the locker room

  1. Antwon Mitchell

    There needs to be a discussion on why...

    At least 85-90% of active posters in the Locker Room easily fit the bill above :yeshrug: with all the “case studies” being made about Black ppl on this site maybe a lot of you need to be the ones studied on...why y'all are such angry mf's that are never happy, never like to see other ppl happy...
  2. Black Panther

    Which Celebrity/Famous Person Could You Pull on Your BEST Day?

    And I mean with no enhancements of any kind. :whoa: No "if I had x, then I could pull y" bullshyt. No additional millions, no lavish whip, no...enlargements....:dame: Nothing more than a fresh cut/do, a nice fit you can afford, and whatever else you have at your disposal right now. I ain't...
  3. SirReginald

    Do You Believe There's Some Truth In All Religions?

    For instance; Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have truth to it. I personally believe while Jesus/Yeshua may have existed that he wasn't G-d. Just a master Rabbi. However, do you believe all religions can lead to g-d or have truths to it? Excluding Satanism and spinoff hodgepodge like...
  4. SirReginald

    In Nigeria, Igbo Jews Ae Facing Anti-Semitism

    In Nigeria, Igbo synagogues burned and bulldozed amid broader civil unrest November 13, 2020 By David Ian Klein At least six Igbo synagogues have been razed by soldiers in Nigeria’s River State, a part of the country’s Biafra region, according to 9Africa news. The Biafra region has been an area...
  5. SirReginald

    DMX: "I Was First Exposed To Crack When My Blunt Was Laced"

    Olmecian Clothing on Instagram: “Thoughts? Follow @tallguytyc00n a very influential brother when it comes to stocks and investing. We need to stop missing out on wealth…” He gave the man some money from a robbery the man came back w/ a blunt X had never done drugs (he was 14) X says it was the...
  6. SirReginald

    Jennifer Lopez: "I'm The BLACK Girl From The Bronx"

    Jennifer López unleashes controversy for calling herself 'the black girl from the Bronx' in new song with Maluma - OI Canadian @Hennessypapi
  7. you're NOT "n!ggas"

    If TLR had to pick ONE black woman...

    Who isn't a spittin "Hoe Babble" Isn't a "bedwench" etc And personifies what's desired in a woman... who would it be??? :dwillhuh: I'm tryna see something :jbhmm:
  8. SirReginald

    If 9/11 Never Happened....

    How would the rest of the 00's have played out in your opinion :ohhh:
  9. SirReginald

    Lil Nas X: "I Want To Give Vagina A Try. Where Can I Get Coochie?"

  10. SirReginald

    Gabrielle Union: "Throwing Trans Kids Away Is 'Sad, Pathetic'.."

    In a new interview, Zaya Wade's mom gives advice to other parents going through a similar journey. BY MIKELLE STREET MAY 07 2020 9:42 AM EDT One of our favorite things to watch right now is the love shared between the Union-Wade family. Over the past year or so, the family has revealed a...
  11. SirReginald

    Does Being A Personal Trainer Pay Well? (Also, Do Club Promoters Eat Good?)

    I'm thinking of doing that before I take up Human Services as a major :manny: I was wondering could I eat good with setting up my own hours and training people to be healthy:whoo: P.S. I thought about doing club promoting on the side too :manny: So far, these janky jobs working at gas station...
  12. SirReginald

    What Were Some Scandals That You Had At Your School?

    At my school back in 10th grade, the football coach was going with a 16 yea old girl from the school :scust: Safe to say he was fired and had to register as a sex offender.
  13. SirReginald

    Mathew Knowles: "22-Year-Old Jagged Edge Members Sexually Harassed 16-Year-Old Beyoncé"

    4:30 Mathew Knowles talks about Jagged Edge....
  14. Kairi Irving

    Is this the ultimate form of disrespect a female can do to you?

    Besides cheating :mjlol: Could be fake but....:scust:
  15. Kairi Irving

    The most boring artist in your opinion?

    Big Sean. WOAT rapper that isn't a mumble rapper
  16. Black Panther

    Breh, This Sh*t Had Me Dying

  17. Kairi Irving

    This Key & Peele Skit :MJLOL:

  18. SirReginald

    Nick Cannon: "I'm Never Getting Married Again"

  19. SirReginald

    Is There Really Someone Out There For Everyone?

  20. Kairi Irving

    Which Coli Poster was on this xxxtentacion stream LMAO

    Someone said "fukk all CACS" at 15:55 :mjlol: