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  1. MushroomX

    The Wonka Experience Part Duex: Bluey Day in Las Vegas scams parents

    :russ: Come on now.
  2. Vic Damone. Jr

    Viva Wrestlemania! WrestleMania 41 heads to Las Vegas 4/19/25 & 4/20/25 thread

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  3. O.T.I.S.

    Remember last year, a Vegas family recorded video of aliens in their backyard? Well, crime forensics experts tried to debunk the vid…

    Update on the fam: Lil homie speaks out. Said they still had weird shyt going on in the home. People tried to break into the home 2 weeks ago too. They're moving..
  4. FAH1223

    TNT and ESPN doing cross-cover broadcast and studio shows for the NBA In-Season Tournament Final

  5. Aje

    What Are the Chances Puff Starts Feeling the Pressure in the Wake of This Keefe D Arrest?

    Is Puff still untouchable? Or is he about to get pressed, too? If Puff really paid for the hit on Pac, even though the money never got to Keefe D, is it possible Puff gets arrested, too?
  6. Hathaway

    Me & My Girl Got High for the 1st Time in Vegas this Weekend.

    So we spent 4 days in Vegas on vacation and I wanted to let loose. We hit the Silk Sonic concert at the MGM and got on the strip everyday. We decided to hit Planet 13, the best dispensary in Vegas for some weed. I told the lil white girl at the counter that I don't really smoke and I wanted...
  7. L

    "Patriots" Accost NV Governor Sisolak in Las Vegas

    These 2 cac PoS were allowed to walk away from the incident. This will become the norm, they want to eliminate us and politicians so they can take over this country. Jan 6 was just the start The greatest danger to the U.S. right now is empowered White Nationalists & MAGAcacs
  8. Aje

    It's Been 25 Years Since Pac Was Gunned Down In Vegas [09.07.96]

    Damn, sun. I'm an :flabbynsick: and was a senior in HS when this happened. My boys and I heard about it on Hot 97 in my homey's '88 Camry. To be honest, we thought he'd pull through no problem. We really weren't too concerned (relatively speaking). That was a whole quarter-century ago...
  9. MushroomX

    Upd 8/16: Based on 2023 Lake Mead Proj. - Arizona, Nevada and Mexico must draw less of Mead's water TL;DR: The lower Lake Mead gets, the more likely Hoover Dam stops working. It needs 950 Feet of Water, Minimum, for the Dam to work...
  10. audemarzz

    Lunatic vegas woman sets dinner date's home on fire because he was "broke and dusty"

  11. loyola llothta

    Wifi 6/6E. ATSC 3.0. 4k/8k. AI. PS5: CES 2020 (Official Thread)

    CES (Consumer Electronics Show) for 2020. Dates: 1/7/2020 - 1/10/2020 CES 2020 Rumors Television (4k/8k, Oled, Qled, Microled, MiniLed, Next Gen Tv) Vizio is set to sell its first OLED televisions in 2020 LG delivers 'Real 8K' in 2020 with eight new OLED and LCD TVs LG new Real 8k TVs will...
  12. MrRDU

    Going to Vegas for the 1st time

    Staying at the Palazzo in November. What do I need to know? How can I avoid the resort fee? I have free breakfast at the hotel but where should I eat dinner? I dont gamble so I'll be hollin for the entire time. Put me on to some game :feedme:
  13. King Karim

    Keefe D {Compton Street Legend} book Thread

    I should have my book tomorrow evening sometime and I'll update this thread with scans/screenshots of the book as I read it....... Official release date is Sunday May 5th, 2019. I think it'll be very interesting to hear his side of how everything went down in Vegas.
  14. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne performs songs off "Tha Carter V" live in Vegas + nearly trips up but plays it off

    On October 27th, Lil Wayne hosted a “Halloween Heroes: Return Of The Nightlife Avengers” show at Drai’s Nightclub in Las Vegas, Nevada. During the Halloween event, Weezy got on stage to perform “Mr. Carter“, “Let It Fly“, “Open Safe“, “Uproar“, and plenty more songs live. You can check out...
  15. Jimi Swagger

    Father’s History Could Offer Insight Into Mind of Las Vegas Gunman

    Benjamin Paddock, the father of the Las Vegas gunman, in a 1960s wanted poster, at left, and in 1977. Among the many unanswered questions is what influence, if any, Mr. Paddock’s absence and infamy had on the life of his son, Stephen Paddock. CreditWayne Eastburn/The Register-Guard, via...
  16. King Karim

    Who killed Tupac?

    iknow this question is cliche' but since tupac is such a trending topic now and we got a whole new generation of fans and opinions.......I think this is a fair question now