1. FAH1223

    Aaron Rodgers officially signs 3-year $150M extension with Packers

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  2. Tunechi

    (VIDEO) Lil Wayne appears in commercial before the Packers vs. 49ers NFC Championship game

    Before the NFC Championship game between Green Bay Packers and San Francisco 49ers yesterday at Lambeau Field, Lil Wayne appeared in a 1-minute special. In the commercial, Weezy spoke about his favorite NFL team Packers while rapping along to his classic song “I’m Me” and even smoking a blunt...
  3. FAH1223

    Rematch in TitleTown - Official 49ers (#6) @ Packers (#1) NFC Divisional Playoff Thread

    The Packers return to the NFC postseason as the #1 seed for the 2nd consecutive year. We all know the heartbreaking loss in Lambeau in the NFC Title Game. For the Divisional Round in 2021, The Pack welcome a familiar rival in the 49ers. SF, or rather Raheem Mostert single handily took the...
  4. FAH1223

    Happy 20th Anniversary to Michael Strahan's Sack Record

    January 5th, 2002 :wow: :damn:
  5. FAH1223

    Waitin All Day for a COVID-Ridden Sunday Night: Vikings @ Packers SNF Thread

    With a win, the Packers get one more step closer to clinching the #1 seed in the NFC playoffs for a 2nd straight year. Matt LaFleur would have his THIRD straight 13-3 record as well. Which is just insane. The Vikings need a W to keep their postseason hopes alive. However they do not have...
  6. FAH1223

    Waitin' All Bye Week for Sunday Night: Bears @ Packers SNF Thread

    AN NFC Norris matchup with the oldest rivalry in football. Packers are attempting to keep pace for the #1 seed in the NFC and can put a foothold on winning the division tonight. The Bears get Justin Fields back who was showing good progress leading up to his injury that's kept him out 3 weeks...
  7. FAH1223

    A Playoff Rematch... & Perhaps Preview? America's Game of the Week - Rams @ Packers

    The Packers have one of the most snake bitten rosters in the NFL. The Rams are coming off a bye and have one of the healthiest rosters around. GB is 2 point underdogs at home. Charles Woodson's name will be on the hallowed grounds of Lambeau forever as his plate on the stadium will shine with...
  8. Aaron Rodgers

    Aaron Rodgers

  9. Benjamin Sisko

    Cheese does melt in the desert, but will Rodgers hold all the Cards?? Pack at Cards

    Let’s get it
  10. FAH1223

    Who gets embarassed tonight? Official Lions @ Packers MNF Thread

    The Lions are coming off a near blowout L to the 49ers in Week 1. But they stormed back to nearly get into OT. But they ran out of time. Jared Goff returns to Lambeau for the first time since his playoff L in January as a Ram. New Lions HC Dan Campbell wants to make a statement in his first road...
  11. FAH1223

    No LOVE for Rodgers? Official Green Bay Packers 2021 Season Thread

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  12. FAH1223

    Packers financials released: $150M loss in local revenue; $121M gain in investments

    The Packers are only NFL team that has to open its books. $300M revenue nationally as part of the league revenue sharing before anything else.
  13. FAH1223

    Aaron Rodgers is retiring according to Vegas Sportsbooks

  14. FAH1223

    Davante Adams & Packers break off extension talks; After Rodgers deal, Adam open to new talks

  15. ReturnOfJudah

    This moment in forgotten black sports history

  16. FAH1223

    Aaron Jones re-signs with Packers (4 years $48M; $13M signing bonus)

  17. KidJSoul

    Aaron Rodgers is engaged y'all

    And apparently is may be to Shailene Woodley. This was her back in the mid 2010s, she starred in movies like The Fault in Our Stars and Divergent: .... .... But this is her now :francis::huhldup: Face lift + cat eye surgery.
  18. FAH1223

    Prepping For The Next January Embarrassment: Official Green Bay Packers 2021 Offseason Thread

    Alright brehs, its been a few days since the Bucs celebrated the NFC Title on the Frozen Tundra. And the NFC Championship keeps being the road block for a 2nd title in the Rodgers era. We shoulda won that damn game and talking about how the Chiefs would embarass Mike Pettine's defensive calls...
  19. FAH1223

    Mike Pettine is the worst defensive coordinator in the NFL

    In advance of the NFC Championship game, let the record be clear. His failures in January must be magnified for all to see.
  20. FAH1223

    Former Packers GM Ted Thompson passes away at 68