Me & My Girl Got High for the 1st Time in Vegas this Weekend.


Someday, We'll All Be Free
Mar 17, 2022
The South
So we spent 4 days in Vegas on vacation and I wanted to let loose. We hit the Silk Sonic concert at the MGM and got on the strip everyday. We decided to hit Planet 13, the best dispensary in Vegas for some weed.

I told the lil white girl at the counter that I don't really smoke and I wanted something that was gonna be really strong. She suggested some shyt called Wedding Pie. She said it would cause anxiety but the high was next level. So I'm like bet.

We buy our shyt and my girl got some sour edibles kinda like a fruit roll up. We found us a spot to sit down and we lit up. Them fukking edibles were:ohlawd:
We both ate bout 4 right off the bat. Then my girl read the bag and it was like we were supposed to eat em one at a time. We also smoking the weed too but we not feeling nothing so whatever. We start walking down the strip and we stop at the Fashion Show Mall to chill and finish smokin.

So I finished mine and my girl had got halfway through her joint and we steadily popping edibles. Then that shyt hit.

I got up to discard of my trash and my legs felt like sparkly and light like a nikka was floating on air. I was trying to explain to my girl how I was feeling but I started laughing and couldn't get the words out. I was like wtf. The laughter was involuntary. Wasn't shyt funny but I could not control my laughter. I looked at my girl and she was like:gucci: damn nikka chill.
I'm like yo I think I'm high we need to head back to the room cause I feel crazy. She was like okay cool. So we had started walking back.

All the while I'm dying trying to hold in my laugh cause we were walking next to a huge group of people and I didn't wanna look like an idiot. I swear man my eyes started watering out of control because I was holding my laugh in. I felt like the fukking Joker. I had a permanent grin on my face. My shyt was stuck.

So I'm struggling tryna keep it together and I glance over at my girl and she looking like :heh:
I said yo what you laughing at? She said I don't know and I fukking lost it after that. Pure hysteria. I had to kneel down on the damn sidewalk cause my stomach was hurting from laughing so hard.

I get up and we trying to make it back to the hotel meanwhile, I'm trying to explain to her how we look like the two idiots in the movies walking down the street laughing at nothing. Then my girl was trying to hold her laugh in but when she did, it sounded like a fukking grunt. She started laughing like Beavis and Buthead. I bout passed out from laughing. Then it was hot as fukk out there :dead:

So we get back to the resort and I don't even wanna get in the elevator with her cause I know she gon act a fool. Unfortunately, at this resort, the elevators only work when you scan your room key and that bytch been acting funny all week. Sometimes it would work, sometimes it wouldnt. We got on the elevator with like 4 other people. Soon as I got on, I tried to scan my card and like usual it wouldn't scan. I'm dying tryna hold my laugh but that shyt was so funny. Every time I would swipe my card, that red light would pop up "error". Them cacs in the elevator was like "you good bro?" I glanced back at my girl standing in the very back behind everybody and she looking like


Then she gon holler out "oh brother scan the fukking card. What are you doing" ?! She couldn't even get all the words out. She was slurring and stuttering and shyt. :russ:
The lil cac boy had to scan my card for me cause I was so out of it. I apologized and told em we were high.

When we got to our room, that shyt hit my girl hard. Her speech became broken. She literally sounded like a robot mixed with a scratched cd or broken record. It was amazingly terrifying. She was also twitching very hard. Then her ass got up and started pop locking and doing the robot while she was twitching.

We were both still in our right minds but we just couldn't control what was going on in our bodies. She was scared because her memory started fading in and out and her speech was becoming even more broken. I'm not gon lie, I was kinda nervous for her too.

So after maybe 20 minutes, I said "imagine feeling like this while having sex" and she was like omg Ikr. Next thing I know, she started moaning and touching herself. Then out of nowhere she was like "oh shyt I think I'm having an orgasm"! She came all over them white sheets then she said "omfg I'm having another one" she was like "you can do it too"! Then she touched my leg and my shyt shot up instantly. I said wtf is going on. My shyt was so hard that the damn veins were pulsating. I ripped my pants off and we proceeded to have some of the wildest sex we ever had. We did it 3 times back to back, hopped in the shower then she started having an orgasm in the shower so we ended up fukking in there too. Then we got out and felt like the high was coming down. Nope. It wasn't. We ended up having sex 3 more times before we passed out.

All of this took place between like 3pm and 5pm. We woke up around 10pm in a daze and walked across the street to get some tacos and burritos. Best fukking Mexican food I ever had :ohlawd:
Dec 16, 2014
I was laughing with you. Holding your laugh in while on edibles is impossible. That shyt feels like it’s coming up your spinal cord like a wave of laughs.

Glad you got thru it safe.

Edibles make me laugh and cry now. I hate that crying shyt but I guess it’s therapeutic for my soul.
Mar 11, 2022
As soon as I read "we ate 4 of them" :merchant: :merchant:


That's what had yall wilding. Hard to get that high smoking but edibles will have you stretched out as it continues to hit based on your body's digestive patterns

Glad it was a good time and yall wasn't tweaking out...Vegas can be a little scary when high with all the stimuli, ask me how I know