1. King Static X

    Active shooter in Midtown Atlanta (3 shot, 2 dead). Suspect in custody.

    This is crazy. UPDATE:
  2. JadeB

    Washington Post: Gun violence in the US has reached early 90s rates

    Highest level of gun fatalities since 1995. I read another source that said the rate is 6.5 now.
  3. Tony Khan

    Asian Wannabe DC Sniper had poster of Dr. Yakub on his wall.

    :gucci: The fukk going on.
  4. RARI_Godwind

    Casual Shootout on IG live. Is Violence too Normalized?

    :dwillhuh: “He shot and he missed” :mjlol: Tf niqqas living through that they can take an attempt on they life so casually? :picard: Stay out the mf streets or only fck with niqqas that miss brehs.
  5. Legalese

    Gun owner shoots and kills car thief, family of theif believe its a wrongful death

    the audacity:childplease: nikkas reach for much less
  6. JadeB

    How do street dudes not have hearing problems after unloading a clip?

    I was watching this video and you can barely hear these folks speak whenever someone firing I seen countless of videos of shootings and heard a few shootings IRL from a distance and them mfers are loud. I also doubt they're using ear protection in a regular basis either
  7. Wildhundreds

    How do people live with this? NSFW..

    What type of anger/rage would even make this somewhat rational? Login • Instagram
  8. audemarzz

    Crazed white male attempts to murder girl in front of mother(video)

    Parking lot shooting at Sterling Heights condo caught on surveillance camera [ :merchant::demonic:
  9. Rembrandt

    Tory Lanez Charged With Felony Assault Over Megg

    Tory Lanez Charged with Felony Assault in Megan Thee Stallion Shooting Welp
  10. Code


  11. Code

    Meg Thee Stalion - “Tory shot me and I still tried to protect him because the police be killing us”

  12. SATAN

    Asian man pulls up to warehouse parking lot with his girl and murders former co-worker.

    Man charged with murder in shooting of 37-year-old outside St. Paul food distributor By MARA H. GOTTFRIED | | Pioneer Press PUBLISHED: December 30, 2019 at 10:15 am | UPDATED: December 31, 2019 at 4:41 pm As 37-year-old Antonio Espana-Estrada was leaving work at J&P...
  13. Mr Rager

    Jersey City shooting being treated as DOMESTIC TERRORISM

    Jersey City shooters had hatred of Jews and law enforcement, attorney general says - CNN (CNN)This week's deadly kosher market attack and the killing of a detective in New Jersey are being investigated as acts of domestic terrorism "fueled by both anti-Semitism and anti-law enforcement...
  14. Fall From Grace

    Shaq flirts with Rocsi

    Starts at the 1:32 mark :russ: :ohlawd:
  15. I

    6 police officers injured in Philadelphia by "Active Shooter"

    Fox 29 news Breaking. 2 cops shot. 1 in arm 1 in the head. Updates coming ASAP
  16. E

    Dying Chicago mother shields her 1-year old from shots

    They're saying it was gang related. Two have been charged. Seems so weird that she was the only one that got hit.
  17. R

    Security guard describes scene of shooting near Austin hotel

  18. Brolic Scholar

    Ugh... Ice Cube show shooting

    I was in line for this show and some dummy started shooting. Of course the cops killed him. I left as a gang of cops were flying in that direction. Pissed. I wanted to see Cube. Shots Fired at Del Mar Fairgrounds Where Ice Cube was Set to Perform
  19. SirReginald

    14 Hours In Chicago: 25 People Shot, Including 3-Year-Old Boy

    It's time for new leadership in Chicago because this is getting out of hand. Also, you have infiltrators coming in and popping shyt off :snoop: Progressive leadership is the key.
  20. Koba St

    Canada brehs, there’s a mass shooting going on

    :lupe: 4 people killed so far