1. Socratic Method Man

    Adam Johnson jailed for six years for sexual activity with schoolgirl

    Footballer Adam Johnson has been jailed for six years for grooming and sexual activity with a girl aged 15. Sentencing the ex-Sunderland player, Judge Jonathan Rose told him he had abused a position of trust and caused his victim "severe psychological harm". The judge told Johnson, 28, he had...
  2. Solomon Caine

    Referee shot and killed after giving player a red card

    Argentine referee shot, killed by dismissed footballer Updated 0342 GMT (1142 HKT) February 17, 2016 A referee shows a red card during a Copa Sudamericana match in Argentina in 2014. Story highlights Argentine referee shot three times after sending player off Shooter has not yet been...
  3. chabvongaBlackus

    Premier League the GOAT League

    Ok so an ovation for the most Global league in the world.....:salute: Who are you watchin' this weekend and talkin' Points.....:lupe: Fantasy :pacspit:? Vardy :ahh: Liverpool :noah::birdman:
  4. Numb Vaccine Arm

    Could Lionel Messiah or Lord Neymar Actually Leave Barcelona? :merchant:

    :ohhh::patrice::lupe::lupe::lupe::merchant: "It’s almost unsettling to imagine Barcelona icon Lionel Messi in the colours of any club team other than the Blaugrana, but there’s never been a more realistic chance of the 28-year-old leaving the Camp Nou, according to reports. Sky Sports’...
  5. William F. Russell

    Subforum Idea: Joga Bonito

    I've been thinking... :plottin: There should be a separate subforum in the Coliseum dedicated solely to soccer. Similar to how "The Ring" exists for boxing fans on the Coli, "Joga Bonito" would be a place in the 'seum where posters who follow various league's throughout the world can create...
  6. Raptor

    Italy's decorated coach says theirs too many black people and foreigners in the under 20s squad

    :heh: 'Too many blacks' in Italian under-20 soccer team, says Arrigo Sacchi Arrigo Sacchi in 1999. Photo: AP Former AC Milan and Italy coach Arrigo Sacchi has hit out at Italy's youth set-up by claiming it features 'too many blacks' and 'too many foreigners'. Sacchi, a renowned soccer coach...
  7. Roaden Polynice

    The Magical Vanishing Spray, A Detriment or Gift to Football? - A Coli Article

    By Stu Barnes A special acknowledgement to the vanishing spray, and a shout out in general, it is so good to finally meet you. For the first time proper, that is. Reports of the vanishing spray had squirted through in very small increments to begin, with glimpses of refs in the Americas...
  8. 3Rivers

    Hope Solo arrested on domestic violence charge*Update* Charges dismissed. *2022 update* DWI arrest *Update* 1/13
  9. Mané Swagincha

    Bundas, Bribes and Brazucas - The Official Brazil FIFA World Cup 2014 Thread

    We've waited 4 long years and the World Cup is finally here amigos. The ever-so-coveted World Cup trophey is halfway home and we Brazilians are looking to win our 6th World Cup in history and continue to lead the world in WC titles. The World Cup will start on Thursday, June 12 with an opening...
  10. madness

    Will America ever be outstanding at soccer?

    like on some Brazil and Germany shyt where we we're always a force to be reckoned with and countries around the world shudder at the thought of playing us? or will futbol forever take a backseat to football, basketball and baseball?
  11. yoyoyo1

    NFL team logos reimagined with European soccer style....... [PICS]

    :whew: see your own team here
  12. Gilver

    Essential The Official Football (Soccer) Thread - 1776 we runnin’ it back: England v USA World Cup 2022

    Yep. It's true, we're here. Welcome to the thread of all threads... The OFFICIAL Football (socca) Thread! OFT XI