1. Hathaway

    Me & My Girl Got High for the 1st Time in Vegas this Weekend.

    So we spent 4 days in Vegas on vacation and I wanted to let loose. We hit the Silk Sonic concert at the MGM and got on the strip everyday. We decided to hit Planet 13, the best dispensary in Vegas for some weed. I told the lil white girl at the counter that I don't really smoke and I wanted...
  2. BornStar

    Yoo imaging seeing mfing pit to hell while driving

  3. Knuckles Red

    What does it feel like to be high?

    I've never done any drugs. I've always lived above the influence. One time I did drink a sip of red wine, and felt so lightheaded that I had to go lie down for one hour and 23 minutes. It was not a pleasant experience. With that said, I've always wondered what it feels like to be high. Is it...
  4. Mr anansi

    cannabis behaviour: joint sharing, a faux pas during pandemic?

    with the pandemic and just germs in general are you still practicing blunt/joint/hookah sharing? personally haven't shared a blunt, spliff, since '07. one man to a skliff, yes I.:yeshrug:
  5. Mensch Fontana

    With CLB being so mid I got to smoking and listening to old Kendrick. am I late on this?

    These two dudes are super petty :russ::mjlol: Timeline of everything there's other songs from Kendrick that escalate the beef these are the highlights. I know Kendrick went into overdrive when Drake said his release is set in stone. Nothing on CLB says otherwise only ye smoke.
  6. Haters Aggravator

    Cannabis Clubs Weeded out .. and Taking " Licks " During Looting

    Several US Cannabis Companies ‘Targeted’ During Nationwide Protests as Business Owners Lose Millions to Looters Chris Furnari - Jun 01, 2020 at 07:06 PM Looters forced their way into Nug's cultivation facility in Oakland, California, and stole hundreds of pounds of marijuana flower (Credit...
  7. kwazzy100

    Any brehs/brehettes experience with psychedelics?

    By a strike of luck, I found someone on Instagram to sell me LSD.:mjgrin: I've never tried it before, so I'm not even sure what to expect. I'm not a stranger to psychs though, I do take shrooms and smoke weed, but I've noticed high THC strains make me tweak too much, so I go for CBD buds. I...
  8. jeff8

    NY Jets new head coach Adam Gase bucking his eyes.

    As a Giants fan, this shyt is hilarious. :russ::russ::russ::russ::russ: Jets fans, y'all want to explain what's wrong with your head coach? :mjpls:
  9. RARI_Godwind

    Out high me, brehs.

    Write a higher statement than the poster above you: Does anyone else realize that dogs are reliving the homicidal behaviors of their ancestors when they play fetch? Like thats why they have so much fun. fukking video games for dogs. :mindblown:
  10. Actually6Foot3

    Funny shyt you've done while high

    Sitting at my desk eating a slice of pizza down to the crust (I eat the whole crust at the end) and I got my phone in another hand. Phone is dying so naturally I go to charge it. I put my phone down IN the pizza box, close that and picked up my charger cable in one hand and looked at the crust...
  11. BelieveBeOK

    Come in here and see Kate Mara high as a kite and horny as fukk

    Not sure if this was posted before but... I'm truly flabergasted at what was being said in this interview. She must have been on some powerful shyt:ohhh: I mean, I never really found her that attractive before, she was just kinda cute, but damn, Sue Storm's a freak:ohhh:
  12. My Name Is My Naaame

    Pet peeves in a smoking session

    Mfs who lip it instead of tip it..getting the blunt wet as hell witcho nasty ass saliva:scust:gotta dry the end up n shyt Mfs who love to talk instead of hitting the blunt.telling some long ass pointless story. Holding the blunt while its burning out:patrice:..like damn is u tryna smoke or...
  13. M

    DASHCAM: Cac Cops REFUSE to Shoot CAC Who Approached, Posed Threat, Assaulted, and Ran From Them

    Damn.. This nikka gave it his best shot.:manny: I give him an E for Effort.:sas2: Did everything required to qualify for a murder by cop, too bad he was the wrong skin color.:mjcry: It must suck being suicidal and white. Black nikkas come outside, and are immediately entered into the...
  14. shynewhatts

    Afterboon high

    so my old lady is at work 14 hrs today so what do I do to pass time . Time to hit up some percocets and smoke a joint. Skipped the day off work and am thinking of getting some booze. :ehh: Why not get this day started early
  15. Mr anansi

    CAC antagonizing officer.overseer and not shot fukkery

  16. M

    Kobe Bryant: High AF with Snoop Dogg + Gets 64 Impala from Snoop

    :dead::dead::dead: Snoop delivers his Lakers 64 Impala to Kobe as retirement Gift
  17. M

    Dog Gets Really High After Eating Psychoactive Mushrooms!

    They CLAIM it was an accident :sas2: "I rushed her to the vet"...after you filmed for a few minutes :comeon: If it was an NFL players dog tho :mjpls:
  18. M


    :snoop: U NASTY MF BONUS:
  19. M

    Come Get Yo Principal MANG: HS Principal w/ Dance Moves Goes INN!

  20. The Mad Titan

    Dubai was lit

    :laff::laff: Bruh :russ: Dude was out of this world high