1. RARI_Godwind

    Pregnant Texas Woman Asks: Is it Oochie Wally or One Mic with Abortion Laws?

    Pregnant Texas woman driving in HOV lane told police her unborn child counted as a passenger :mjlol: This fukking country man. Unceasing fckery. Of course the police still gave her ass a citation knowing DAMN well wtf just went on with the law. By definition she is correct and I WILL...
  2. BronxFleeZ

    Visiting texas… where the gas at brehs???

    If I can’t find any I just cleanse but I wanna see if it’s some fire out here. Brehs point me to the right direction!
  3. Alix217

    White Gay Texas Republican Gets His Wake-Up Call

    Starts at 2:30 :mjlol:
  4. Beta Male Strategies

    Texas brehs... WTF is up with the Rio Grande Valley?

    I'm out here on some business...this entire area is a fukking shythole! Borderline shanty towns :gucci: so many people living in run down houses that are barely standing Homeless people everywhere...are there no jobs out here? Not another black person in sight...is there ONLY Mexicans here...
  5. imfromthesouthside

    Anyone Ever Listen To Hustler E From Waco?

  6. Mufasa Ahadi

    What it takes to FEED the UT FOOTBALL Team at $7.5 Million TANC Facility

    :wow: Student Athletes are eating good. Putting those Scholarships to work.
  7. ReturnOfJudah

    Who killed pastor Hollins

    Outta Dallas?
  8. Ruck

    Jamie Foxx describes how big Michael Jackson was in 80s

    One of the best stories about The King and his greatness. :mj: Had grown ass men :dead: If i had choice to choose 10 million dollars or go see mike at his peak. Im going to see mike hands down :wow:
  9. Playaz Eyez

    Slim Thug - BIGSlim [Album]

    @DonKnock @shopthatwrecks @richaveli83 @Houston911 @who_better_than_me @BigSteve @Edub @Rawster @TEKBEATZ @billywhosmokealot @Billy Ocean @SleezyBigSlim @keepitrealprk @Lumumba @mobbinfms @LevelUp @Juggalo Fred @diggy @Still Benefited @Drip Bayless @RebelX @Turbulent @staticshock @CrushedGroove...
  10. ReturnOfJudah

    Texas guard doing too much

  11. DonFrancisco

    How the abandoned brothers in deadly Houston case 'fell through every crack'

    The 5-year-old boy missed 12 days of school as the 2019 school year began, and his Alief campus left his mother four voicemails. Finally, someone from the Alief Independent School District elementary school spoke to the mom during a home visit on the 12th day of absence, records show, but the...
  12. FAH1223

    Sohh... Roe v. Wade effectively overturned via Texas Abortion Law and SCOTUS

    I maintain the 2014 Midterm Elections were the most pivotal of our lifetimes and no one voted. With Ginsburg being replaced by Barrett, Liberals don't have the 4 justices that can vote to grant certiorari to bring a case to the Court. 3 can’t. Breyer needs to retire ASAP.
  13. FAH1223

    Abortion after six weeks effectively banned in Texas; SCOTUS by 5-4 vote doesn't overturn law

  14. DrexlersFade

    Texas district makes masks apart of the dress code as a loophole to Gov.Abbott Arizona Smfh

    Live in Republican states brehs:mjgrin:
  15. JadeB

    Austin is now the most expensive US city outside California

    Austin expected to become least-affordable metro for homebuyers outside of California A Zillow study predicts that Austin will fall down in affordability ranks by December. AUSTIN, Texas — Austin is now the seventh least-affordable city in the US, according to a recent Zillow affordability...
  16. ReturnOfJudah

    Austin Bills?

  17. ab.aspectus

    Texas Finna Be Outta Power.......Again

    It's looking to be a hot summer. :lupe: Stay cool brehs. :francis:
  18. JadeB

    I'll cashapp $10 to anyone who can decipher what Boomhauer's daughters said

    They sound like what I imagine a stereotypical lynch mob will sound like:why:
  19. Leasy

    Damn my Texas fam... They melting snow for water

    What the hell is going on down there... shyt that bad. Buildings looking like Last of Us 2 foundations cracked hallways flooded
  20. JadeB

    Texas is on her way to being a Democratic state for the first time since the 1970s

    hington OCTOBER 22 2020 171 Print this page The first time Sima Ladjevardian experienced a political revolution, she was 12 years old and sitting in a classroom in Tehran in the middle of what felt like an earthquake. “Everything was shaking,” she says, recalling the uprising that engulfed Iran...