1. Hathaway

    Yall Seen This Console Wars Anime on YouTube?

    Probably the best thing I've seen all year :wow:
  2. 85 East

    Mega Man 2 gave me anxiety

    The Dragon gave me mad anxiety in this game... What was your favorite out of the MM games? Mega Man 2, released in 1988 by Capcom, is widely considered a landmark title in the video game industry. It was a critical and commercial success, and its impact can be seen in several ways...
  3. Days of Future Piff

    Y’all don’t remember that CHRIS BROWN cameo in Secret of Mana?

    This dude had a 10th degree black belt in dancing for a reason :pachaha: Every shop you went to, he was getting it :whew: Breezy had bargains though! Main character: Yo Bhris, hook it up with a bouple of bhocolate bars and a bup of wishes :blessed: Bhris: bool, I gotchu fam :myman...
  4. Days of Future Piff

    What is the most UNDERRATED Mario game?

    Going off of this thread, let's put some respect on Mario's more overlooked entries. Super Mario 3 and World are obvious goats, so I'm leaving those off of the list. Same thing goes for 64. I'm also putting the OG Mario Kart on the poll, since people tend to argue that it's outdated and hasn't...
  5. C

    Bayonetta Voice Actor Hellena Taylor Says She Didn't Reprise the Role in Bayonetta 3 as She Was Only Offered $4,000, Demands Fans Boycott

    Bayonetta voice actor Hellena Taylor has shared that she didn't reprise the role for Bayonetta 3 as she was offered only $4,000 to do so. Furthermore, she has asked fans to boycott the game and donate to charity instead. Taylor took to Twitter to share a few videos of her speaking to a camera...
  6. U Mario ?

    U Mario ?

  7. Alix217

    GoldenEye 007 is being recreated for Xbox, 4k Resolution, smoother framerate, ONLINE MULTIPLAYER

    25th Anniversary, it's happening :banderas:
  8. Warren Peace

    Why Zelda ain't give Link no p*ssy

    how many times link and his incarnations gotta save zelda and her descendants in this convoluted ass timeline before he get a crumb of coochie? She doing dude worse than Peach do Mario. :gucci:
  9. Wolfpac

    What would a big 3rd North American wrasslin promotion look like in your opinion?

    :jbhmm: :patrice:
  10. Take It In Blood

    Prices of Everdrives has Skyrocketed

    I bought a NES everdrive cart for $99 last year, that same cart is $299 now :picard: everdrive: Search Result | eBay The State of EverDrives at Stone Age Gamer - Stone Age Gamer @Tenchi® Ryu™
  11. The Wolf Among You

    Let’s talk about the current video game landscape

    Is it not insane to anyone else how much of the online gaming community is constantly in a back and forth? The console wars used to be “my system of choice is better than yours because I say so.”, but now it’s well beyond that tolerable simplicity. The amount of misinformation...
  12. DaSk8D00D

    Switch is now Nintendo's best selling home console (103 million sold)

    Switch is officially Nintendo’s best-selling home console ever | VGC
  13. Days of Future Piff

    The GOAT Nintendo console turns 30 today :blessed:

    Nintendo's SNES turns 30 years old, fans celebrate the classic system | Dot Esports Peace to the SNES and its legacy. IMO it’s still the GOAT game console, rivaled only by the first two Playstations. (The Genesis and Dreamcast had heat though.) Chrono Trigger, Mario RPG, Super Metroid, FFVI...
  14. Days of Future Piff

    (POLL) What is the Coli’s favorite Nintendo handheld?

    I already did polls for Nintendo and Sega consoles. The SNES won for Nintendo, and for Sega it was split between the Genesis and Dreamcast. Not sure if it’s really worth doing a poll like this for Sony or Microsoft (PS2, 360 >>>>>) I guess the PS1 vs PS2 could be an interesting debate if we...
  15. Superkick Party

    Sony wins the war! Legendary Nintendo franchise now Sony Exclusive

    From the Wii to PS5 :wow: Sony can't stop! :banderas:
  16. Fatboi1

    Shin Megami Tensei V announced for Nintendo Switch (Atlus JRPG)

    This was the SMT HD project revealed at the Switch reveal back in Jan. :banderas: This teaser reveal although small gives me some SMT 3 vibes with that music :ohlawd: That OST sound like it's about to be godly just off that fade into the rock at 0:55 :mjcry: Day 一
  17. Lokozuna

    If you could only play 10 games on 1 system for 3 years which system and games would you pick?

    You still have access to online play and future DLC Can’t pick any unreleased titles No emulators Xbox One X Tekken 7 Wasteland 3 Tetris Effect: Connected Virtua Fighter 5 Final Showdown Forza Horizon 4 Ninja Gaiden Black Deus Ex: Human Revolution Gears 5 Dark Souls 3 Bayonetta & Vanquish
  18. Leasy

    (RUMOR)Microsoft and Nintendo partnership upcoming in fall

    There are rumors running rapid in the gaming industry that Microsoft and Nintendo have something planned for the fall. I am thinking gamepass on the Switch Pro Rumour: Is Something Going On Between Microsoft And Nintendo?
  19. Days of Future Piff

    IYO, what is the GOAT Nintendo console? (Poll)

    I’ve mentioned many times before that I’ve always rode for the SNES, but I want to know what the Arcadium thinks.:jbhmm: (I left the virtual boy. You’re trolling if you’re legit voting for the VB :mjlol:)