1. Archangel

    NBA Players You Were Wrong About

    Man I was going through some mock drafts and started seeing players I was high on and they turned out to be scrubs :martin: Wanted to share : Tony Wroten Jr Quincy Miller Perry Jones Acie Law Kendall Marshall James Young Tyler Hansbrough Tf happened to these guys? :mjtf::snoop:
  2. Sensitive Christian Grey

    You ever watch Scrubs? WWYD in this situation?

    I'd be tempted to box :yeshrug: but I know that's not wise, so what's the best course of action if this ever happened to you?
  3. Luken

    @Ibuccimane...if you do this, you'll get at least one girl this weekend....

    @IbucciMane! i made a thread about this before... cop a pair of scrubs and a stethoscope and walk around your city's biggest mall and hit up like a starbucks or something. You know what, get some nice fake glasses too. i can almost GUARANTEE that you will get one number this weekend...
  4. Uitomy

    One thing I like about the NBA draft over the NFL draft

    They don't give cacs the benefit of the doubt :ahh: When it comes to college football if you a 6 foot plus white quarter back that manages to throw a few thousand yards and a make a bowl game on literally any team you're pretty much hitting the 1-2 round College basketball tho, they could be...