1. O Fenômeno

    That Time PRINCE dropped a RAP banger

    Yall peep the "Public enemy" screech? :pachaha: Oldheads how yall feel about this ?
  2. ISO

    Carlos Boozer tells Prince story

  3. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Rare footage of Prince at age 11 during Minneapolis teacher strike

  4. Aquarius Snake

    Found Footage: Young PRINCE speaking his mind at 11 years old.

    Interesting how some people are destined for greatness and the opportunities to shine find them.
  5. O Fenômeno


    OLdheads what yall think of this when it dropped? I remember as a kid this was talked about on one of those daytime new shows right around the release of the album. I ALWAYS liked the video and looking back it's cool to see Prince getting good reviews past his musical prime. shyt is funky and...
  6. O Fenômeno

    PRINCE: What two albums would you RECOMMEND to new listener?

    So my cousin starting to dig Prince...she saw his super bowl performance on YouTube and wants to dig into his music. Since his catalog is DAMN HUGE...what two.albums would you recommend a new listener? Albums that show his range,but also albums that just fukking go hard and 'slap'. :jbhmm...
  7. Billie Jean

    Could Prince dance?

    I love Prince But I've never felt his dancing What drew people in?
  8. Jisoo Stan

    Prince Estate valued at 156.4 million, twice the original appraisal

    Word is Jaden Smith actively has been looking to purchase everything
  9. O Fenômeno

    The LIE of PRINCE not having heat after PURPLE RAIN

    ::gucci: Breh dropped MASSIVE HEAT AFTERWARDS And I'll use this time to say PUT SOME RESPECT ON THE BATMAN ALBUM DAMMNIT:mjlit: Prince even went back to his funk/r&b roots in the 90s...and he had bangers on Parade and Sign O the Times still in the 80s decade. When the dust settled on his...
  10. Drew Wonder

    The way Prince transitioned from baritone to falsetto on this joint...

    :wow: Dude's vocal control was on some other shyt. This is the one Prince joint that's still not on streaming services. Smh, nah they reached heavy with that one. Wouldn't have cut it in an American court
  11. jay211

    Official Bel-Air Season 1 Thread

    This is really fukking dope. This black filmmaker made a short called BEL-AIR, which is a DRAMATIC reinterpretation of FRESH PRINCE OF BEL-AIR. Will Smith saw it, and thought it was brilliant, and now he's backing the project. And it looks like they are going to try and make it into a TV series.
  12. Neuromancer

    Old School pic of Prince on the court.

  13. O Fenômeno

    Which artist has the GREATER Album openers?

    IMOTHESE 2 LEGENDS HAVE SOME OF THE BEST ALBUM OPENERS OF ALL TIME. Don't Stop till you Get Enough hit Billboard Top 100 as 1. An iconic disco song and the opener for Michael's first solo effort as an adult...Michael uses a falsetto and is said to have gotten the idea to sing falsetto from...
  14. Neuromancer

    I wanna be your lover-Prince.

    Dig. I ain't got no money. I ain't like those other guys you hang around. It's kinda of funny? Cause they always seem to let you down. :stylin: Opening line was cold.
  15. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    Happy birthday to the King of Gemini ♊

  16. Trot LaRoc

    Albums Yves Tumor

    Anybody mess with his latest album? Dude is on some weirdo shyt visually but he got that Prince meets David Bowie vibes ...production was crispy and on point sonically too.
  17. New Wave

    There was a lot of fukkery going on in 1983 when this occurred on stage

    James Brown screaming "Prince!?! Prince!?! Prince!?!" :mindblown: :damn::ld::damn::ld: :mindblown: :dead:
  18. Embrehyo

    Dixson - Kream

  19. Days of Future Piff

    MJ and Prince's unreleased demo tapes still slap harder than modern artists' ENTIRE catalogues

    Get in here and post some dope MJ/Prince demos.:dj2: Years and years after both artists have since passed away (:mjcry:), their unreleased demo tapes are still full of gems. These guys were so good that even their little bullcrap songs were still better than anything else out there...