1. NoirDynosaur

    Romantic Relationships are declining

    Relationships aren't easy. It's hard work. Sacrifice, compromise, self-improvement, and understanding the other person's needs. Nowadays, it's all about taking and not giving. Most people like the idea of romance but when it comes to actual relationships, that's where reality hits in. If...
  2. B

    Futurologists predict AI sexbots will replace human relationships Futurologists predict AI sexbots will replace human relationships SexTech is touted to become a $3.3 billion industry by 2033. Sejal Sharma Published: Oct 18, 2023 09:17 AM EST CULTURE Stock photo...
  3. Ahadi

    Do young adults have a hard time making friends? Or….

    Are they just looking for a particular type of person of (class / status / “the look”, etc) to be friends with? Or do they not know how to utilize effort to maintain a friendship / relationship with someone?
  4. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Interviews

  5. DrBanneker

    Spin: Educated Black women largely end up with the same kind of men (Black or White)

    I really pondered throwing this data out for a while. I am not into gender warring and I figured this may end up as that. However, I guess the Eboni Williams thread got me to go ahead and do it. To be clear: This is not an anti-IR thread. If someone is happy with a White man or woman, good for...
  6. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp is Live Online

  7. DrBanneker

    Where US Black people date/smash each other (and not) by education and location (the DrBanneker data guide)

    So I did one of my data blitzes again, maybe too much ham and greens. I will keep the beginning short and give details at the end after the conclusion and graphs, skip to the bolded if you have no patience. This was inspired by two main things: 1. The Pew study in 2017 that claimed high (I...
  8. TreySav

    Brehs and Brehettes, what y’all doing if you see this on your partner’s social?

    This question is obviously for people who’re in relationships with other black people. What y’all doing if you see your other half liking and following pages dedicated to Brading/Pawging?
  9. TreySav

    Coli Brehs no longer tolerating City Girl behavior from brehrettes

    This the kinda time y’all on now? :mjlol: “Come get this shrimp” :damn:
  10. President Sakora

    Okay, Let's Talk - Official Sunday therapy sessions

  11. Sex Luthor

    To the people that live with your significant other, let me ask you something real quick...

    How long were y'all together before you moved in together? What made you realize that it was time? I ask bc my older sister is temporarily living with me and my girl. She been with this dude for about 7 months. He's cool and respectful to her so I have no problem with him. She told me yesterday...
  12. J

    A socially awkward "nikka nerd" wouldn't get white women either. Really, women of any race period.

    Unless you date another nerdy girl. I never understood this "Black women are the only race attracted to thugs or cool guys" thing. Or that non-Black women just easily fall into their hands by being themselves. If you're awkward, dusty, misogynistic etc. you'll be repellent to women of any race...
  13. DatLBCGuy562

    What Has Caused Modern Women To Become So Delusional?

    Is it social media? Feminism? Or have they always been this way and we're just getting more exposure to it?? :lupe:
  14. Antwon Mitchell

    True or false? Coli bruhs spend too much time whining/tantruming over women who have no interest in them rather than focusing on the women that do...

    :gucci: One thing I notice about Coli nikkas is how many of y'all tend to want women who have no interest in you and then get mad when it was already obvious and known that those women in question didn't want you or like you.. While ignoreing the women who had an interest in you but because of...
  15. DatLBCGuy562

    Wack 100 Explains Perfectly And Logically Why Men Shouldn't Get Married. Why Do People Get Mad At Men For Making Sense?

    There is no benefit for a man to get married. I've been saying this for years. As a result, I've been called an "incel", "bitter" & a "woman hater". Why do people hate other people who think independently and do what's in THEIR best interest and not some woman's? Are the mad because they don't...
  16. DatLBCGuy562

    Average Looking, Future Cat Lady Details Why She Plans On Being Single Forever....

    While I can already tell this nutty bimbo is a chore to be around and all around insufferable based on her mini rant here, I agree with her somewhat. I've basically accepted that I'll be single forever because I refuse to be in a transactional relationship where I'm some chick's retirement plan...
  17. Pdiddy

    Pimp Goes Live @8 pm eastern. A couple of baddies are coming

  18. Rev Leon Lonnie Love

    For the brehs/brehettes in relationships, does your partner know your salary/how much you earn?

    If not, why are you withholding that information? :jbhmm: In general, do you feel partners in a relationship should know about each other's earning? :jbhmm: What are the upsides/downsides of knowing each other's pay while together? Discuss :mjgrin:
  19. Ahadi

    Tank says “This new evolution of women is Men’s fault”, Steve Harvey says “No 50/50, it’s 85/15”

    Facebook embedded :ehh: Adding tiktok link A12P31C81 on TikTok
  20. M

    Women are asked if they would rather find out their man is cheating or gay