1. Antwon Mitchell

    What is your favorite brand and/or type of canned fish/seafood? Poll/discussion.

    I know it's pretty early in the morning to be talking about canned fish but I recently received an order of canned mackerel which is my favorite type of canned shelf stable fish but I'm contemplating on whether I should give herring/kipper a shot. Sardines is a hell no for me 🤮 I could never...
  2. Antwon Mitchell

    Brehs and Brehettes...True or False: Sex feels better and more intensed with a semi-full bladder? #Poll.

    I was having sex with my girl a few nights ago and before we started I had to piss really bad but I held it in and noticed that the sex felt more intense :ohhh: felt my heart racing and could feel my juices building up 🚀 which made it even more intense since I holding my piss :wow: and by the...
  3. Days of Future Piff

    Trials of Mana (Seiken Densetsu 3): which team did you pick?

    There are six main characters, but you only get to play with three of them on any given run. Top row (left to right): Angela, Duran, Charlotte Bottom row (left to right): Kevin, Reisz, Hawkeye Some of the characters share a storyline (Angela/Duran, Kevin/Charlotte, and Riesz/Hawkeye) Which...
  4. jensyao

    (Poll) How many songs are in your music collection?

    Not including podcasts, audiobooks, videos, nor duplicates: estimate how many songs are in your music library you can just vote unless you want to show off with screenshots/pictures, etc comparing GB is bad because of different bitrates i.e. 128 kbps vs 320 vs FLAC vs different file types like...
  5. Days of Future Piff

    Who is the Coli's GOAT Star Wars character?

    I made a Strawpoll since the Coli's poll option is too limited (a lot of fan favorites would have been left out). I left Jar-Jar and all the sequel trilogy characters out of the character poll to save space. Here's the link one more time:
  6. King Static X

    "How proud are you to be an American?" research poll

    SOURCE: https://www.moreincommon.com/media/s5jhgpx5/moreincommon_americanfabricreport.pdf
  7. Sankofa Alwayz

    Cyberpunk 2077 Squads Assemble!!!

    Somebody had to do it, so why not :mjgrin: Nomad Street Kid Corpo Choose your Life Path wisely, have fun, and may the odds be ever in your favor!!! May your death be swift, and your survival long :blessed: LEGGO!!!
  8. Days of Future Piff

    Which comicbook series/franchise has the best video games?

    What is the Coli's GOAT comicbook based video game? :jbhmm: We all know the real answer... Sorry about the typo in the poll above :snoop:
  9. Antwon Mitchell


    :jbhmm: True gun heads know...time to sperate the boys (or girls) from the men/women :sas1: :sas2:
  10. Days of Future Piff

    Weakest Star Wars Film? (Now that Rise of Skywalker is out) *SPOILERS*

    I finally saw Rise of Skywalker, and I don't know how I feel about this movie, brehs. I'm not sure if this one is better or worse than The Last Jedi, but it was definitely disappointing and disjointed. What was the point of this new trilogy? Even the prequels (for all their flaws) had a...
  11. ATownD19

    Quick Poll for #ADOS members

    Just answer the poll included. No lengthy discussion needed. Thanks.
  12. Days of Future Piff

    Poll: which major Marvel hero/series has the best comics?

    I've seen a lot of people cite Daredevil as one of the most consistently well-written superheroes of all time. Spider-man also had classic stories for days all through the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Also, which major Marvel character has the weakest catalogue IYO? :jbhmm:
  13. brownsugah

    Best MJ Album Intro....In Your Opinion????

    Hey, y'all.. I was curious, since obviously The Coli goes HARD for MJ... LOL! What is your favorite album intro of MJ's from Off The Wall until Invincible? Choices.. "Don't Stop 'Til You Get Enough" (Off The Wall) "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin'"(Thriller) "Bad" (Bad) "Jam" (Dangerous)...
  14. brownsugah

    What's Your Favorite Tex-Mex Restaurant?

    I love all 3 restaurants, but I'm curious to know which one is your favorite?
  15. brownsugah

    Who was the best singer in Boyz II Men?

    Boyz II Men is one of my top 3 favorite male groups ever and what I appreciated about them is that all of them had vocal talent. In addition to the other thread I made on 112, I wanted to know The Coli’s opinion on them as well.
  16. brownsugah

    Who was the best singer in 112?

    So I have been on a 112 kick as of late. I’ve been listening to a lot of their music and wanted to know who y’all thought was the best singer pound for pound and why. For me, it’s between Daron and Q. I can’t really decide between the 2 right now. Lol.
  17. Bart simpson

    The Great Coli War of 2017 (Choose a side ***poll added***) Update: is there gonna be alliances?!

    Is there gonna be some type of war in the coli between the sects of the Coli? :ohhh: TLR preparing Whilst you nikkas were making the same threads on c00ning/bedwenching... JBO mobilising forces http://www.thecoli.com/threads/calling-all-jbo-goons-shots-fired-fukk-a-trl.561447/ Edit: Poll...
  18. Archangel

    Honesty Poll: How Many of Ya'll are actually Racist and hate White people?

    Don't worry, voters will remain anonymous :mjpls: Let the people speak. Many come here in order to say and express thoughts they couldn't otherwise express in reality without major backlash. So we parade behind masked avatars and let our frustrations be known here on our beloved Coli whom is...
  19. Menelik II

    [Gallup Poll]Trump Smashing Records: Presidential Approval, over 50% disapprove within 8 days

    After normal approval ratings on the inauguration, Trump has had an awful start, he is really the white Usain Bolt of presidency. He's smashed all the previous PostWar presidents records by up to 100x! Even Dubya stayed in the green for 18months, Trump he lasted 8 days. Be safe tho! :francis...