1. ReturnOfJudah

    woman driving around the parking lot on a cart while drinking wine from a Pringles can.

    https://www.kvue.com/mobile/article/news/weird/woman-accused-of-drinking-wine-from-pringles-can-riding-around-walmart-parking-lot-for-hours/269-a27a12ea-f669-4bc2-88db-71b218c75ac0 WICHITA FALLS, TX (TNN) - A call to police on Friday morning led to an interesting discovery but no arrests...
  2. ReturnOfJudah

    Former Buckeye coach is outing Tom Herman on twitter

  3. Coi Leray

    WOW!!!!! I’m heading to the poll as soon as I get off. I was wrong about not voting

    Beto :blessed:
  4. 19-

    Red River Running Orange This Year: #7 Oklahoma Sooners vs #19 Texas Longhorns

    Best rivalry of the year :blessed: Live from Dallas this Saturday, it's the first time we both been ranked since 2012 :takedat: Longhorns coming for that W :vincepalm: My brehs: @dtownreppin214 @Spade @3rd Koast Kang @jay211 @Meh @lightskin jermaine @twan83 @macpat Sooners fans: @jadillac...
  5. 19-

    Herman and Helton Battling For A 2-1 Start: #22 USC Trojans @ Texas Longhorns

    It's time for the rematch. You already know the history between these teams. Two of the greatest squads in NCAA history met up in the Rose Bowl thirteen years ago. We all know how that ended. Then they met up again last year. This shyt was a classic too. Sadly, the Trojans knocked us out...
  6. J.E.T.S

    This is the most Flabby n Sick music video I've ever seen...

    :flabbynsick::flabbynsick::flabbynsick: The legends are washed. My boy Flip doing aight tho :wow:
  7. PaperRoute1017

    PatvFoo - Pictures (Official Video)

    Brought bacc a Texas classic featuring my patna Yung Cubo. LMK what y’all think. “CRACKERS” video on the way as well...
  8. Sensitive Brian Griffin

    So this is how cacs are graduating now?

  9. TXTrill1

    Catch A Body Week

    What up brehs????I'm starting this new thing called "Catch A Body" Week. Every month I'll be dropping a new track for 7 days in a row at random. I'd appreciate it if y'all give me listen. This is my first track for this week lettin everybody know where I'm from (Texas) Check it out...
  10. Crude Abolitionist

    Texas is CNBC's Top State for Business in America this year

    Texas is CNBC's Top State for Business in America this year Checks out everyone is moving here... So many opportunities. People like to shyt on the state because racism but every state is racist need to make sure you not in a broke ass state like Mississippi cause you not about to make no...
  11. Bigblackted4

    Dj Screw on a Summer Night Appreciation

  12. kwazzy100

    "It's that screw U, kna wut Im talmbout?" DJ Screw (R.I.P) Appreciation thread

    Since it's June 27, I wanted to post up some chopped and screwed songs from DJ Screw and the Screwed Up Click. Any other CnS songs from other DJ's is welcomed Mos def Im going to get high w/ listening to all dis, mane
  13. Crude Abolitionist

    Texas Is Home to Largest Black Population In the U.S., Census Data Reveals

    Texas Is Home to Largest Black Population In the U.S., Census Data Reveals Texas has been among the top three states with the largest Black population since 2010. (Image courtesy of Google) These Are The 10 Texas Cities With The Largest Black Population For 2018 These Are...
  14. SirReginald

    BREAKING: Officials Respond To Very Large Explosion Near Texas Hospital (1 DEAD, 12 INJURED)

    I hope everyone makes it out safe. If this was planted by a terrorist :scusthov: UPDATE: One dead, 12 injured in explosion at local hospital UPDATE: One dead, 12 injured in explosion at local hospital
  15. S

    HIV Crisis on the Texas-Mexico Border :damn:

    :dame: my Latino brehs come explain this. I dont blame these brehs who insist that HIV is a gay disease cause it seems like 90% of these documentaries dont really show straight people, its always :dame: brehs telling their stories. :patrice: i dont know what to think anymore cause i thought no...
  16. ReturnOfJudah

    Black business owner refuses to sell out. Turned down 3 million dollar offer

    Despite concerns from longtime patrons, Sam’s Bar-B-Que on E. 12th remains open for business. The news comes as a relief to many because this iconic spot has been serving the Eastside, and the rest of Austin, homestyle barbecue for more than six decades. Still, current owner Brian Mays, who...
  17. TXTrill1

    The Stampede

    Ayo go check out my latest project brehs. I just dropped it on the first of June so it's pretty new. It's a 20 minute roller coaster with lots of different sounds and styles. Cool lil summer vibes.Give a listen when you get the chance...
  18. Red Lion

    School Shooting In Houston

    https://www.npr.org/sections/thetwo-way/2018/05/18/612286146/shooting-reported-at-high-school-near-houston Shooting Reported At High School Near Houston May 18, 201810:06 AM ET BILL CHAPPELL Twitter Police were called to Santa Fe High School after shots were reportedly fired on Friday...
  19. Drew Wonder

    Coli, what ya'll think of this Texas dude?

    Tobe Nwigwe. I think dude is from Houston. Flow and bars on point. First saw him kill this Sway freestyle. Then started watching some of his videos. Definitely more creative than a typical rappity rap rapper. The dancer is his wife apparently
  20. j.smooth4

    Would you drive/buy this truck ?

    See the first truck in this video