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  1. TEH

    Academic Hip Hop - The Hyperfeminine Style of ...

    This is an academic paper on hip hop that I came across I thought to share it here for discussion .. Pretty Gang: The Hyperfeminine Hip-Hop of Nicki Minaj
  2. Giselle

    Nicki Minaj Subbing Meek On Instagram?

    She's messy, so she posted it for a reason If it's not him, then it's to someone else. "❤️ searching for ppl who live by this philosophy. "
  3. MufasaChoppa

    Nicki Minaj weigh's in on Drake/Meek Mill beef with NY Times
  4. Idaeo

    Nicki Minaj Getting Her Own ABC Sitcom about Life In Queens, Looking for #YoungNicki to Play Her

    Nicki Minaj Lands ABC Family Sitcom About Her Life Nicki Minaj is taking her career to the next level: she just landed herself a sitcom about her life on ABC Family. The 32-year-old "Anaconda" singer and rapper will be an executive producer and appear in the half-hour scripted comedy that...
  5. Medicate

    Put A Black Woman On All Fours Eh? Nicky Minaj Wax Figure - Modern Day Hottentot Venus

    Family and tourist favorite Madame Tussauds is amping up security at its Las Vegas location after visitors began posting''inappropriate''photos with the new Nicki Minaj wax figure online. The wax double finds the rapper, 32, on all fours, recreating herrecord-breaking ''Anaconda'' video. "We...
  6. Lord Scion

    Madam Tussaud's unveil Nicki Minaj figure on all fours, Azealia Banks voices disapproval

    And of course here comes the folks that want to :troll: Thoughts?
  7. CodeBlaMeVi

    The Meekther Doesn't Stop! Freaking Up The Tour Money

    Meek Mill, Drake beef affecting Pinkprint tour ticket sale prices Meek Mill, Drake beef affecting Pinkprint tour ticket sale prices image:*240/081315-meek-mill-600.jpg Hip-hop artist Meek Mill opened at the Susquehanna Bank Center for rap emcee Nicki Minaj...
  8. C

    Meek Mill, Drake beef affecting Pinkprint tour ticket sale prices

    Meek Mill, Drake beef affecting Pinkprint tour ticket sale prices “The average ticket price for a Meek Mill [and] Nicki Minaj concert on July 20th was $179,” Riso said in an email. “By the time OVO Fest came around, that had fallen nearly 20 percent to $148.” OVO Fest is Drake’s annual music...
  9. DrexlersFade

    One small victory for Meek !!!!!

    But it's a big one in real life... I never fukked Nicki cause she got a man:mjcry: But when that's over then I'm first in line:usure::mjlol::duck: So she bypassed Mr.Urinal A.K.A. "Porcelain God" and started fukking with Meek:russ:and before you stanley's say this shyt don't matter don't act...
  10. Wallychamp

    {NEW EPISODE 24} - Joe Budden - I'll Name This Podcast Later (Drake & Meek Beef, Bobbi Kristina)

    Budden and crew talk Meek vs. Drake. Joe, who had his own little back and forth with Meek not too long ago, says he has some bars ready for the boy from Philly if he hears his name mentioned.
  11. Silkk

    Drake Drops The ETHER On Meek Mill - Back To Back Freestyle

  12. Giselle

    Meek Mill got booed In Toronto (Insta Vids)

    He got booed after his performance But they cheered for him during it. Toronto is weird. He played the part of eff up some commas that said "we don't give no fck" before he started. He did say something about being nervous, but the video didn't catch the whole thing. They'll be youtube...
  13. The_King_of_Everything

    MEEK IS IN CANADA (Waits for fukkery)

  14. Giselle

    Safaree Sister to Meek"(Nicki)still hitting him up"UPDATE:NickiReplyUPDATE SB Reply NickiSentHimEmai

    pic of shirtless mill People are going crazy this week. I don't understand. Safaree has also said that she still contacts him in an interview. I'll go find it. I don't believe her. She has a habbit of getting into relationships when she's not over her ex. She wasn't over her ex until...
  15. Giselle

    Azealia Banks Says That Nicki Doesn't Deserve An Award Because "all you did was show your ass"

    She's telling the truth though. I said this in all of the other threads. Nicki didn't do anything worth winning an award for. The song and video was not original. All she did was shake her ass. I can't wait until Nicki responds. & I didn't see AB at her either.
  16. Giselle

    Tinashe, AzealiaBanks & Dawn Richard Also Felt Like The VMA's Snubbed Them (Tweets)

  17. Kilgore Trout

    Want more fukkery? MEEK MILL tweets Drake dont write his own lyrics UPDATE: deletes photos of Nicki

  18. Young/Nacho\Drawz

    Joe Budden: Meek Mill Acts Like A Darkskin Simp W/ Nicki Minaj & He Won't Outsell Big Sean

    Joe Budden Disses Meek Mill on his "I'll Name This Later Podcast" with Marisa Mendez & Rory.
  19. JordanWearinThe45

    The Official 2015 BET Awards Thread (8PM Est) *Stream in OP* Pre show starts at 6pm Est, main show starts at 8pm Est Below is a list of all the nominees in each category. Check it out: Best New International Artist Casper Nyovest Eddy Kenzo Mzvee George the Poet Mic Lowry Novelist Best...
  20. FreshAIG

    Beyonce and Nicki Minaj "Feelin Myself" Video

    Can only watch it on Tidal for now Couple snippets from Nikkis IG: