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  1. ShaDynasty

    Roc Marciano & Hus Kingpin - Warm Hennessy (Remix)

  2. Playaz Eyez

    Bronze Nazareth & Roc Marciano - EKPHRASIS

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  3. TheDarceKnight

    Roc Marciano & Alchemist - The Elephant Man’s Bones (Discussion Thread)

  4. Playaz Eyez

    Peter Rosenberg puts together a banger of a compilation

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  5. T.H.E. Goat

    Wordup - Babershop Freestyle # 1 feat. Roc Marciano & Conway (prod. By The Alchemist)

    This is some serious heat my goodness:picard:
  6. TheDarceKnight

    Barber Shop Freestyle feat. WORDUP, Roc Marciano, & Conway the Machine (prod. Alchemist)

    Shouts to @savoutch for finding this. He said it’s a few years old. Edit: very similar drums it sounds like as
  7. TheDarceKnight

    Hit-Boy and Alchemist took 2020; as far as runner-up producers...

    I think it's pretty unanimous that Hit-Boy and Alc ran 2020. Both got Grammy nominations for Rap Album of 2020 yesterday. If anyone needs a refresher: - Hit Boy did albums for Nas, Benny, Dom Kennedy, and a solo album. - Alchemist did albums for Freddie Gibbs, Boldy James, Conway, and 2...
  8. Playaz Eyez

    Willie The Kid - Capital Gains (Discussion Thread)

  9. AMcV'88

    “I’m the Godfather”: Roc Marciano Reflects on ‘Marcberg’ 10 Years Later.

    “Marcberg still sells.” That’s what Roc Marciano told me over plates of crustaceans at John’s of 12th Street in New York’s East Village in early 2019. A decade after its release, Roc’s debut album Marcberg has proven to be one of the more influential rap recordings this decade. The album helped...
  10. T.H.E. Goat

    Alchemist Plays Unreleased Roc Marciano For 4/20 Set

  11. tuckgod

    StoveGod Cooks - Reasonable Drought (prod entirely by Roc Marciano) (Discussion Thread)

    Whole shyt is so so fire. :wow: StoveGod floats on every track effortlessly and Roc paints an immaculate soundscape for him to play on.
  12. TheDarceKnight

    Did anyone think 20 years after Madlib produced The Unseen and Alchemist produced Keep it Thoro...

    That two relatively new cats at the start of the 2000's in Madlib and Alchemist would not only be still around, but be legends that would be as relevant as ever to to hip-hop heads and to the game itself? Madlib and Alchemist dropped two of the best produced albums of 2019 in Bandana and Yacht...
  13. Morose Polymath

    [Goon Rap] Vote For The Best Goon Rap Release Of 2019

    Calling all Coli brehs who enjoy that raw sound. We at the final day of the final month of the final year of this Decade. So lets discuss the best releases in this sub-section of Hip-Hop for the Goons aka Tunnel Music aka Flabbyhead Rap. :russ: Now I know there's alot of joints I could place on...
  14. areohbee824

    Albums Roc Marciano - Marcielago (Discussion Thread)

    Upcoming album by Roc Marciano called "Marcielago". Produced by mostly Roc himself, Animoss, and The Alchemist. Guest features include KA, Knowledge The Pirate, Cook$, Westside Gunn & Willie The Kid CD Purchase Link: Roc Marciano - Marcielago (CD) Vinyl Purchase Link: Roc Marciano - Marcielago...
  15. AMcV'88

    Roc Marciano....The Man Who Would Be King.

    shout out Angel, he's been wanting to do this. LINK Roc Marciano, the Man Who Would Be King The New York rapper has figured out how to be relevant in a game that doesn’t always value his skillset like it once did. After a wildly productive 2018, Roc Marciano is gearing up for what could be...
  16. Jimmy the gent

    Mixtapes & EPs Rosebudd Infantry - The Marcberg Files (Roc Marci, DJ Invasion & Alchemist)

    Here's the link Rosebudd Infantry: The Marcberg Files
  17. Morose Polymath

    [GOON CALL!] The MVP Of 2018: Roc Marciano Appreciation Thread

    This man is the unanimous choice as the top artist for the type of music that heads like us indulge in. He gave us 3 heavy projects and a plethora of features :whew: There is no wrong choice with this poll, lets all take a moment to salute and reflect on the fantastic run Roc Marciano had in...
  18. areohbee824

    Roc Marciano - Pimpstrumentals (Out Now)

    An all new instrumental tape by Roc Marciano just dropped, 13 tracks, link below Adult Swim x Roc Marciano 1. Smoke N Mirrors 2. Basic Training 3. Smash 4. Holy Man 5. Kool Points 6. Scare Tactics 7. Box Cutters 8. Gun Collector 9. Jackson End 10. Bedell 11. New Money 12. Gram Choppers 13...
  19. DillaTUDE

    V Don x Dark Lo - Timeless (Discussion Thread)

  20. areohbee824

    The Alchemist - Bread EP (Discussion Thread)

    Another Alchemist EP on the way. Featuring Westside Gunn, Conway, Roc Marciano, Black Thought and Earl Sweatshirt The Alchemist - Bread EP 1. Ray Mysterio (Westside Gunn & Conway) 2. Roman Candles (Roc Marciano & Black Thought) 3. Mac 10 Wounds (Conway) 4. E. Coli (Earl Sweatshirt) E...