1. Insa Tum-Tum

    Happy Sunday....Wishing All My Coli People Well

    I know by some of the threads upped that plenty of you might be going through some things. We all try to cope how we see best, but I just want to tell you whatever your coping mechanism, PLEASE make sure it's a healthy one. We only have this one chance to make this life somewhat worthwhile...
  2. BaileyPark31

    Zoom School ....

    Short rant. I'm helping my niece with her online schooling. I work mostly nights and her mom works online / on the phone during the day from home (for now) during the week. She goes from 850am to 315pm. 4th grade Lunch is around 45 min. She HATES online. She has literally cried because she...
  3. Luken

    Girls out here charging $200 for head unappreciation

    fukking up the game and the market man :smh::francis:
  4. DatLBCGuy562

    What Are Your Go To Vices To Cope With The Stresses Of Everyday Life??

    For me, without the gym, good music, comfort food like the occasional pizza and bag of chips :flabbynsick:, the occasional no strings attached p*ssy, and good reading material, I would've committed that long ago :to: These things help keep my insanity intact and take the monotony and pain out...
  5. BelieveBeOK

    Dreams about an exam/final test the next day?

    Do you guys ever have this dream? :sadcam: I have it so many times and without fail, I always realise the day before the test that I need to take it the next morning and that I have not studied a single chapter until that point. I think anybody that studied a tough degree will know that there...
  6. Black Cobain

    Are You OK Coli Brehs & Brehettes?

    Exactly what it says in the title, y'all feeling alright? If not, why? :lupe:
  7. iFightSeagullsForBread

    The Angry, Shiftless and Black Variety Hour Podcast [audio]

    We talk about: Cheap German Beer for 30 seconds, Being a Black substitute teacher, suicide by train, working the night shift, internalized self-hatred, some goofball ass nikkas, Awkward encounters of masturbation gone awry, Blackness as a concept, Rice being responsible for the Trans-Atlantic...