1. FAH1223

    James Harden Interview with FOX Sports: "... the other superstar (KD) there wanted to leave. So it's like: Am I still the quitter?"
  2. FAH1223

    Hakeem Olajuwon giving lessons to Alperen Sengun

  3. TallMan_J

    Cade Cunningham is and will remain better than Jalen Green

    Cade: 20 pts. Jalen: 23 pts. #1 pick VS #2 pick. Tonight’s game makes it official. :yeshrug: -The leadership -The maturity -The IQ -That humility :wow: -His fearlessness -His presence on the court -Possesses more potential growth to become a Superstar :whew: Sure, Jalen may have had more...
  4. J

    The John Wall situation

    Can someone explain this to me? Kevin Porter Jr. is better than him? I feel like Wall is the most talented player on the Rockets, and is being paid max money to sit and cheerlead. shyt seems weird as fukk.
  5. FAH1223

    Knicks interested in John Wall?

  6. FAH1223

    Tilman Fertitta Excited For Future Of Rockets, Backs HC Stephen Silas, GM Rafael Stone

    Rockets' Fertitta excited about franchise's future Tim MacMahon ESPN Staff Writer As his team wraps up the regular season with the NBA's worst record, Houston Rockets owner Tilman Fertitta emphasized his excitement about the franchise's future, declaring confidence in the leadership the...
  7. FAH1223

    Westbrook: I tore my quad end of last season & I tore my other quad at start of this season

    :mindblown: :dahell:
  8. K

    Cavs with the assist of the year...Kevin Porter Jr. Rockets got one!!!

    That boy nice. He’s crafty and athletic. Hopefully he can keep his mental in check.
  9. B

    John Walllllll still a DOG

    Told you boys he still got it,still fast af and unguardable and hitting the 3 now:wow: He on a mission:sas2: 22,9,6 his first game back in two years the other night. 28,6,4 tonight Both W’s:banderas:
  10. Tha_Mac

    The Beard Might Need Shaving: 2020-2021 Houston Rockets Season Thread

    With Russ already traded to D.C. for Wall and Harden wanting out as well the season must still go on. The addition of John Wall, DeMarcus Cousins, Christian Wood and new head coach Stephen Silas might not be enough to entice Harden to stay...only time will tell. It all gets started December...
  11. Flex Luger

    Rockets hire Stephen Silas

  12. Flex Luger

    Pringles Not Returning To Houston

  13. DonKnock

    Young Mambas, Killa We Ball, Like Kobe or Chris Paul [Rockets-Thunder] Western Conf 1st Round Series

    Rockets brehs :blessed: @3rd Coa$t @3rd Koast Kang @Antdrewjosh @Cereal_Bowl_Assassin @Charlie Broadway @chkmeout @CookisaCac @CROM @DredScott @DynamoEAR @Emoryal @fka lexa @GilSho @h2o_proof @hashmander @Hiphoplives4eva @HTXBreh @inndaskKy @King Jove @Mike_Pipeson @MilesTailsPrower @Mr Bubbles...
  14. Listen

    No Rockets-Celtics Game Thread? Prime time on ABC

    What’s the over/under on Harden and Westbrook cracking 70 again?
  15. JordanWearinThe45

    "I wish I could just be 7-feet and run and just dunk. That takes no skill at all" Harden on Giannis

    :pachaha: Edit: No smoke, no smoooke :whoa:
  16. DonKnock

    Morey Had Enough of BeijingThoughts So He Pullin Up In SF [Rockets @ Warriors] 5 PM Christmas Game

    He said he pullin up at the local 24 to fight anybody who opposing HK:troll:
  17. Apprentice

    Chris Paul Clearly Wasn’t The Rockets Problem

    The team is 7-3 and 4th in the West. But everything is pointing to this team flaming out of the playoffs again. Yeah it's only 10 games into the season, but the way the team is playing basketball right now is awful. And it highlights a bigger problem that I think a lot of basketball fans gloss...
  18. DonKnock

    Adam Silver: Chinese Gov't Demanded That Morey Be Fired; Morey Now Under Constant Security Detail

    Sources: TC under extra alert - Morey to be escorted throughout TC
  19. Leavingtheecstasy

    Rockets getting Slept on

    2nd best roster in the league. 2 MVP's, shooters for days. They got more shooters than golden state now. They can switch up the pace dramatically whether it's with Westbrook's frantic fast paced offense and transition game or Hardens slow isolation style. Rockets have wayyy too many weapons to...
  20. Flex Luger

    NBA Christmas Day Games Set