1. Camoflauge


    R&B GAWD BACK WITH ANOTHER CLASSIC TRACKLIST 1. Control 2. Lose My Mind 3. Stuck In My Ways 4. Cheers 5. Make It In The Morning 6. No Chill 7. Her Old Friends 8. The Retreat 9. For Certain 10. Sorry, I’m Outside 11. Real Woman 12. A Mother’s Prayer 13. Family 14. Resentment
  2. LauderdaleBoss

    Who made the better R&B debut album? (Brandy vs. Monica)

    Sup coli brehs and brehettes.... We did a live stream last Thursday where we compared both albums in a song for song format and just wanted to share the vibes. @patscorpio @Conscious Pilot @King P We appreciate everybody that listens to the episode, drops their thoughts, votes in the...
  3. Jean Jacket

    Adanna Duru - 2023 Unsigned Hype BABIES - Indie R&B

  4. Flexington

    Baby Rose - Go Appreciation Thread

    :ohlawd: That is all :wow:
  5. Dre Space Age

    Albums Golden Hour by Jungkook is Fire🔥

    Going through it right now ain’t heard a single bad song yet. I’m not a K-Pop fan but this album here is a hit.
  6. NoirDynosaur

    Rare Destiny's Child concert in Amsterdam 1999!

    Very rare concert! With the original Destiny Child's 4 lineup:whew: There's a small section where the girls pay tribute to Aaliyah. Around this time, DC just released their best album of all time "Writings on the Wall". That album was a straight banger from start to finish. Eventually going...
  7. G

    R&B star charged with beating, stabbing wife to death - Crime Watch Daily Full Episode

    In this episode of Crime Watch Daily: R&B singer Russell Neal charged with the murder of Catherine Martinez, who had stab wounds and blunt force trauma… …his younger brother murdered his wife, too :why:
  8. Hathaway

    There are NO Iconic Singers in this Era.

    I know this is random but that thread about the current state of Hip Hop really got me dissecting the current state of R&B. I was just thinking about how through each decade, the 60s, 70s, 80s and even the 90s and early 00s, we had legendary and iconic voices. One of a kind vocal ability...
  9. Hathaway

    Y'all Remember When R&B Videos Used to Tell Stories?

    I miss that shyt so much. I'm sitting up here watching this music video by R.L called Good Man. I remember this video from my childhood back in 2002. It's one of my favorite love songs of all time. For those of you who don't know, R.L is the singer from the group Next and also the one who sang...
  10. R

    Anyone here a melodic guitar player?

    Got a decent priced small body acoustic guitar (Little Martin LX1). Just know a few chords, can strum with pick and fingerpick, do the spider exercises and know the E Minor pentatonic scale/Minor Pentatonic Shape #1. Hard to freestyle on it. Piano is so much easier to start. Have my first...
  11. Kuma the Bear

    Singles ABRA - FKA MESS

    New song
  12. NoirDynosaur


    With hits like They was running shyt in the 90s Crazy how Destiny Child ended their run
  13. DrexlersFade

    Nothing scarier than fighting with your girl in public and a pack of R&B nikkas suddenly appear :Russ:

    This nikka Joe was watching his bid on a large ass tablet :mjlol: Sohh alum Claudia Jordan :noah:

    Some smooth R&B from Tek

  15. JadeB

    I didn't know that I needed Mexican R&B music

    Noa Sainz can sing her ass off :wow: Encantada!
  16. Kuma the Bear

    New Kelela album, RAVEN out February 10, 2023

    New song out today, On the Run
  17. Back&4th

    Singles Memphis artist, Skybox Kenny - Meantime

  18. Hathaway

    The Decline in Musical Lyricism is Depressing - A Coli Dissertation

  19. FluffyEyes

    Black Music Month Challenge Day 26: What's an iconic Award show performance??

    In honor of the BET Awards, what is an iconic award performance by a Black artist?? It can be from any award show. Yesterday's thread is here if you want to participate: https://www.thecoli.com/threads/black-music-month-challenge-day-25-whats-your-favorite-song-by-an-r-b-group-or-band.922811/...
  20. FluffyEyes

    Black Music Month Challenge Day 25: What's your favorite song by an R&B group or band??

    June is known as Black Music Month and I thought it would be fun to make a thread each day using this template to discuss different Black music related to the challenges here. Yesterday's thread is here if you want to participate:Black Music Month Challenge Day 24: A song that has aged...