1. M

    What y'all making for the super bowl ?

    I'm doing ribs n hot honey wings with sum runts. Drop the recipes n plans. Let's go chiefs !!
  2. Cat piss martini

    It's that Time Again!!!!

    Friends betting 10-15k on games and going into fits of rage after their team shyt the bed........I'm excited about the fukkery. \
  3. Rekkapryde

    Trade 3 Firsts and a 3rd for a 4th Brehs - Official 2023 San Francisco 49ers Season Thread!!!

    NFC East :leon: and AFC North :ohhh: this year. Bucs and Vikings are our Strength of Schedule Games Jags are our 17th game Prediction: 13-4 Regular Season, Division Champs, and winning that 6TH Super Bowl (Speak INTO EXISTENCE!!!) Well, not quite 21 questions but.... - Will the glass...
  4. Realm-Breaker

    Official Rihanna Halftime Show Mega Thread 🏟️ Top 3 Rihanna Collabs Poll Inside!

    Fellow posters the time is upon us! Riri Season is here! This thread will host pics and gifs related to the halftime show and other Game Day discussions. Will we get a performance as libidinous as Shakira and Jlo? or maybe as iconic as Beyonce? Only time will tell the tale! While we wait let's...
  5. Apprentice

    Taylor Swift rumored to headline super bowl 57

    Roc nation sports :blessed: We tuning in?
  6. pickles

    Super Bowel Food what y'all eating and drinking???

    I want hear y'all responses.:sas2:
  7. Pete Wrigley

    Superbowl: TV Recommendations

    Hey brehs, going TV shopping and wanted to pick your brains. I'm looking for a 65" and any manufacturer will do. Props in advance and I'll dap and rep eurry damn body.
  8. Rhapture

    If you were hosting the superbowl party what would be on the menu.

    Expecting 20 -15 people but could be more, you know how people do :comeon:. Some other people are bringing food and stuff also but you still the host so you put on the spot this year.
  9. jeff8

    Sneak Peak of Cardi B's Superbowl Pepsi Commercial

    I wonder if black women will still cape for Cardi B. :mjpls: This is the same chick that said she would not perform in the Superbowl until Kaepernick gets "hired" again yet she has no problem doing a Superbowl commercial for Pepsi. Another fake woke celebrity. :russ: Original thread here...
  10. BornStar

    What Matchup do you want to see in the Playoffs/Superbowl?

    Andy Reid And KC vs The Eagles It can be Rams vs Patriots again Cowboys vs Eagles in NFC Championship LA Rams vs LA Chargers :jbhmm:
  11. Rell Lauren

    CAC eats horse shyt during Superbowl riots

  12. Jimi Swagger

    J Prince Hip-hop Superbowl fish fry for the homeless

    Nice when millionaires give back. They are even turning it up at church with that music; wish I were there to support :stylin: HOUSTON - Houston’s homeless mingled with hip-hop royalty at an all-you-can-eat party downtown on Monday. Rap-A-Lot Records CEO James Prince hosted a Super Bowl fish...
  13. Jimi Swagger

    Petition Calls For Migos To Replace Lady Gaga At Super Bowl 51 Halftime Show

    Didn't know if this belonged in the Coliseum, Booth, or TLR. Was a difficult call :wow: Close to 15K signatures. Some online fukkery will ensue... HOUSTON, TX – Migos is taking the world by storm and is carrying that momentum with the release of its Culture album last night. Quavo, Offset...
  14. SheWantTheD

    What Do You Think About This Video?

  15. Yoda

    Guy who predicted The Broncos winning superbowl months in advanced, predicts NBA finals

  16. ORDER_66

    The day BEYONCE' turned black..... ROFLMFAO.... :mjlol: hilarious...

    :mjlol: To all the white people hating at the superbowl... :umad:
  17. Exit9NJturnpike

    Anybody hear that annoying faggit Superbowl 50 "Woo" Guy?

    :beli::martin::mjlol: This fukking faggit did this shyt the whole game. shyt was unbearable at times. A+ trolling :troll::troll::troll:
  18. Brosef

    People are upset at Cam for his Interview (VIDEO)

    Twitter was going off while the coli was down Does he deserve the criticism? Will post some links... Bill Romanowski deleted his post calling Cam a "boy"
  19. Giselle

    2016 Super Bowl Commercial & Halftime Show Thread

    Everyone like me who doesn't like watching football but are forced to during the Superbowl knows that the commercials and the perfomances during halftime are the best parts. This is what this thread is for. You can post your favorite superbowl commercials and halftime show performances in here...
  20. LinusCaldwell

    How Cam Newton is being portrayed as a villain

    FTESWL sits down with David who talks to them about two articles he has written. Starting at the 55:39 mark the article about "America's NWA: Sports IS a Magnifying Glass" puts you in a place where you can categorize David's son and model him after three players. 1. Richard Sherman 2. Marshawn...