1. JadeB

    This chick who goes to my university just scored the goal of the year

    :whew: Cal State Long Beach finally got a W. Even the non-soccerheads on campus were impressed.
  2. Low End Derrick

    Thick PAWG Euro Soccer Player

  3. JP_614

    With fans being back in arenas what’s some of the greatest chants of all time

    With fans being back in arenas whats some of the greatest chants of all time I gotta roll with DETRIOOOTT BASKETBALLLLLL shyt use to get the crowd going off turnovers from other teams and the player intros.
  4. KingZaire_

    Why is NBA Media so much worse than other Major Sports

    What is it with NBA media is it because it’s a star driven league? Is it for the clicks? Why do old players and analysts talk down on the new players? What’s going on?:mindblown:
  5. ORDER_66

    Soccer chicks is wilding.. kicked in the neck...:damn::wow:

    shyt was not called for...:hhh::dahell:
  6. Low End Derrick

    Model PAWG found Dead after Breakup with Afro-European Soccer Star

    Source: Kasia Lenhardt found dead on son’s 6th birthday as pal pays tribute to model Shorty killed herself - on her son's birthday - because she broke up with a man?:francis: God bless that kid.
  7. audemarzz

    UK white woman EXPOSED after rape of 14 year old boy

    Woman, 32, lured boy, 14, back to her house to have sex after watching him play football court hears | Daily Mail Online Mother, 32, lured boy, 14, back to her house to have sex after watching him and a friend play football in the park, court hears Teah Vincent, 32, invited the two...
  8. Milk

    Why US sports are more socialist than European football

  9. Inspect Her Deck

    The Coli's All-Time Soccer/Football World XI

    Alright guys so I'm very partial to lists, rankings etc. I figured why don't we have a discussion about collectively forming an all-time world eleven in football (soccer :hhh:). I know we already have a giant general thread to discuss this sport but I want this to be a more focused discussion...
  10. JadeB

    Fifa 20 is the most rigged game in existence

    It feels choppy and slow and the AI would do clear fouls and end up scoring. When I was playing 18, I used to be World Class but now I'm stuck on Amateur cause of this BS:heh:
  11. 19-

    Rustu Recber in the hospital with that 'Rona

    Former Turkey goalkeeper Rustu Recber in hospital with coronavirus soccer heads on the coli gotta remember this guy. made a bunch of great saves when turkey went to the semis in 02 World Cup and 08 Euros
  12. TobiOT

    Uefa Champions League 2019 Final: Liverpool vs Tottenham, Battle Of The Premier League Part 2

  13. TobiOT


  14. 1970s HeRon Flow


    Who’s playing the only game mode that matters?:mjlit: (FUT) Wat teams y’all rocking? I’m Already Weekend League ready :shaq: Been working all these budget Prem sweat squads everyone using :smugfavre:
  15. O Fenômeno

    The future of American Soccer.

    Yanks ain't even make the World Cup..which is fine because I don't feel very patriotic at I wouldn't even want to root for em even if they made it anyway :mjgrin: But look Man America gotta think outside the box with scouting or some shyt.. I mean, our best athletes will always choose...
  16. Neymar jr Crying

    Neymar jr Crying

    Crying Neymar jr
  17. Rhakim

    Feel-good story: how a girl fleeing the Taliban became one of the world's greatest soccer players

    Too many dumb threads, so I'm gonna throw in some feel-good stories now and then. Forgive me "women's soccer fan", whoever you are, but I'd never heard of this lady until today. Nadia Nadim was born in Herat, Afghanistan in 1988. When she was 1 year old the mujaheddin succeeded in their...
  18. Luken

    World Cup 2018: You brehs get your flags yet?

    Bout to have the whip looking crazy: Skin 1: Skin 2 (THREE LIONS ON THE SHIRT BRUV! @MikeyC ) Skin 3 (gonna run through bare portuguese girls again this summer :wow: :wow: :wow:) and lastly when i want to go holler at Brazilian girls :wow: you blokes ready? June 14th is around...
  19. Jimi Swagger

    Manchester City and the ‘Disneyfication’ of football

    Team’s owners are developing a global network of clubs that could transform the sport Even diehard football fans would struggle to identify Yangel Herrera. Yet if Manchester City’s billionaire owners are correct, the Venezuelan midfielder could be the first proof that its global business model...
  20. Jimi Swagger

    FIFA bans 3 soccer officials for life for taking bribes

    GENEVA (AP) — Three soccer officials who pleaded guilty in American courts to accepting bribes were banned for life by the FIFA ethics committee on Tuesday. They include former FIFA audit committee member Richard Lai of Guam, who testified in federal court that the source of his bribe money was...