableMatic

    "Listen to me ok, Remy is CRAZY. nikkas talkin bout set up a fight? The Bytch is a shooter!" - 50

  18. B

    Remy Ma 'Childs Play' (Nicki Minaj Diss) (Second Diss To Nicky) Dropping Soon?