1. Pdiddy

    Papa Pimp Live Telecast @ 8:15 est

  2. Alix217

    Philly Couple Caught Banging on Live News

    :pachaha: :deadrose::dead:
  3. Mr. Goodbar

    Brehs and Brehettes...True or False: Sex feels better and more intensed with a semi-full bladder? #Poll.

    I was having sex with my girl a few nights ago and before we started I had to piss really bad but I held it in and noticed that the sex felt more intense :ohhh: felt my heart racing and could feel my juices building up 🚀 which made it even more intense since I holding my piss :wow: and by the...
  4. Mr. Goodbar

    Here's a little update on me and my girlfriend (former best friend) since y'all keep asking...

    YES. WE HAD SEX. RAW and emotionally INTENSE SEX. We both looked each other in the eyes as we climaxed at the same time. Her eyes were a bit watery with happy tears slowly running down her face while I was just gazed at how beautiful she looked, we then kissed and cuddled afterwards. It Was...
  5. Hathaway

    Me & My Girl Got High for the 1st Time in Vegas this Weekend.

    So we spent 4 days in Vegas on vacation and I wanted to let loose. We hit the Silk Sonic concert at the MGM and got on the strip everyday. We decided to hit Planet 13, the best dispensary in Vegas for some weed. I told the lil white girl at the counter that I don't really smoke and I wanted...
  6. Bossyyyyy

    p*ssy Not Everything

    It’s more to life
  7. aboss4real24

    When you like a chick and she like you too ,but her friend always around

    Most annoying shyt in the world Job/school/social gathering etc When it's a girl and ya both look at each other all the time, ya know ya both want each other But she always with her friend Like dam bytch u can't just let her be by herself for 1 dam minute :gucci: I'm stationed in...
  8. Bossyyyyy

    So What is Squirt fr?

    Is it pee? Is it sumn else? let’s have a dialogue.
  9. B

    Camron’s Pink Horse Power legit?

    I know it’s a ton of cats from New York on here but this thing is available world wide so has anyone tried it? If so is it the truth or just another sex marketing pill/juice that doesn’t really work?
  10. SheWantTheD

    Kellita Smith says she lost acting roles because she didn't "put out"

    Stated her acting career didn't flourish because she wouldn't have sex for roles. It's not like she was even in major blockbuster films.. :mindblown: Metoo is a joke.
  11. satam55

    OnlyFans has changed their mind & will no longer bush adult content

  12. Neuromancer

    Why don't the young men (and women) who aren't having sex seeking each other out?

    Remember this study? Why aren't men in their 20s having sex? Wouldn't it make sense for these groups of sexless people to have sex with each other? Someone should make a dating app for sexless people. :ohhh:
  13. JadeB

    I'm starting to simp after the Tijuana hooker that I lost my virginity to last week

    :francis: I'm in my hotel room right now but an hour earlier, I came back to the same hooker and dropped $200+ on a two hour session (strapped up as last time). Literally exploded. Afterwards, I laid on the bed and just pillow talked with her for the rest of the 30 minutes. I learned a lot about...
  14. JadeB

    I just lost my virginity to some random hooker in Tijuana. What tf did I do?

    :dahell: Right across the street from Hong Kong. For $120. I said everything but actual sex cause I'm virgin but I guess she didn't understood and she just slid it in. I felt confused the whole time but I just went through it anyway. She was super kind afterwards when I was having major regrets...
  15. JadeB

    Gen Z will be the first generation where a large percentage of men will still be virgins by 30

    Spin off from this thread: How abnormal are 30+ year old men and women that haven't been in a relationship or had sex? I truly think this will be the case. A lot of dudes our age lack social skills when it comes to the opposite sex. When you can't keep a conversation to save your life, having...
  16. JadeB

    No Sex Zone: Anti-Black Tokyo Olympics forces athletes to sleep on cardboard mattresses

    Athletes to sleep on ‘anti-sex’ cardboard beds at Olympic Games amid COVID Athletes to sleep on ‘anti-sex’ cardboard beds at Olympic Games amid COVID Lustful Olympic athletes should think twice before making the bed rock in Tokyo. The world’s best sports competitors are set to spend their...
  17. Treblemaka

    Women, No Fap, and Sex

    I thought about something based on a thread in which a woman claiming her vibrator damn near exploded on Twitter. So here it is Women's mxsturbation is looked at as something completely normal and standard among women, to the point there is a $10 Billion industry around tools for women to...
  18. 23 Savage

    "Drake can smash any of our girls right now if he wanted, why trust women?"

  19. ScRhappy Dappy Doo

    How many relationships nowadays do you think started off as casual hookups?

    I'm guessing about 70%
  20. Rozay Oro

    Is Dating Plausible These Dayz?

    First I don’t plan to make threads here in this section after this one and I’ll focus more on my hobbies regardless and if IT or something else out there for me to make more money. @patscorpio @Barnett114 i hope we can peace it up as brehs and coli family. I was truly havin an embarrassing manic...