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  1. Aphrodite

    Rate This Guy: Day 55 - Jayceon Taylor (The Game)

    Seems like Kerry Washington's brown eyed hubby, Nnamdi, didn't impress the ladies of Coli too much. He was rated slightly about average with a 6. 285 score. Rules 1. The Coli will be rating 365 guys in this project. 2. You simply rate the guy on how fine you think he is. 3. Users rate the...
  2. LevelUp

    Omelly Calls Beanie Sigel A Sucka & A Fraud, Game Responds

    losangelesconfidential Since I'm a bi*ch ass nikka.... you & meeky mouse meet me & @wack100 anywhere in LA since y'all out here, y'all pick the place.... & we'll leave the guns at home & knuckle up like REAL MEN & after that y'all can get back to chasin dikks !!!!! #ItsJustAFight #YallToughRight...
  3. ProducerHK

    Hate and Love (Hate It Or Love It Pt. 2) - The Game Type Beat | prod. by TheHitKingz x KushSkyWalker

    Check out this 2004/2005 The Game (The Documentary era) Style beat me (The Harlem Kid) and new TheHitKingz member @KushSkywalker came up with. I flipped the sample, Kush did the drums. I was originally going for a Kanye West style, but it ended up sounding like a Hate It Or Love It style beat...
  4. B

    Hot Boy Turk Talks Beanie Sigel Vs Meek Mill & Game Beef: I Met Up With Beans & Game Last Wk.

  5. B

    Cyssero On The 30 Bars He Ghostwrote For Game 92 Bars (Meek Mill Diss) (Snippet Int.)

    Full Cyssero Interview On Daily HipHop Live Today W. Jordan Tower & M.Reck Airing At 5:30 Pm Tune In We Going Live On
  6. B1G_controversy

    BREAKING NEWS: Beanie Sigel Knocked Out (Video Added)

    According to my sources, Beans was knocked out backstage tonight at Bad Boy Reunion Show Details still emerging
  7. LieutenantDan

    The Game - Pest Control (Meek Mill, Omelly, Beanie Sigel & Sean Kingston Diss)

    Bonus Philly rapper Quilly dissed The Game
  8. SheWantTheD

    How To Be A Douchebag on BET right now (Live Premiere)

    It just started 10 mins ago and this dude got like 20 different chicks on his team. Every single of these chicks wanna cuff dude. How many chicks curve dudes left and right for one dude that got like 7 other chicks on deck and they just fukking? Looks interesting so far.
  9. M

    TBT: That time Bow Wow bet The Game 100k in Madden, only to get 21 Skunked in 1Q

    :mjlol: Back in the day, Bow Wow used to be heavy on Youtube talking that big boy Madden sh*t. He had challenged The Game to a game of Madden, winner takes 100k. Bow Wow was talking like he was the TRUTH :dame: Start at @2:40 on up. The first video is mainly of the*t got ugly...
  10. KingsOfKings

    The Game - "All The Way Up" Breakfast Bars Freestyle

  11. IronFist

    Dave East ft. The Game – Bad Boy on Death Row

    Dave East heads West on the Buda & Grandz produced “Bad Boy on Death Row,” featuring The Game. Quotables for days. Listen below. @Craig Doyle @((ReFleX)) @gragra @I'z @Cadillac @MrPentatonic @Animal House @Insensitive @NVious @EA @Billy Ocean @Method Man @Funcrusher @Wallychamp @WuGambino...
  12. A187

    The Game - Mama (feat. Sonyae)

  13. J

    what's your fav song from the game

    from any of hiscds
  14. MAKAVELI25

    The story of Saul Paul: A meditation on Future Hendrix and his impact on the game

    The sad thing about this whole thing is that most of you probably regard me as a Future hater. Most of my posts on this site towards the subject of one Nayvadius DeMun Wilburn have been critical, largely in response to the asinine claim that he has made a classic, usually paired with a Jordan or...
  15. Mad Good Dro

    The Game Recalls Prince Turning Down A Collaboration Over One Word

    The Game says he almost recorded a song with Prince several years ago. “I wanted him to get a on a song and he was down to do the song, right,” the Compton, California rapper says to TMZ in a video that was published today (April 25). "So we met at [former Universal Music Group chairman and...
  16. S

    Drake really about to nuclear bomb the game with Views

    What happened to that untitled kendrick album
  17. JordanWearinThe45

    The Game & Wack 100 going @ Stevie J neck on IG over Joseline

    Game stay in some shyt :dead:
  18. im special and u are not

    the game vs lloyd banks technically speaking

    If I die my nikkas fukk it, I did a song with Mary Blige, my nikkas Got a hook from Faith, no verse from Jay I guess on Westside Story he thought I spit in his face Told Ed Lover & Moni Love I was talking to Ja With that Maybach line, it was payback time Keep fukking with me nikka, I'll put you...