1. Big Daddy Dame

    Toxic Weed, Is Tiburon the new Crack?

    Tiburon is Chemically Altered Weed That is More Addictive Than Cocaine and Street Gang MS 13 is Making a Killing Tiburon, or Krispy, is a chemically altered weed that is as addictive as cocaine Posted by: DanaSmith on Friday Dec 11, 2020 Honduras Drug Gang Gets Rich From Selling...
  2. KRayner

    Stopped smoking for over 30 days -still testing positive for THC

    I was smoking weed and delta8/HHC heavy for most of this year. I’ve been clean now for over 30 days. I just did a piss test from walgreens and still was positive :martin: Shouldn’t it clear up soon? I’m honestly feeling much better sober but I wanna actually be “clean” so I’m all good for...
  3. Hathaway

    Me & My Girl Got High for the 1st Time in Vegas this Weekend.

    So we spent 4 days in Vegas on vacation and I wanted to let loose. We hit the Silk Sonic concert at the MGM and got on the strip everyday. We decided to hit Planet 13, the best dispensary in Vegas for some weed. I told the lil white girl at the counter that I don't really smoke and I wanted...
  4. Afro

    Legalized Pot Was Supposed to Help Build Black Wealth in Los Angeles. It Failed.

    Long article, but worth the read :francis::wow: Legalized Pot Was Supposed to Help Build Black Wealth in Los Angeles. It Failed.
  5. Psalms 37

    I NEVER Give TIPS to the WORKERS AT....

    Weed shops :stopitslime: Oh this is a rant :mjgrin: Some skinny hipster as he gave Me my change and I counted it and put it in my wallet. Dude got snarky and said "enjoy your night and your deal..feel free to.tip :ld:". :gucci: Giving me 20% because of veteran discount is your store...
  6. BaileyPark31

    Question: Can Vaping/Smoking Cannabis Change Your Personality?

    I'm asking because I have a sibling that started smoking a couple yrs ago. She was already a bit "off" and young minded, but it just seems like now she's just a bych 24/7. I think she has a narcissism disorder to begin with but the smoking has made it even worse. She just acts completely...
  7. Westbama Heartthrob

    Woman Claims to Only Have an Ounce of Weed on Farm. Take a Guess How Much the Police Found

    Woman claims to have ‘maybe an ounce’ of weed, authorities find 20 lbs. - NewsBreak 20 lbs:smugdraper: They better free that lady. Aint like she was cooking meth :yeshrug:
  8. Embrehyo

    Problem- Stressin

    I'll be back L.A. :wow:
  9. Fresh

    Has anybody quit smoking weed and experienced insomnia as a result ?

    I stopped smoking weed recently and I can't sleep for sh1t have any other coli brehs experienced this ?
  10. ISO

    Dave East getting into the cannabis business

  11. Dafunkdoc_Unlimited

    Weed Now Legal in NJ

    Didn't see a thread about this so........
  12. Ganso Bomb

    Bronny on IG smoking a blunt

    This lil nikka stupid. Why would you post this?:mindblown:
  13. Booksnrain

    Why are SOME Drugs Illegal while others aren’t? The Black and White of It

    Sooooooo I have some family members who did shyt like psychedelics, shrooms, LSD back in the day. :pachaha: They describe their experiences as quite enjoyable. Never became addicted. Hell my uncle is retired with a full pension and was trying to book a retreat to go to Peru to do peyote or...
  14. Rhule the World

    Why does weed not work for me?

    :unimpressed: I've smoked weed 5 times in my life, and ate edibles 3 times, last time over the weekend. Getting high always ends in me being in my own head and feeling paranoid/anxious/depressed. Wtf is going on??? Am I not getting the right stuff or is it just not for me? What's worse is that...
  15. Hater's Liberator

    Cannabis Clubs Weeded out .. and Taking " Licks " During Looting

    Several US Cannabis Companies ‘Targeted’ During Nationwide Protests as Business Owners Lose Millions to Looters Chris Furnari - Jun 01, 2020 at 07:06 PM Looters forced their way into Nug's cultivation facility in Oakland, California, and stole hundreds of pounds of marijuana flower (Credit...
  16. Rell Lauren

    Drug your family for internet clout

    :gucci: I'd skin someone alive if that happened to me especially as a non drug user.
  17. ½

    If Trump legalized weed and exonerated weed sentences...

    Will you vote for him? Just a thought experience
  18. Tunechi

    Lil Wayne Launches Cannabis Brand GKUA Ultra Premium [Video]

    It looks like Lil Wayne is about to get into the weed business after he has announced a joint partnership with GKUA Ultra Premium. Wayne will be releasing a line of high-potency cannabis products aimed to give customers the best high of their lives. You can check out a trailer below. This...
  19. loyola llothta

    The War on Weed: Monsanto, Bayer, and the Push for “Corporate Cannabis”

    Part II By Ellen Brown Canada is to become the second country after Uruguay to legalize the recreational use of cannabis. Adults will be able to purchase cannabis from “federally licensed producers”. At present, Canada has according to the BBC “one of the highest rates of cannabis use”...