1. O Fenômeno

    3 people SURVIVE 11 DAY VOYAGE ..Snuck onto Ships RUDDER..Stowaways

    :ohhh: Is Nigeria that damn terrible? Three people found sitting on ship's rudder survived an 11-day voyage from Nigeria | CNN The Spanish coast guard has rescued three people who were stowed on top of the rudder of a ship that arrived in the Canary Islands from Nigeria. In a photograph...
  2. JadeB

    Serious Question: Should Black Americans seek reparations from the United Kingdom and other European countries, too?

    Many if not the majority of the African slaves were brought here during the British colonial period. It was the UK that set up the slavery system and the United States simply inherited that. Much of the US were also under French, Spanish, and Dutch rule at one point and all three powers...
  3. grazazaza

    Spanish government tries UBI (Universal Basic Income)

    Pandemic speeds largest test yet of universal basic income NEWS 10 JULY 2020 Pandemic speeds largest test yet of universal basic income Economists welcome the chance to see whether giving people cash to spend however they choose improves livelihoods. Volunteers in Barcelona, Spain...
  4. Mufasa Ahadi

    2nd day in Barcelona: Ask Me Anything

    Just here for a few days on vacation before I head to Greece. Ask me anything about it.
  5. JadeB

    Spain and Portugal are the most genetically African part of Europe

    Southern Europeans get a significant portion of their genetic ancestry from North Africa, new research suggests. The findings are perhaps not surprising, given that the Romans occupied North Africa and set up extensive trade routes in the region, and the Moors, a North African people, ruled a...
  6. JadeB

    Why are Latinos converting to Islam?

    It makes so much sense, especially with Spain being under Islamic rule for 700 years and the impact it had on the language, food, customs and even genetics. And that Spain spread it's Islam-tinged culture (in a genocidal way :francis:) to the Americas and the Philippines. :salute: to the folks...
  7. Luken

    Inés Arrimadas García....Pretty Politician from Spain

    :noah: :wow:
  8. SirReginald

    Yall Gotta Realize That White People Are A Joke (GLOBALLY), But Unlike Us (Blacks) They Stay On Code

    Before I start this thread I'd like to say that reading up on foreign political assassinations (Aldo Moro of Italy 1978) inspired me to make this thread. Listen, I know yall don't take me seriously like yall used to. Anyway, I'm about to bounce, but before I go I wanted to get this off my...
  9. JadeB

    Spain will remove Catalonia's leader

    MADRID — In a first for Spain, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy announced on Saturday that he would remove the separatist government of the independence-minded region of Catalonia and initiate a process of direct rule from Madrid. The announcement, made after an emergency cabinet meeting, was an...
  10. JadeB

    Catalonia declares independence.....sorta

    Catalan leader declares independence but puts it on The leader of Catalonia postponed a formal declaration of independence from Spain on Tuesday, stepping back from the brink of a constitutional crisis that has engulfed one of Europe's richest nations. Catalonia's independence standoff: How...
  11. pickles

    Netflix Cannabis Season 1 :ohlord: :wow:

    Everybody who has netflix here better watch this fukken show otherwise :ufdup: Only 6 episodes. :ld: Basically a large shipment of marijuana gets stolen and you see the repercussions of that action in Spain and Paris, France. So fukken good.:ohlawd: Subtitles Spanish and French. Y'all can...
  12. The Odum of Ala Igbo

    Spain Naturalises Exiled Jews...Doesn't Naturalise Exiled Moors Though!

    :sas2: Spain naturalises expelled Sephardic Jews' descendants - BBC News
  13. EndDomination

    Anyone Been to Spain?

    I'll probably be over there for a 6 months or so next year, and wanted to gauge opinions on places like Madrid (where I'll likely be), Barcelona, and Malaga.
  14. Raiders

    Just got A Scholarship to study in Spain.

    :stylin::stylin: Just got word back that I will be receive a scholarship to study abroad in Spain for a month this summer:banderas:. Hoping this will help me get into my the school of my dreams, plus I'm trying to be fluent. I'll probably post updates on my travels while I'm out there. Ima...
  15. Liu Kang

    [Illustration / Drawing, Digital art] Gabriel Moreno - Spain

    Official Site : Official Facebook : Official Shop :