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    Inside the A.I. Arms Race That Changed Silicon Valley Forever Credit...Hokyoung Kim Inside the A.I. Arms Race That Changed Silicon Valley Forever ChatGPT’s release a year ago triggered a desperate scramble among tech companies and alarm from some of the people who helped invent...
  2. ThrobbingHood

    Asian Silicon Valley investor dismissed racism, called BLM "the true racists".

    Stop Asian Hate though right?:francis: A notable venture capitalist and board member at the public company behind iconic brands like The North Face and Timberland was dismissive of racism in the U.S. and called Black Lives Matter "the true racists," according to emails obtained by Axios. In...
  3. loyola llothta

    Biotech Startups: Can blood from young people slow aging? Silicon Valley has bet billions it will.

  4. loyola llothta

    Twitter Latin America coordinator exposed as right-wing operative, amid anti-AMLO social media purge

    Twitter Latin America coordinator exposed as right-wing operative, amid anti-AMLO social media purge JANUARY 24, 2021 While Mexico’s progressive President AMLO challenges the Big Tech corporation’s growing censorship, Twitter Latin America’s public policy head was exposed as a right-wing...
  5. TallMan_J

    Coli 6 Cert and Tech Brehs...

    So I’m watching this show called “Silicon Valley” on HBO. It’s actually a pretty good show and I’m enjoying it. :ehh: If any of you brehs in the Tech and Coding field have seen it, does the show depict the lifestyle/culture correctly? A bunch of well paid nerds in the San Jose area creating...
  6. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    Kansas Middle Schoolers walk out on Sillicon Valley laptop experiment

    WELLINGTON, Kan. — The seed of rebellion was planted in classrooms. It grew in kitchens and living rooms, in conversations between students and their parents. It culminated when Collin Winter, 14, an eighth grader in McPherson, Kan., joined a classroom walkout in January. In the nearby town of...
  7. S

    E-stonia? Silicon Valley of Europe?

    The first e-nation supposedly. I had no idea. They even made Skype there. Based on the video, it seems that country is a population of contract software engineers. They can even vote online. The whole thing is: :weebeyanime:
  8. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    Give People A Basic Income So They Can Be The Innovators

  9. Jimi Swagger

    Startup with $50 million in funding shutters: Inside the DownFall of Doppler Labs

    ON OCTOBER 23, Doppler Labs founder Noah Kraft got a Facebook notification. One of those "On This Day" pop-ups, resurfacing a post from exactly two years ago, when Kraft had appeared on CNBC to make the case for his company. "We want to put a computer, speaker, and mic in everyone's ear," Kraft...
  10. Ya' Cousin Cleon

    "Silicon Valley manifestoes boil down to who can write the best defense of our neo-feudal future"

    Library Genesis: Evgeny Morozov - The net delusion: the dark side of Internet freedom
  11. Jimi Swagger

    Hewlett Packard Enterprise Is Said to Plan About 5,000 Job Cuts (per usual)

    HP Enterprise said to Cut 5,000 Jobs Hewlett Packard Enterprise Co. is planning to cut about 10 percent of its staff, or at least 5,000 workers, according to people familiar with the matter, part of a broader effort to pare expenses as competition mounts. The reductions are expected to start...
  12. F

    Google coming to HBCUs

    The goal of this program is to inspire other silicon valley companies to start up similar programs at HBCU engineering schools across the country.
  13. Jimi Swagger

    African-Americans are more likely to get hired, but get paid less in tech industry

    For all its so-called innovation and egalitarianism, Silicon Valley may remain just as problematic as the rest of America when it comes to the pay gap between African-American and white workers. According to a study by Hired, a San Francisco-based tech worker recruiting firm, the average...
  14. Jimi Swagger

    Can the Blendoor blind hiring app help solve Silicon Valley's diversity issue?

    Kudos to her... Stephanie Lampkin, creator of Blendoor Stephanie Lampkin isn't the typical tech CEO. As a black woman, she is somewhat of a rarity in Silicon Valley, where over 83 percent of tech executives are white and nearly 80 percent are male. The lack of diversity in the tech sector is...
  15. Jimi Swagger

    Trump's Proposed Shakeup Of Work-Visa Program Could Leave Silicon Valley Scrambling

    Tech firms may soon need to find new recruiting ground to the fill high-paying positions that President Donald Trump has repeatedly promised to make a core part of his plan to create more jobs and put "America first." Trump is reportedly considering a draft proposal to overhaul the current work...
  16. Jimi Swagger

    Silicon Valley tries to spread wealth to Trump's America...including coloureds

    For the 6 certs brehs/brehettes and Californians with Github repos, most may be disinterested. I found it to be a long but insightful read. Photos and descriptions contained in the spoilers. I hope this positively affects you and yours; especially those with their shyt somewhat together who...
  17. Jimi Swagger

    Some Tech Companies Are Trying Affirmative Action Hiring—But Don't Call It That

    In an effort to diversify their workforce, businesses are going beyond "blind" hiring... Tracy Chou wrote a post on Medium in October 2013, challenging tech companies to tell the world what percentage of their software engineers were women. Surprisingly, it worked: Google, Apple, Facebook and...
  18. Jimi Swagger

    U.S. Accuses Tech Firm Palantir of Bias Against Asian Engineers

    We some interesting interwebs comments stating Chinese engineers are plants in tech firms are insider threats and steal ip addresses by the usual suspects :mjpls: Palantir...
  19. ill

    Ex-PayPal Billionaire Peter Thiel May Have Funded Hulk Hogan Against Gawker

    :dwillhuh: This dude is absolutely fukking ruthless. A Silicon Valley billionaire is reportedly funding the legal war to end Gawker As for why any moneyed Silicon Valley figure would spend millions of dollars to help Hogan, Forbes points not to any great friendship between the wrestler and an...