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  1. Tunechi

    A Teaser Of Lil Wayne & Dan Levy In The Super Bowl Ad

    Lil Wayne and Dan Levy appear in a sneak peek at the "Home-Shopping Goes Back To School" commercial! 🔥🏠 The full ad is set to air during the Super Bowl on February 11th! 🎥🏈 What are your thoughts on the ad?
  2. wire28

    If the Niners don’t win the Super Bowl where does it rank among all time choke jobs? UPDATE: ALL TIME CHOKE JOB!!

    The whiners are clearly the class of the NFL. Best GM. Best coaches. Best QB with the complexion for protection. Best RB who wears skullys in his player profile picture. Best WRs. Best defense. Best home field. Best city. Best fan base. Second place is far far behind them. It’s not a matter of...
  3. Dog Based Gremlin


  4. 19-

    Had a dream that Michael Jordan played in the Super Bowl

    I wasn't sure which team he was on but I think it was the Falcons. In the dream all their QBs got injured so they signed Michael Jordan, even though he was like 60 years old. He was mostly just running, like a wildcat offense. He wasn't doing too well. His team was down 7-0 at the half, and...
  5. KidJSoul

    Real talk, Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth were terrible in the Super Bowl 56

    No emotion, no stage setting The crowd audio was muted It didn't feel like a super bowl. They seemed disinterested. Gimme Romo and Nantz over those two bums. Heck even Mike Tirico (:mjpls:)
  6. FAH1223

    The Rams have proven “Going ALL IN” works

    As Michael Jordan would say, fukk them kids :mjpls: Mortgage the future some Push cap issues down the road Trade for and sign stars during the season What you all think?
  7. KidJSoul

    How did Peyton Manning survive so many underwhelming playoff performances? His defenses weren't bad

    Seriously :mindblown: When you break it down and rewatch some of these playoff games... how has Peyton gotten a pass for this shyt? Skip to the 1:31:00 mark. Peyton got gifted. Skip to the 1:47 mark. Watch the ending of that drive. people blame Vanderjagt, but Peyton almost threw two back to...
  8. Rhapture

    The Weeknd Co-Signs This Meme From The Super Bowl

    The Weeknd co-signs one of the popular memes from his Super Bowl performance. Superstar recording artist The Weeknd performed his biggest show ever this weekend, hitting the stage at the Super Bowl Halftime show while millions of music and football fans watched on. His performance has been...
  9. pickles

    Chiefs Assistant Britt Reid drinking before crash that severly hurt two children

    Why is noone talking about this? :mindblown: If this was a black coach's son. :mjpls: According to Kansas City, Missouri, police, a Chevrolet Impala that had run out of gas was sitting on the entrance ramp from Stadium Drive to I-435. The driver had called family for help, which arrived in...
  10. RennisDeynolds

    What Would be the best narrative for this Super Bowl?

    Which causes the most fukkery
  11. get these nets

    2 Week Ban Bet for the Superbowl, let's get it !

    WHO YOU WITH? If you vote in the poll, and your pick loses.......we'll give you time to pack your can post until the early morning shutdown of the site the Monday after the game 2/3/20. See you back here on 2/17/20 after midnight
  12. Fade Runner 2049

    @8WON6 and other Chiefs fans

    Can y’all give a similar breakdown as to how and why Frank Clark is innocent of beating his pregnant gf like you did for Tyreke Hill? You know , for when the cacs bring it up
  13. R

    5 on It? Hell, We Got #15 on It! 49ers vs Chiefs Rematch Super Bowl LVIII

  14. The Frozen One

    So what will the excuses be when Brady/Patriots get their 7th ring/trophy/Lombardi

    I don't think there is one team that can beat them, especially at home. And Brady showed last year that he can find on the road.
  15. Chip Skylark


    I haven't seen a thread made for the future super bowl champs. AB RELEASED MALVIN GORDON ON HOLDOUT DERWIN JAMES ON IR THE BRONCOS ARE WASHED Chiefs fans get in here!!!!!!! Even superman is a fan The Jaguars are getting whooped tomorrow
  16. Humble (Not) Mike Tyson

    JAY-Z on why he didn't approve of Travis Scott performing at the Super Bowl (hint: Not Kaep)

    JAY-Z Explains Criticism of Maroon 5/Travis Scott Super Bowl Show So, he's even back tracking on it being about boycotting due to the NFL's response to Kaep. Dammit. :mjcry: One of my faves.
  17. BlueHeffner

    Mo Money, #4 Problems: 2019 Dallas Cowboys Off-Season Thread

    Its time brehs This Motherfukker Heath :francis: Enough Said What will Will and the Boys do. We have no 1st round pick (Thanks Jon for Amari :mjlit:), but this draft is deep and we should be able to walk away with two Day 1 starters. Our Draft Slots: R2P26 (58) R3P26 (90) R4P26 (128)...
  18. FAH1223

    Who plays in Super Bowl LIV on February 2, 2020?

    My best bet Patriots are winning the AFC until Brady/Belli are broken up so you can't bet against them. In the NFC? I think the BEARS got next. Quite frankly, it was a fluke they didn't win a playoff game and they could have messed around for the #1 seed.
  19. Uitomy

    NFL Ruined a possible GOAT halftime show

    see now, maroon 5 opened up perfectly, and I think I saw Ed Sheeran shredding too Then when I saw the band from sponge bob come on I jumped out of my seat For my millennial brehs and brehs that just appreciate great shows and animation that episode was unbelievable, so I was livid When they...